New Wrangler Getting Dusty

One of the cars that I always thought had character was the Jeep Wrangler, nothing is really similar to it and each of is very different then the other one. It is one of the most interesting cars because it really reminds me of Lego, you can really take that car completely apart, drive it without doors, easy just take them off, top down, sure in 5 mins minutes the whole roof is off. You can literally upgrade every piece of that car and turn it into what ever you want, you know when you drive it with the roof off its a lot of fun.

There are a few drawbacks to the car, its very raw and basic, its 2012 and only recently did they add heated seats to it, wind is an issue when driving because of its box like structure, and until 2012 the gear box was pretty crappy. This is the new Wrangler JK Four Door with a 5 Speed automatic gear box, and I love that the whole thing is white. A small lift kit to fit those lovely Nitto Grapplers, they do make the car look that much hotter. The sound insulation has improved drastically on it as well, overall it is a much better machine then its predecessors. I was following it around with my Landcruiser and I was able to keep up pretty well in the sand dunes. Pree, the owner of the car, has a few more upgrades in mind but plans to keep it simple and clean. You can even see the people riding in the car with a huge smile on their faces. This car isn’t for everyone but I for one love it. Mabrook Bu-Hamed.

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Wafra Outing

It was raining in the city so we decided not to go riding, I worked on a few things before heading out to Wafra for lunch. The weather was perfect, a nice cold chill, a few layers of clothing, a hoody and I am good to go. These long drives have given me a good reason to clean up and work on my playlists, they do need some sorting and adjusting, I keep finding songs that I have completely forgotten about over the past few decades but now I’m getting them back into rotation. Getting the playlists right makes some of them perfect for all kinds of drives and listening to the perfect song when I’m driving, find some good oldies.

This time Bu Jasim was taking care of lunch so I was looking forward to what was on the menu. As usual I was enjoying the drive, and since it has recently rain the ground was solid except for a few soft spots to avoid. I was enjoy the bouncy ride, its like riding on clouds, and as soon as I got in there were more people this time then last time. What surprised me were the dogs, small & big (people) brought their dogs, caramel was the small one, I forgot the labrador name but it was a lot of fun too. The funny part is that labrador only understood Arabic commands, which was amazing, and caramel was a friendly small dog that just walked around and found comfort where he could. Lots of people, perfect weather with a cool breeze, the best part was the tea after the meal and relaxing outside. I can never get enough of this perfect weather and desert, a dose of this every once in a while is perfect.

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Ford F-150 SVT Raptor

I am an avid chevy fan but it seems they have fallen off for the past year or so and Ford has held on strongly. I’m not a fan of Ford products, usually they are too much plastic or feels like they will fall apart but for once they have made an extremely appealing product. The Blue Oval has been talking about the SVT Raptor for over a year now, an off-road extreme straight from the manufacturer and it is as good as it looks.

Starting at around $42,000 the 6.2-liter V8 for the Raptor has been officially rated at 411 hp at 5,500 rpm and 434 pound-feet at 4,500 rpm. It has a lot of components for off-road use and can pretty much handle anything you throw at it. Hopefully more car companies will take on Ford’s cue and create for amazing specialized vehicles, as it seems they already have a lot of orders for this expensive truck.

Link: Autoblog
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Ken Block vs. Ricky Carmichael

Ken Block is forever famous for his rally driving skills and those insane videos, but Ricky Carmichael isn’t as famous to the general public but he is one hell of a dirt biker probably one of the best period. This video is probably one of the most intense I have seen from Kenny Block, less stunts and more insane driving and it gets a lot better towards the middle. Top Gear did a great job of putting this video together, these guys seriously know how to get our bloods pumping.

Scarpar Powerboard Prototype

Who remembers that hover-board from Back to the Future, I don’t think there isn’t any person who didn’t want one. The Scarpar is probably the closest your going to get it. You can use it on sand, snow, and off-road, I have feeling that it would take a person with extreme balancing skills to handle a machine such as this. I do enjoy snow boarding but I am pretty bad at it, so I would have a few falls riding this machine.

Link: Gizmodo

Desert Kings 2 Jokers Kuwait

This is probably the coolest video that I have seen made in Kuwait, I roaming around youtube looking for some off-road clips in Kuwait and I came across this. For a simple video it is executed so welluted, and the ending is pretty funny. The music fits the riding and driving perfectly, I am person who lacks off-road skills like these riders but I can appreciate how well the video was done