The Ubuntu Switch

I have installed previous Linux OSes before but I have been pretty lazy to do anything about Ubuntu. Now I’m a bit fed up with one of my machines and I don’t want to upgrade to Vista for it and its too weak to handle windows 7, all I need it for is mostly FTP downloads. So I decided to switch it over to Ubuntu, I’m just going to have it delete the whole damn drive I don’t even really care whats on it, I’m that pissed with that machine. What annoys me about Windows is how the DLL files get messed up even when you don’t install anything at all or pretty much don’t download anything except media. So for the sake of my sanity I’m switching it to Ubuntu and its only a 4 year old PC so its still got some punch left it, to be exact its an old Alienware cube. Not that Windows is not a good OS, I think its an excellent OS, especially the development of Windows Home Server that made my life a lot easier with back ups and everything in a central location. I’m going to install it and I have a few softwares ready for all my needs, well a few at least to cover my basis.

Server Rebuilds

I think I have a love of building PCs and seeing these creations come to life, such simple steps to building great machines. I’m going to dismantle and pretty much cannibalize the first Windows Home Server and use it as parts for the current WHS Server. I’m also building a rackmounted server as test bed and I managed to find another Asus P5Q WS motherboard, I have to say that it is probably one the best motherboards I have used and its a real work horse.

I have about 8 TB in the new Hazmat Server, and that has been the capacity since day one. Now that I’m going to use the parts from the other server I’m planning to expand that to about 18 TB or more. WHS safeguards your data by spreading it across multiple drives and switching on the “Duplication” feature which basically keeps a copy of it, meaning I would need about 16TB to duplicate all the data I have, which I don’t have at this point. I have to commend Microsoft, for once, on a great product such as WHS, I think they need to dedicate more support and development for it since it can really make having a server at home a very simple task. The hardware setup is fun for someone such as myself, and the software setup is a breeze so I don’t mind that I keep reinstalling or reconfiguring. Then there are the new WD 2TB drives, I already ordered a couple of those and I am waiting to see their performance and durability, I’m hoping they drop in price quickly because right now they were a little too pricey. I’m planning to use the Kandalf case from the gutted WHS Server and use it as a power house machine, I have had the skultrail motherboard laying around for a little while now and its a powerhouse of a mother board, but its so damn big that it doesn’t fit in any normal case, it needs a special case and this beautiful silver case will do the job wonderfully. I also have this sudden urge to build some Lego Technic machines, those were the days I loved putting those machines together.

Last Windows News

I’m always on the look out for major news from Windows since they have some improvements on the way. I’m planning to install Windows 7 on one of my machines, but I have honestly been to lazy to work on it but I know I will over the next couple of weeks. Also I have been using Vista for some time and I have to say that its pretty good and a lot of the improvements have been great in comparison to when it was first released.

  • Windows 7 will be release in September
  • Vista SP2 Patch will be released soon (I’m hoping very soon)
  • A slim version of Windows 7 will be made for Netbooks, going to be interesting how good its going to be since preliminary reports say that the normal Windows 7 works great with the current line of Netbooks.

Windows 7 – Shipping Mid-09

After all the developments behind Windows 7 they have anounced the shipping date which is good news. I’m planning on building a system but not sure how it will work for Windows 7 or if I should wait. The best thing they said is that if it works for Vista, then it will work for Windows 7. Its meant to load quiet a bit faster with a lot better features, and more stable from off the bat. This is what Windows Vista should have been, and I’m really looking forward to trying it out. 


Link: Gizmodo

Windows Home Server – Stage 2

So most of the hardware came in and K had the other half of the solution for this beast of a machine. I had all the 1 TB Drives but not all of them are going into this machine. I spent a good part of the day trying to rewire some of the items, but I did a horrible job so K redid it again.

The Hardware:

  • Processor: Intel Core 2 Dou 3.0 Ghz/4MB/1333MHz
  • Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-P35-DS3R
  • Ram: Kingstong Hyper-X 2 GB/PC800/
  • Graphics Card: XFX NVidia PCX 7200GS/256MB DDR2
  • Main Drive: Seagate 750 GB

After all the work that was done, it turns out that he case is too short. The Silverstone 1200 Watt PSU was too long in the case to fit with the Athena Backplane for the hot-swappable Hard Drives. At this point we went to Hawally to see what our options were for a big PC case with ample space. Other then that the Gigabyte mother board is fantastic for server needs with 8 Sata ports, 8 USB ports, it doesn’t have a graphics card so I picked up a decent graphics card. It didn’t matter much since this will be automatically connected to the system through remote access. This is turning into a monster of job, but I’m loving it and it keeps looking better.

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