Police Supercars


When people think police they don’t think Supercars or machines that can fly past a helicopter, but there are a few countries with high speed police that can chase you down. Well at least these police departments have some interesting machines to chase people, I know that some of them are for show but I know the Italian Polizia have used their vehicle during chases.

  • Germany – Brabus Rocket – Top Speed: 362 kph
  • Dubai – Lamborghini Aventador – 349 kph
  • Italy – Lamborghini Gallardo LP 560-4 Spyder – Polizia Municipale – 324 kph
  • Belgium – Porsche 911 997 Turbo – 312 kph
  • Holland – Spyker C8 – Flevoland Police – 300 kph
  • Italy – Lotus Evora S – Carbinieri – 261 kph


The M6 Impounded By A Police Officer With A Grudge

This was probably one of the dumbest situations I have been in because of a cop with a grudge. Took place around 4:00 pm on a Friday.

I just left 360 Mall and exited onto the residental road in Zahra to get to 6th Ring Road quickly, I was traveling about 50 or 60, taking my time just had a good lunch with a few of the guys. There is a police station lot on the right hand side after about 300 meters. A police car pull outs in front, about three cars in front, didn’t think twice I was driving normally, turned right and so did everyone else to get to the bridge that goes over, just like the map, below I was following the blue route. As I was taking the curving exit back onto 6th Ring Road he was still a few cars in front of me, and was the exit was merging he switched on his lights and people were passing him and as I passed he shouted “Owner Of The BMW Pull Over”, I thought to myself this will get interesting. He pulled me over at the red spot on the map just before merging onto 6th ring road.

I stepped out of the car right away and a young police officer stepped out and came to me, I told him hello and whats wrong? He said nothing, went to the front of the car and said license and registration I gave him both. He said your license place has been modified it should be in the center, then I said what do you mean modified, he said you can’t move the location I said that is the mount do you see any screws in the middle, he didn’t say anything, then I said it just passed Car Inspection and last I checked the License Plate has to be in front of the car bumper not specifically in the center. Then he said it was loud and I said this is from the dealer, then I asked him what car he thought this was, he said 625 (That isn’t even one of the models), I told him its not, its a modified sports version of it. He seemed to be ok with that and then the other cop stepped out of the police car and he was white and chubby. The First guy was Bader Al Mutari and he was pretty decent and didn’t seem intent on anything. The other guy came out, his name was Ahmed Yousef, I won’t be forgetting his name anytime soon, and hopefully Karma will bite him in the ass soon enough.

Going back, when the second guy came out the conversation took another turn and this time it was a twist and this is how it went:

  • Him: Write him up for a violation
  • Me: What exactly is the violation
  • Him: Your license plate
  • Me: Its in the front and you could see it

Then He Changes

  • Him: Your car is loud
  • Me: This is from the factory and its not a normal car, what car do you think it is
  • Him: You made a 635 this way
  • Me: This isn’t the same car and you should know the difference, this is an M6 which is louder and faster and a different color then the normal 6 series
  • Him: Where is your proof
  • Me: You have the Car Registration in your hand, look at it
  • Him: Ah, yes M6

Then He Changes Again:

  • Him: Your Car is Two Colors Thats Illegal
  • Me: What are you talking about illegal
  • Him: It says only Blue in your Registration
  • Me: Read under the second color, it says Black, just under the stamp and why would I change a color from the Factory, again its an M6, I think you as a traffic cop would know the difference between cars
  • Him: Ah, ok..

(Sometimes you have to BS some of these guys cuz they try to push)

Then He Changes Again:

  • Him: Your Car is Tinted
  • Me: Yes It Is
  • Him: Thats Illegal
  • Me: It was just recently legalized
  • Him: Yours is more then the legal limit
  • Me: I’m not gonna argue with you, it is tinted
  • Him – Talking to the Other Officer: Write him up, IN Total Violation Of Tinting Laws
  • Me: What exactly do I have to do now
  • Him: We are impounding your car
  • Me: WHAT! For tint, I wasn’t even driving fast, just heading home
  • Him: ….
  • Me: Take my license, my car registration, both, why the hell would you impound the car
  • Him: … (again ignoring me)
  • Me: What exactly is going on here, you stopped me for one reason and now want to impound me for tint, thats over the top

Things went south from there, I tried calling a few people but on a Friday nobody was answering and I was out of luck. He told the other officer to get in the car with me and for me to follow him to the Impound yard, which is in Sabhan. He also shouted that it is illegal for me to make phone calls while driving. When we got in the car I spoke to the other officer and I said I’m going to make a few phone calls, he said go ahead and try to talk to someone, he seemed like a normal guy. I asked him what exactly was his problem, he said you are under his mercy at this point. Just my luck nobody was answering their phones so I took the car and the lot in Sabhan is run by KPTC.

