Lytro – Review

I have been looking forward to getting my hands on the Lytro for a very long since its built on a new type of photography technology, basically allowing you to focus the picture after taking it. I had very high hopes for it be amazing, especially since its very oddly designed, not your regular camera, but I was waiting for some reviews to make a decision, and this is honestly the best and most thorough review I have seen by far. After watching the video and reading at article at the verge I don’t think I will be getting the current incarnation of the Lytro since it has a few drawbacks and limitations which can be overcome over time, so I’m gonna wait for a little while for next generation of this camera before making a purchase. Check the link below for the full article.

Link: TheVerge

Canon EOS 50D

A new iteration of Canon’s great cameras is coming out in October. It has he new DIGIC 4 processor with a few interesting features like peripheral illumination correction, ISO sensitivity of up to 12,800, a 3 inch, 920,000 dot LCD, Live View, a self-cleaning system, and a few more.

Price: $1400

Link: UnCrate