Hardware To Try


Got my latest delivery from MyUS, and its always like a Christmas delivery, even though you know what are in the boxes, you don’t know how they packed them and the excitement of opening the boxes is always something to look forward to. As usual I had some electronics in the mix which delays items from clearance but I was expecting that, at least with all the items in the box weren’t open.

In The Box

  • Leap Motion
  • Amped Wireless Access Point
  • Amped Wireless Outdoor Access Point
  • Boosk Galore

The Amped Wireless wifi is ridiculously powerful and from the statistics, they are impressive hardware so I was looking forward to getting my hands on them and trying them out. The Leap Motion I have had on Preorder for a while now and finally getting it to try it out, feels like Minority Report the first time I played around with it.

Jamie Durie Hammock

Jamie Durie is a person known for his outdoor design work and DIY gardening and outdoor projects. Now he seemed to have come up with a very lovely hammock, I don’t think there is anyone that does not like hammocks, I always want to lay in any hammock I see. In this case it is a beautifully designed hammock which seems to carry a whole lot of people, I would mind spending a few hours while sitting there, it looks very relaxing and comfortable. You would need a good amount of space to build this piece of furniture but I think it would be very nice in any garden.

Link: Freshome

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Petiole Hammock


I’m a huge fan of hammocks, I always like laying on them, when weather permits in Kuwait. There are a lot of cool hammocks out there, but this is the coolest and most industrial looking one yet. Its built by hand in Sweden and takes to four to five weeks to make, looks like a half circle and two people can lay it in comfortable. It directly mounts into concrete and supports 250 KG perfectly, the shocking part is that it costs as much as a car at $35’000 but this is the price of a hand crafted piece of industrial art.

Link: Awesomer

Klipsch Outdoor Speaker AWR-650

The AWR-650-SM is a true two-way design that employs a 6.5-inch dual voice coil polymer woofer and dual ¾-inch polymer dome tweeters.

This is one the nicest outdoor speakers I have seen yet. I do like some of the inconspicious speakers such the ones from Bose, but sometimes you want something that can pack more of a punch. The Klipsch AWR-650 speakers are made from durable material allowing to stay outside all season long, I’m not sure about the heat but it seems it can work well outside.

This speaker can run as a single speakers with Stereo output or with multiple speakers with Mono output to run them all together. I really would like to hear how good they are, most probably my neighbor wouldn’t appreciate me having these speakers.

Price: $300

Link: Klipsch