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Recently I have had to take a few quick business trip usually day trips or overnight, and the tickets are about 30-40% more expensive then that was a few months ago. Everyone is traveling, I love that the streets of Kuwait a really empty and you can drive to places without being stuck in traffic for 20 mins. But the prices are ridiculous, all plane prices are up, with British Airways leading the way, Emirates is pretty damn expensive too, even Jazeera raised their prices. Its funny I just had to take a quick trip to Amman and Jazeera’s business class was just as expensive as Wataniya’s Business Class when Jazeera’s business is just a regular economy class with an extra seat next to you. Wataniya’s prices are up too, booking short notice is not the best idea, but at least it wasn’t too damaging. And now from the last few weeks of July to the first two weeks of August its almost impossible to find tickets back to Kuwait, everyone left for summer and they are trying to squeeze as much vacation as possible before coming back for Ramadan. Its going to get packed as soon as everyone is back.

British Airways Lands in Las Vegas

Now this is an interesting development from British Airways, out of all the large airlines operating in the region British Airways has been on the more expensive side. This new route has seemed a bit odd to me since its not the most successful route, and Emirates used to fly there but they stopped because a lot of the times their planes flew empty. It seems they want to take a knock at Virgin Atlantic over this route, I didn’t know they viewed them as that much of a threat. I don’t know how much more bookings this route will bring them but I know the British Airways is hurting the most from all the major airlines.

I was checking the booking for British Airways to Las Vegas from Kuwait and it came out to be 1590 KWD which is a lot less damaging then the quote I recieved a couple of months ago for Virgin which was a ridiculous 4260 KWD. I even called to make sure that they aren’t quoting British Pounds, but they were serious about that price and it was the same online.

Link: Luxist


This is probably the 2nd time I have flown on GulfAir and I have to say they are improving. A few years back they were the same position as Kuwait Airways, practically falling apart but they have managed to turn things around. Previously GulfAir was owned by many different parties, but the Bahrain Government bought it out and it has been improving be it at a slow pace.

The plane is a little old but it is maintained, it feels like they are keeping it together. I once took a long haul flight with GulfAir and the plane was very nice, it was new and fixed up. The staff is where you can see the huge difference, they are very nice and up beat and from many different nationalities including Bahrainis. The plane was on time in both going and coming to Bahrain without any issues what so ever. As most airlines GulfAir served food and beverages on the flight, I could smell pretty much everything since I was fasting. The seats were decently comfortable even though they were the old manual seats, and I pretty much slept the whole plane ride. The lounge is pretty good as well in the airport, Bahrain’s airport needs a major overhaul but the staff working there are very nice.

Out for a Bit

Just took off for about week with family for medical reasons. The flight overall was 6 hours in one direction and we had a connection on our way to the destination which was a 2 hour lay over then 2 hour flight. At least during this flight I managed to finish what I had left from a tv show, a movie, and an anime series. I just watched one after the other nonstop, it was good and I think my eyes were bloodshot after the whole thing but I did enjoy myself on the flight. One thing is for sure as soon as I got to the hotel I passed out completely.