Q Cafe @ The Village

The Village has turned into one of the hot spots in Kuwait, and so many restaurants have opened up with a few more to go. The place is always packed but one of the hidden gems is Q Cafe and I think it is the best restaurant there by far. Its tucked in the back and just recently they have expanded the parking there which is much better but still there are a huge amount of people going their daily. The atmosphere of the place is trendy and classy, and the outdoor seating is great for when the weather was sunny and chilly, now its a little bit too hot.

The Cuisine is an Italian Fusion which is very interesting with a lot of items to choose on the menu. By far their choices of pasta items are fantastic and I loved their Gnocchi and especially their risotto. Their Chinese Chicken Salad is out of this world, I have picked it up a few times to go because I honestly love it. You can tell that they put a lot of effort into their food and really do work on it, I’m one very picky person and I have tried a lot of items on their menu and love them all. Their burgers are pretty good, I wasn’t expecting it to be from an Italian Fusion place but still it was good.

Their desert is something out of this world, I’m not a desert person but the items they have are worth trying. Whenever I go there my diet goes out the window I make sure to spend a bit more time at the gym if I know I’m going to pass by Q Cafe. I have been there probably 5 times this month and I can’t get enough of it.

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Late Night Dining

Long days in the seminar made me very hungry and tired, a friend of mine joined me in most of the outings. I would come back and then go straight out not wasting anytime, I knew that if I spent a minute in the room I would pass out right away. We walked around Dubai mall the other day with so many shops open but very few quality restaurants open we decided to eat back at the hotel. The best part of staying at the Grosvenor House is knowing the consistent quality of their room service even late at night. I think I could smell the tray coming to the room door as I am just sitting there getting hungrier, but it was worth the wait, and the best part is that they don’t take too long.

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