ATT Buys Out T-Mobile


The two biggest mobile GSM providers in the US are T-Mobile and AT&T, and now AT&T is buying out T-Mobile USA for $39 Billion, part cash and part stock. AT&T want to increase its revenues and customer base with this buy out and this is one way to jump ahead. This is interesting news since they both took different routes to develop their technology and customer offering, but this buyout is shocking to say the least. I have always been against AT&T and their policies, and I preferred T-Mobile over AT&T but now they are going to be under one umbrella once this buyout is allowed by regulators. Then the big two will be AT&T & Verizon, and they will have a control of prices, and it will be interesting to see the pricing and packages they have in mind. I just hope they increase their speeds overall and connect their network so it wont be a sporadic network with spotty coverage.

Link: Yahoo

Telecom in Bahrain (Zain & Batelco)

Recently with the GulfRun event and working on a few things there we spent about a week in Bahrain. I had my mobile on roaming while I was there, I tried to keep calls to minimum to keep costs down. We even used walkie talkies when we are walking around on the track or close by because we are usually just locating each other. And as usually Zain charges an arm and a leg even though its the same company in Bahrain, whats funny is that Gulf countries with Zain get a better deal then what we do in Kuwait until recently with the free incoming calls which should have been done a long time ago. During the time we were there we had a choice between Zain and Batelco for network choices even though you get charge the same for international roaming. Whenever I’m on Zain network I always get a busy tone calling any number so I switched to Batelco and my calls & texts went through perfectly every time which is very odd, so whenever you go to Bahrain choose the Batelco network because its the same thing that happened to all other people who were roaming.

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