Flow Wall System

Two things I love the most about homes, its Garages & Organization, I love seen a clean well designed garage, it tells me the owner of garages is a lover of machines. Whenever I would see celebrity homes on MTV Cribs I just wanted to see their Cinema Room & Garage. Something has to be said for a well design garage with all the tricks to make it that much cooler. With this system everything just looks so well organized and designed, I would not want it any other way with it. Also I think we can all agree that Bruce Wayne has the coolest garage period.

FLOW WALL® System is a modular wall storage and organization for home and workspace. Get your stuff off the floor and onto the wall: neat, organized, and easy to find when you need it. Create personalized storage space anywhere and get your life in order. Simply combine FLOW WALL® Panels and Storage Accessories for a customized storage solution.

The best part about it is that it is relatively well priced for the products, for about 500 KWD you can get a great set of cabinets and well area organized in the garage. I have seen storage items for garages in Kuwait and they do get a bit expensive. But with this it works nicely, I wish this was available in Kuwait, and if I was building a tool area I would get this storage solution for it, it would make the garage look that much cooler.

Link: FlowWall

Organizing Your Books


At some point in time I used to know a large amount of the books I have, but now I have piles of them sitting on different parts of the room and some of them getting dangerously high. When I go through a few piles, I realize there were some books I wanted to read and follow up on at a later stage. I know the books that I read but the ones that go unread sometimes disappear and I forget to follow up on them, until I find them later hidden inside a cabinet or the back of a shelf. So to organize this large mess of items there are two softwares that I have been looking at, one is the usually awesome Delicious Library which has advanced greatly but there is one other very viable option which is Collectorz Home Library, two options to choose from.

Delicious Library 2
Price: $35


  • Can categorize anything: Books, Movies, Music, Electronics, Toys, Tools, & Video Games
  • Scanning through the computer Camera
  • Smart Shelf to Organize your Items


  • Mac Only
  • No App for the iPad, iPhone, or Android, Just exporting to the iPhone

Collectorz Home Library
Price: $49

  • Works on Both Mac & Windows
  • App for iPad, iPhone, & Android
  • Very good categorizing


  • Only for Books (If you just want it for books then this doesn’t matter to you)
  • You have to enter the ISBN number or enter it through a scanner, not through the computer camera
  • There are other versions from Collectorz but have to be purchased individually

Too Lazy

You know you have been too lazy when you have put some tasks aside for over a week now. Most of them are things that have to do with organization and cleaning up. I know that doing it all would take about two to three hours, but its a lot of items and requires a lot of thinking. I just seem to come back to my room after a long day, sit on my chair, watch some Anime or TV shows and time goes by and I end up not complete these tedious tasks.

  • Putting away new books and comic books
  • Organizing all the new wires, and small electronic items I have laying on the floor
  • Organizing over 3000 pictures which I have taken over the past three months (That would take a decent amount of time, just too lazy to start)
  • Installing new KVM Switch (Dual DVI Input(x4), Dual DVI Output (x1)))(Requires a lot of rewiring, and I don’t feel like sitting under my desk and untangling the wires)
  • Installing the new iCore 7 PC (Tied with the KVM)
  • Going through some clothes, and organizing the few items I bought
  • Organizing the wiring behind the other side of the room, too many networking cables
  • Organizing files between computers since I’m taking a few offline and scrapping them for spare parts

When you take them individually I think they are doable tasks, but just knowing where to start is annoying me. I want to complete it all, or I want it all completed, but I hate anyone touching my wires or my stuff.