Figs – Decent But Not What I Expected

I went to Figs for the first time in my life in November of 2011 with my wife, it seems it was a famous pizza place for most people who studied in Boston, it held a dear memory and so I tried it out and the pizza was pretty good. So when going to Figs at 360 Mall I was expecting the same taste, I honestly didn’t remember the menu but I did remember how the pizza looked like. We ordered a few appetizers and three pizzas.

The place looks nice, in a new area of 360 Mall on the third floor which has several trendy looking restaurants. We got the appetizer first, they were pretty good, there was one which was really good, it was so good that it disappeared before I could take a picture. The Calamari was decent, but the dipping appetizer was pretty good, there was a nice selection. Also in the picture this is the Nexus 4 & Galaxy Nexus side by side, we were making a comparison and the Nexus 4 was flatter, but because of the Gorilla glass it slides too easily. Need to get that bumper case for it.

The Pizzas came after about 15 mins and I was pretty hungry, but what I saw was not what I remembered, they were much smaller then what was served in Boston. Those ones were at least double the size, but same rectangular style. The taste wasn’t that great either, I was expecting much better so I came hungry and forced myself to eat more so I wouldn’t be hungry

(All pictures were taken with the Nexus 4)

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Pizzeria @ Harrods

One of my favorite places to eat while in London and it has its own sort of fame over the years and some people would wait over two hours just to get a seat when its really crowded. When I got in line there were a lot of people ahead of me, but luckily I was on my own and I told the Italian Maitredee and he had a seat ready to go.

It was my last day in London, my flight is later at night, I finished up most of my errands and I was going to stuff myself silly on this food before taking off. I love the smell of the place and they made it bigger then it used to be but the service is still good, and they have tables now but I only love eating at the counter.

I didn’t even need to look at the menu, I ordered four things:

  • Roca Salad
  • Margarita Pizza
  • Lasagna
  • Coke with Ice & Lemon

I didn’t leave a bite on the plate when I was done, and I had a huge smile on my face. Honestly the food tasted better then I expected, I always think that over the years it wouldn’t maintain their level but somehow they got even better. Of course at the time in the beginning of July the place was packed with people from the GCC (Mostly Saudi, Emirates, and Qatar). I just came for the meal and it was worth it, even right at this moment I’m thinking about that Pizza and Lasagna.

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Review: Upper Crust Pizza in Kuwait

At last I managed to make it to the new pizza place in The Village in Fintas, and I think this was the official opening of Upper Crust Pizza. As I expected when I got there the whole place was packe, a small complex of restaurants causing huge traffic in the area. The wait wasn’t that long at all, about 10 mins and we got a table outdoors and the weather was amazing. For those who don’t know Upper Crust Pizza was originally from Boston, and for the first time out of town it has opened in Kuwait. We tend to have a tendencies to have restaurants open in Kuwait before the rest of the region and sometimes before even Europe, and this is one of them.

The menu has two sides to it, one is the usual sets of pizza from Upper Crust and the left is a larget assortment of ingredients for you to choose from. We choose the Buffalo Pizza, Spinach Leaf, Veggie Pizza, Bubs BBQ Chicken, and a Calzone. The pizza arrived, all 14inches of it, one after the other so we had enough time to eat each pizza as it arrived and the Calzone was ridiculously good.

The staff was friendly and fast, the food kept coming one after the other. So many people were there ordering that by 3:30 pm they were out of Meat Lasange. Every time a pizza came out before ours did I was getting hungrier and hungerier so the wait for the food was killing me. They ordered a salad which I didn’t even bother trying, I was here for pizza and pizza is what I got.

For the first time visiting the place it really was as good as I hoped, even better. The thin crust pizza which didn’t make you regret eating it after your done. The staff were friendly, the atmosphere was buzzing, and the food was good. If you haven’t been there and you like pizzas then you are missing out because you will love it. Would I go back again, I did the next night and loved it.


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Solo Pizza Supporting Bayt Abdullah’s Childrens’ Hospice in Ramadan

As part of our corporate social responsibility and in a means to give back to the community and support a good cause, the management and staff at Solo Pizza Napulitana will support Bayt Abdullah’s Childrens’ Hospice in the holy month of Ramadan … Join us and help support this great cause!

For every Pizza item and Nutella Dario Sweet that you’ll enjoy with us, half a Kuwaiti Dinar will be donated towards the cause.

Solo Pizza is supporting Bayt Abdullah by donating a part of their revenue during the month of Ramadan which I think is fantastic of them. They are open between 10pm and 1am every night in Ramadan except Friday. I did enjoy their pizza I just hope they have a few more choices later in the future, I do love the mushroom pizza but it would be great to have a quotro formaggio in the near future, if you haven’t been to them yet then you should go soon.

Review: Pizza Rustica

I have been hearing about this restaurant for sometime now but I didn’t have the chance to eat there yet. So instead of not eating there at all I decided to order pick up and bring it home. Walking into the mall I knew it was in the food court section but on the left side, I just kept walking until I found it. Oddly enough Avenues was empty, I thought it gets pretty full at night.

The place was relatively empty about 10% full out of all the tables. I took a menu and was approached by the waitress right away, I ordered one margaritta pizza, one quattro formagio pizza, one pepproni pizza, and lasagna bolognese. The lasagna for me, and all of this was to go. I told them to make sure it was done right and they will get comments from me one way or another. I have to say the manager was very nice and helpful, and made sure my order was taken care of. The chef on hand is a chef who used to work at the Harrods Pizzeria, the menu is also identical to the Harrods Pizzeria, and the furniture in the restaurant is an exact duplicate especially oven and cooking area.

They packaged it all together and ready to go, the packaging for the lasagna was a bit dissapointing since it looked like it will lose the heat quickly. So I took off home to make sure everything stays warm, I didn’t even switch on the A/C or air circulation.

As soon as I got home I put the lasagna in a plate and heated it up, thats why it looks displaced in the pictures due to my slight mishandling. One thing is for sure, their food is amazing, the pizza tasted great and fresh, the lasagna was amazing. I will be going to have dinner there soon to have the full experience, but as of now I really recommend people to go there.


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