Tool Therapy @ Ace Hardware

I was in need of some tools, a tool box, and a small storage box for different types of screws that I have. I passed by Ace Hardware after work as they have the best selection of tools from all the other stores in the market. I was surprised that they have stocked up with tools now, they also have the Bosch blower back in stock, about 7 or 8 boxes were on the shelves. They had even some cool Stanley tool boxes for the car garage, nice and big with wheels and a few other items.

I found a nice compact storage box which you can pick up like a handle, and picked up a nice small Stanley tool box for all the tools I had in mind. I am always working on servers, computers and other electrical equipment, wiring things and taking things apart. What I need is a good tool set, organized, high quality and a nice range of sizes to be used for different applications. I picked up a Craftsman and Stanley screw driver set, since they had different ranges and they are quality made products. Then I picked up a few individual items such as cutters, pliers, allen keys, and a few other items. Overall I put together a quality tool box for every day use with a few specialized tools all for 38 KD, and it helped when I was working on the server and putting things back together again.

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Craftsman 1470 pc. Professional Tool Set

The holy grail of all tool sets which would make any man slobber at the mouth for this Craftsman 1470 pc. Professional Tool Set ($8,600). This massive collection includes a garage full of tools, including a 300 pc. Base Essentials Set, 198 pc. Professional Essentials Set, 189 pc. Specialized Essentials Set, 204 pc. Advanced Access Pro’s Set, 106 pc. Advanced Professional Tool Set, 89 pc. Specialized Access Professional Tool Set, 83 pc. Ultimate Fully-Polished Ratcheting Set, 77 pc. Heavy-Duty Mechanic’s Set, 94pc. Auto Specialty Professional Tool Set, and 130 pc. Professional Impact Set. You need the right tool box for these types of tools, I wouldn’t mind getting that sort of tool box for it.

Link: UnCrate