Throughout this period I was talking to them in a respectful way, even when we were at the impound lot the Egyptian Manager tried to reason with the police officer but he wanted my car put into the system right away. If the car is put into the impound system there is no way the car can be released without a direct order from the Minister of Interior or the wakeel. I called my friend, who we will call “Cake”, to come pick me up because he knows where this is. The police officer left and I had my sweater with a few things in my pockets from what I took out of the car.

The Egyptian Manager called me and said he tried delaying the car registration into the system because he wanted to give me an opportunity to make a few phone calls and get out of this. But the officer was on top of him to get him in right away, no one else he did that for, even the other officer tried to make up a reason to leave. Ahmed Yousef really had a grudge and I didn’t know why, but I stayed cool because there was nothing to do about a corrupt cop. He just going from one reason to another to try to impound the car. After I was sitting outside waiting for Cake to arrive people started calling me back and when I told them the situation they started making phone calls trying to get to this guy’s boss. And the best part was that the Central Radio System of the Police was down on Friday so they were communicating Via phone, the radios weren’t working to my luck. So if someone had an emergency they would call the officers not radio them.

A friend told me that this cop had it out for me and he was a dick and shouldn’t have impounded my car, it a difficult process to get it cleared since you have to go to a lot of places to get the paper work done. And even on Sunday he didn’t submit the violation into the system since I think he wants to keep it going at least another few days before I can even start sorting it out. This is the reason why we don’t respect police in Kuwait, when there is a reason for them to get involved they are not there, when they don’t have anything to do they just abuse their power. The problem in my situation is that the law is lax about what a police officer can do and even if he lies its hard to prove him wrong. A few police officers called me back and said that what he did was not within his right since he is from another department and his shift was done a few hours ago and why was he still roaming the streets. It seems it was just my luck and lets see how this turns out over the next few days.

Review: End Of Watch

Two young officers are marked for death after confiscating a small cache of money and firearms from the members of a notorious cartel, during a routine traffic stop.

From the makers of Training Day comes End Of Watch, another police action thriller that really blew my expectations away. I love the way the movie is filmed and the two characters are fantastic in the movie. It feels like a cross between live filming and an action movie, very gritty. There is a lot of story to tell in a short time, and they do that by jumping around in the timeline which somehow fits perfectly. You feel the intensity of the quiet situations in this movie and things take a turn for the unexpected. This movie was more then I expected and somehow I think it topped Training Day, a must see movie.

Link: IMDB

Avoid 5th Ring Road


This is one of the things that I really get annoyed with. On Friday and Saturday mornings from 6 am onwards there is almost no one on the road, and the roads belong to the bikers. Over the past three weeks there have police check points just after going under the round about on the Visa Round About heading towards Bede’a on 5th. It is a speed trap since everyone is used to traveling 120 on 5th Ring Road, but just before going the underpass it changes from 120 kph to 80 so if you are going 130 kph then you are doing 50 kph over the speed limit and they fine you, take your license and registration. Some cars also get towed depending on how fast they were going, and they were even stopping bikers. Most of the time police leave bikers alone but at this check point they pull people over and either tow them or hold them for a few hours.

I would honestly think that they would have much better things to do instead of hassling people that early in the morning and it police check point starts around 6 or 7 am, ends around 10 or 11 am on both Friday and Saturday.

False Police Accusations

I always try to think better of those in public service even when I have dealt with some scumbags but there are good people working in the public sector, even when they are hard to find.

