Ramblings Of A Mad Man

For a lot of people things slow towards the end of Ramadan and the first week after, but in my case it has been insane. I haven’t even had much online time the last two weeks, I’ve been busy getting a ton of work done plus family obligations the last few weeks have been a top priority.

I even had a ridiculous 16 hour trip to Dubai and back for work, and I didn’t even have a chance to watch a movie. The crazy thing is that since Wednesday 7am until about Friday 11 pm I couldn’t sleep, I thought I just my sleeping patterns during Eid but it seems something was off. Those few days were insane, I was on weird power surges, I would get insane energy and a few times I would just take a 20 minute nap and then wake up and keep going. The most frustrating thing was that I was in bed and staring at the wall, I even kept the laptop away so I could try to fall asleep but nothing. I even ate so much Thursday and thought the food coma would put me to sleep and it almost did but I passed the window of opportunity and just didn’t sleep Even Friday night when I did go to sleep I woke up at 5 am and since then my sleep has been somewhat adjust back to early mornings, I didn’t even make up for the lost days of sleep.

The good thing during that time I managed to catch up with a lot of shows, but I still have so many to watch. I think I would like about 2 months of to catch up with everything then go back to normal life. I have managed to

One major thing that has taken me a lot of time is some major home reorganization and clean up. It has taken me days, and it is basically cleaning out almost 20 years with of stuff. Plus I found the old StarTV Satellite receiver from 1991 and a betamax and VCR player in our old storage in the basement. It was taking a lot of time to go through all those items, I even found some old parts from my 1997 Chevy Suburban.

With all things going on, I feel like I’m not getting anything done, but I’m slowly finishing a few of these major tasks at a time. Plus I’m doing a major overhaul of my Storage Unit and Media Player System, so I have that going on as well. Multitasking is the name of the game, and I need to make a few clones of myself to get everything I want done and some sleep.

(The picture is from Yelp Offices, and I love the Mach 5 on the table.)

Block Of Cash

My friend is an idiot but I love the guy, he does love to do things like this, lets refer to him as Preetooo. In our dewaneya we do events like Milsim and other things together, and during one of those events I spent around 400 KWD for the group which they pay “The Collector” and then he pays me, which in this case is PreeToo. I asked Preetoo about the cash he said he will give it to me on the weekend which was last week, but he forgot so I called and harassed him for forgetting. Then he said is gonna give me the cash in a few days and he is gonna hit me with, the bastard didn’t lie. He hit me with a brick, more like a few bricks in an envelope. As you can see from the pictures, turns out Preetoo was wanted to be cheeky about it so he gave me the 400 KD in quarter and half KD notes. Feels like 10000 KD cash too bad its like that, and now I have to go to the bank and have them count it to check that it isn’t counterfeit money and I think they will think something is wrong for me to have that much change on me.

Bouncing Around

The last few weeks have been insane! I just can’t believe how meetings I have been to and how long some of them take, and I had to fly to Dubai out of the blue for an urgent meeting, I took the night flight instead of the 7 am flight, it would cut too close to my meeting and any delays would have been a huge problem. I really didn’t feel like taking off since I had too much on my plate already, I wished I could have cloned myself to manage everything that I had to do. Sleeping isn’t an option these days and writing reports, visiting family and getting some personal work done, all before a Eid trip. I honestly felt like I have been running for the past few weeks with very little breathing room but I love when I get work done, and I know I keep saying this but there isn’t enough time in the day. And this weather is just amazing, I hope it continues to be this good until at least April but thats probably hoping for too much.

At one point in Dubai Airport I fell asleep at the Gate and the Wataniya Airways staff woke me up to board the plane back to Kuwait. I was one of the first people there but the last to board. I was so exhausted by the end of the day that I passed out. It was a choice between being hungry and being sleepy, I couldn’t even wait for food, I passed out before take off and I leaned my chair back not caring that we haven’t even moved from the gate yet. I’m hoping to catch up with some rest in the next few days!

