Onkyo BD-SP809

Physical Media is becoming less and less important these days but I for one still have a decent DVD collection and I tend to buy Blu-Rays of movies that I love like Star Trek, Transformers, 300, Die Hard, and a few others. I have been depending on my PS3 for all my Blu-Ray needs but some times I have some other region DVDs and nothing to play it. Overall prices for Blu-Ray players have dropped drastically over the past two years, when they first launched they were expensive as hell, slow and very annoying. Now they are fully featured with lots of options and internet integration. On the higher end of the scale is the Onkyo with every sort of option you can have as well as internet integration and media playback from your network.

Announced for august at a $599 suggested retail price, the BD-SP809 is made to support everything, from CDs, DVDs and BRs, as well as most common video and audio format available on the market with DviX HD, MP3, WMA via USB of stored on your NAS! Not only the BD-SP809 is DLNA 1.5 but also support many of US best VoD Services including VUDU, Netflix, Blockbuster….
Compatible with most audio standards including DTS-HD Master Audio and Dolby TrueHD, the BD-SP809 is THE Blu-Ray player you must own if you are looking for one right now!

Alternative Options:

  • Oppo BDP-93
  • Integra DBS 50.2

7.2 Home Theater Setup

Currently going ahead with a new home theater setup and I have been looking at a lot of different combinations, and so many different setups to learn from. I went with the DLP screen since I have the space to work with, and I love big screens. I have a lot of machines that will be connected to it for our viewing pleasure, such as: Home Theater PC, PS3 Slim, XBox 360, Sonos Music Player, and OSN Box. I have decided to go with a 7.2 setup since I have the chance and space this time around. After careful and continuous research these are the components of the system I have put together for the perfectly loud and crisp sound that I am looking for will all my movies, games, and tv shows. And enough Bass to shake the house down.


  • A/V Receiver – Onkyo TX-NR1008
  • 2 Front Speaker & 1 Center Speaker – Paradigm Speakers
  • 2 Rear Speaker & 2 Surround Speakers – In-Ceiling Meridian Speakers
  • 2 Subwoofers – Earthquake Front Facing Subwoofer

Once all the components come together I will be making a more detailed post and review of the items.

PS3 Slim – Some Game Time

Unboxing the PS3 was a simple process, but wiring it up and powering it up was going to be a headache so I decided to do that at a later point. So I went to Ace Hardware to pick up a voltage regulator to handle 2x110V connections and 2x220V connections smoothly since I also had the XBox 360 running on 110V. I wired up the PS3 Slim to the Home Theater A/V (Onkyo 875) using the HDMI cable of the Onkyo DVD player since it didn’t come with one as a temporary solution, then I connected to the network and switched on the power regulator to switch on the PS3. While I was there I sorted out the network cable connections and power cable connections, my cable management skills are close to zero, I like seeing clean jobs but I just can’t seem to do clean wiring myself but overall it wasn’t too bad.

Switched it on and I started roaming about the Operating System not sure where to go, but just poking around. I wanted to create user profile and thought to make PSN user profile so I can use it for online game but it seems that I had to update to the 3.0 software which took me over 10 minutes to find where to update it. Sony’s way of doing things seems interesting and I remember it from the PSP but this time around its alot more options and menus. After updating the system, creating my user profile, I opened up Kill Zone 2 and decided to play the famous FPS game of the PS3. I was having fun, and I have to say the graphics are amazing, loaded up the game and went to shooting and I am enjoying it but its far from Halo.

I bought a couple of other games for the PS3 and XBox 360 while I was there:

  • Kill Zone 2 – PS3
  • Batman – Arkham Asylum – PS3
  • Need for Speed – Under Cover – PS3
  • Section 8 – XBox 360
  • Red Faction – Guerrilla – XBox 360

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I’m always on the look out for high quality A/V equipment and this time around the DVDO Edge is one amazing product. From all the reviews and details of this video processing unit, and the best part is that it takes a load of your A/V reciever. The amount of connections this machine has is ridiculous, for something so thin it packs a punch.

  • 6 HDMI 1.3 A/V Inputs (5 Rear/1 Front)
  • 4 Analog Video Inputs (2 Component/1 S-Video/1 Composite Video)
  • 5 Seperate Audio Inputs (3 Optical/1 Coaxial/1 Stereo Analog)
  • 2 HDMI 1.3 Outputs (1 A/V to be connected to HDTV or A/V Reciever, and 1 Audio HDMI to be connected to receiver)

I like the output solution of the DVDO Edge meaning that the reciever literally just receives the audio while all the video connections are maintained with the DVDO Edge and it outputs your selection to the screen, and directs the audio to the A/V Reciever. The latest reviews say that most of the kinks have been ironed out with the final firmware update, but if you are looking for high quality video then this is your best bet.

Link: Amazon
Link: AnchorBayTech
Price: $680

Onkyo MHP-UW2

These wireless headphones are made specifically for iPod users and works on the 2.4Ghz bandwidth. The connection between the head phone and wireless unit is uncompressed so you get very good quality sound, the reciever is pretty big though. The controls are on the headphone and I do like the quality of Onkyo products, but oddly enough its being released in Japan first for $200.

Link: Gizmodo