Moleskine HQ – Italy

Moleskines have gotten more and more popular over the years, the perfect writing pad that everyone enjoys to use. I for one have quite a few, one or two for work, and about a dozen I use for personal stuff from sketching to notes, to remembering events and doodling all kinds of things. I always wondered what kind of environment they worked in to create such amazing products that people love, and now thanks to Visual Therapy I got to see the haloed offices of Moleskine in Milan. You get a sense of how the notebooks are produced, a glimpse of their design studio, and a really big notepad that I would love to have.

I probably have close to 20 Moleskines unopened sitting on my top shelf in my room. Some are plain paper, some are squared, some just lines, and then there are the different sizes. I just can’t get enough of them, a few months ago I found which are A4 size, Moleskine drawing notebook, usually they are half the size. You can never have too many Moleskines, and I will probably pick up more when I see them.

Link: VisualTherapy

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Hand Writing

During that training course it was the first time in a while that I was writing notes just so that I could remember the useful stuff. I was picking a few useful things that I could use at work, but I was writing it all down. When I was looking at my notes, I realized how horrible my hand writing was. I think one of the main reasons I liked computers so much is that it made writing that much easier and faster, and my hand writing was horrendous. If I take it easy, I could make it look nice but when I’m writing quickly it looks like squiggles of a grade 2 student doodling for his life. I like writing in my Moleskins and I try to keep it neat, but thank god for computers.