One recommendation, if you have lots of work in Dubai and want to check out late I recommend that you stay at The Address Club Rooms or Suites. They have an excellent policy of your check out time being the same as your check in time. So I came in at night around 11 pm then my check out is 11 pm the next day. So I had meetings from 9 am until about 3:30 pm, I went back to my room and napped for about 30 minutes before taking my time to check out which is fantastic. The normal room is 114 KD but the Club Room was 154 KD, but I would have paid for half a day which would cost an extra 70 KD because they charge half the normal rack rate, so overall its much better to get the Club Room if you need to check out late. I for one don’t like packing up and leaving early from the hotel and going to meetings and dragging my carry on with me, even if I’m going to walk around the mall.

Back from a Short Trip

Had some work to do in Lebanon that came up suddenly so I took up tuesday afternoon to finish it up quickly. I honestly wanted to be in Kuwait and didn’t feel like traveling. We landed in Kuwait on tuesday and hit the ground running, didn’t finish up the work until late in the evening and we went out to dinner with our friend. Wednesday was the same thing but instead we stayed at his place and relaxed after 8 pm and he had some dogs that I enjoyed their company.

We had shawarma from Al Farooq which really hit the spot, amazing beef shawarma. The best part about Lebanon is that they are never lasting in good tasting restaurants. Thursday morning we were running around finishing up as much as possible and took off to the airport at 5 pm for a 6:40 pm. The weather was very nice in Lebanon but there was too much traffic compared to the last time I was there. These days Wataniya has some very convenient flight times and their flights have always been on time with me. As soon as we landed in Kuwait at 9:00 pm we took off to the beach house because we kept hearing how nice the weather was for the beach house, I just went home long enough to pick up some clothes and some equipment for the home theater system.

Google Reader Pile Up

Got up early in the morning for this seminar, had a really good breakfast. Spanish omelet to be exact with some labnah on the side. Put on my dishdasha and went to the seminar, for some reason I can’t wear a suit when going to any business event in the Gulf, I always wear a dishdasha.

It has turned into a really interesting financial seminar with live case studies regarding business structures and how they needed to be adjusted for growth in different environments. It is mostly targeting young people, so everyone is relatively young in the seminar and its great meeting new and interesting people from very different fields.

With all this going on I didn’t have a chance to check my email or anything for that matter. Decided to go to a movie after the seminar, and in a day and a half my Google Reader has piled up to 607 articles to read. Now I really have to play catch up.

Weight Adjustment

The past week I have had some funny comments made regarding my weight but none of them seem to affect me. I’m just going to write up a few of these funny conversations.

Situation A: Walking to Mishref co-op to buy some Baskin Robins
Doc: “Marzouq I’m noticing something as I am walking behind you”
Me: “What exactly is that…”
Doc: “You have become fat.. more then usual”
Me: “hahaha.. all good”

Scenario B: Standing in the Dewaneya looking for someting
Mohammed: “Marzouq I haven’t really seen you much since last year”
Me: “You need to visit more often”
Mohammed: “No.. what I’m saying is that your a lot fatter”
Me: “Hahaha.. you bastard, I’m big boned”

Scenario C: Sitting with the family
M: “Marzouq we are out of coke bottles”
Me: “I tend to like coke in a bottle more then a can”
M: “You are getting fatter you need to stop drinking coke, and then there would be more bottles”
Me “I agree with that statement but not a this moment in time”

My Weight: 100+ Kgs
Where I Want To Be: A lot lower

The funny part is that it isn’t bothering me at all except that my jeans are getting a little tight around the waist these days. So I think I need to drop some weight over the next couple of months, the situation has gotten critical. I’m not really worried, and I’m very comfortable in my skin, I tend to enjoy lounging around these days so I wont say I haven’t enjoyed it but I do need to shape up. I have feeling if I start running again I’m going to be very short of breath.