Wrong Move


This is probably one of the most annoying kinds of pain, it totally threw me off for the last few days. I was changing in the morning about to head to work when I stretched my arm in one direction to put the undershirt on while trying to stick my hand in another way. It looks like a complicated procedure but I was trying to get the cloths on quick, when I heard a certain click and then pain. Seems I moved my arms in a directions that didn’t agree with my torso and neck, so now I can’t turn my neck completely to the right without feeling a ridiculous amount of pain.

This resulted in me being not completely functional, I went to work but moving my neck around is annoying. I feel like I look like a damn ostrich in the position I’m holding my neck so I can move it comfortably. Deep heat and Vicks were my first option with some Tylenol throw into the mix which helped but didn’t completely fix it. The annoying part is I know that it takes a couple of days to heal, but a friend was telling me to take some muscle relaxants and he said it would make me a bit drowsy/dizzy so I would chill at home when I take it. Its annoying that nothing can be done to solve this ailment.

Knee Click

I was walking down the stairs the other day and I heard a click in my left knee, just above my knee cap and something felt oddly wrong. I think I placed my foot slightly in one direction and the knee didn’t rotate correctly so there was that click. Later on as I was walking I felt some pain in my left knee, felt like shooting pain through my knee. Even when I was laying down something just felt odd about that joint, I wasn’t sure what was causing the pain but I could clearly feel it. Even when I would walk quickly it felt like my knee is going to bend in the other direction, and this is probably the weekend which I moved the least so I’m not sure what physical activity caused this little problem, but I know I need to get back in shape and this pain is ridiculously annoying.

Shooting Pain

Right about in the afternoon I got some strange feeling in my left leg, just ignored it and kept doing what I was doing. Later on in the day towards 3:30 pm the pain got worse, and its a strange feeling. It didn’t feel like a joint or muscle pain, it was a strange throbbing pain the increased or decreased in pain. I was doing anything suddenly I would feel a shooting pain at the top of my left leg, and if I stood it made no difference, I tried walking it off but that didn’t help much. Later on the evening the pain increased to a immobilizing amount, I couldn’t really ignore it since it would stop me from walking and I would lean on the wall. I called up a friend and he told its one of a few things which I couldn’t remember their names, but he said its probably tendinitis and if that’s the case then I should just rest, if it consists until next morning I should come in to have it checked out. Based on his recommendation I put some deep heat and I’m hoping to pass out, but it was really annoying.

What a Day!


I woke this morning with a throbbing pain in my head, I thought that I was done with the tooth abscess after the dental work, and for the most part it was the case.

Until in the morning I couldn’t open my mouth let alone talk. The gland grew to a huge degree, I took the meds and waited for an hour for it to take affect but there was no improvement. I called up my friend and we went to Embarak Hospital, with a few X-Rays it turns out the the procedure was good but the bacteria was working on my gland. At this point they said no surgery was needed so they put me on an IV with two types of antibiotics and one pain killer. Its really sad to see the state of things in Embarak Hospital and the lack of facilities they have. Some of the X-Ray machines were here since before the 1990. 

I’m just happy that the meds took affect and were helping the pain stop for a little while. The inflamation has decreased a little and I’m feeling a little dizzy, but at least I can talk now unlike in the morning. 


Tooth Abscess

Well the situation turned out to be a little worse then I expected. The infection reached pretty far and I have been taking strong dosages of the antibiotics, under Doc’s supervision of course, and the infection has gone back to the main area but damn this thing is persistent.

Now its the turn of the dentist to take a suction hose to my jaw and take it all out. What drove me nuts was the air pressure on the plane on the ride back, even when taking the pain killers it helps but only for so long. I have to say this pain killer is strong but it also causes nausea. Now that I have been on a 5 day course of antibiotics I do hope they can do something about it right away, and I don’t care what they have to do but I want to clean out the problem.

The original problem was due to a botched up route canal that was done in Kuwait years ago and this is the result of out it.