Case 1:

This happened on Sunday last week, one of our coworkers, a 40+ yearold indian gentlemen came into work late which is odd for him because he is usually the first person there. He told me that he got his license taken by the police, when he asked why they just told him its a 5 KD fine and to go away. He told me that he was stuck in traffic going under the 5th ring road heading towards Bida’a round about, Rumaithiya on your right and Salmiya on your left. He said there were police checking car after car, and he was slowly moving in a que. Then the police men at the check point told him to pull over, there were news cameras taking pictures of police men giving tickets to foreigners and drivers. So when he gave me the form it said 120/80 meaning that he was speeding 40 kph over the speed limit which I knew was a lie since he doesn’t drive over 70 kph. They were basically pulling people over and giving mass fines, they took over 50 licenses, and the photographers were snapping away as if they are doing a great job. So what is a foreigner supposed to do, I called up a few people and turns out it was a publicity stunt for the MOI. The process to get your license is hell and to try to prove its a false accusation is nearly impossible. At the end after calling several people I managed to get his license after about three days of looking for it. But how can you prove that they are falsifying information when they don’t have to prove what happened.

Case 2:

My friend left Signor Sassi with his family in front of him. He was in the left lane to make a u-turn on a Thursday night from the GulfRoad. The u-turn was packed but going straight was empty so he cut right while the road was empty and sped up to catch up with his cousin and family in the other car. He got to about 100 kph while the speed limit was 80 kph, and way back there was one car all the way in the right lane. The car suddenly sped up with only the lower lights on coming behing my friend, then the police lights came on. He pulled him over and so did his family pull over, they were wondering why he stopped him. My friend got down said hello, he gave him his drivers license and vehicle registration and told him he just sped up but was over the speed limit and he apologizes for that, and will accept that fine. Then the police men said no you cut me off and I’m going to tow your car to the police station then to the impound lot, my friend was shocked from what he said. Then the policemen said you cut me off and you were doing over 180 kph, my friend replied saying you were on the right lane and I was behind my family how could I be going 180 kph, and I wasn’t speeding at that speed. Back and forth, back and forth but the guy was being an ass towards him even though he was being very polite and enquiring why the extreme punishment for going only 20 kph over the speed limit. Then he had to follow him to the impound lot in Sharq, he called several people to see how he could help. He managed to get to friend by the time he got to the lot, he said to hold tight while he made his calls. My friend again tried reasoning with the policemen but he said no you either take your car in or I take your car into the lot. Then he said I’m getting a phone call can you speak to the gentlemen and the police men refused but then he got the number to his direct superior who told him to release him and the car, but while on the phone with his superior he said that the driver endangered my life and many others on the street and kept adding to the form. He added “reckless driving”, “endangerment to people lives”, “refusing to pullover” while on the phone to his superior so that he can get his car locked up. I know that my friend is very polite and doesn’t argue since he was still in shock but lucky to find someone that can help. Now how in the hell are you supposed to get policemen like this off the streets, who lie and do whatever they want to persecute people for no reason. Seriously this is insane, even after getting all the details sorted he was trying to stop my friend from getting his license the next day. The problem is that in Kuwait is that the word of a policeman is not questioned in court but in situations such as this there has to be proof, its getting ridiculous the extent some of these men go.

I have heard of many stories of policemen harassing females and doing whatever they want on the road. How do you expect people to respect them when they do this, its sad when its just few who are like this. They should be held responsible and thrown off the police force, and not be employed in any other government body.

Hawai Five-0 – Preview

I remember the old show back in 70s but never really saw it before, maybe some cameos in some old shows that I used to watch but thats about it. But this new show looks interesting, Hawaii 5-0 are cops who operate outside the normal regulations of the police, and they solve crimes in an unorthodox manner. And I’m going to enjoy the cast, Alex O’Laughlin, Scott Caan, Lost’s Daniel Dae Kim, and Battlestar Galactica’s Grace Park. I like cop shows but this is more to liking since its more on the “Fun Side” then other cop shows. And Grace Park is a badass in a bikini, looking good and beating people down. This looks like its going to be a fun show with some interesting characters, I like how they remixed the original theme song of the show. Check out the intro of the show below.

Link: FilmSchoolRejects

My 112 Call

I have rarely called the 777 emergency number, only during an accident or a real emergency and they reply but never like this experience. I was on the fifth ring road taking Gazali Bridge to Shuweikh, if you continued straight on the same exit it would take you to the Avenues entrance after going under the bridge. Traffic was backed up all the way to Yarmook, I got around the cars and noticed that they were all piled up at the entrance, when I got closer there was a VW V6 which crashed into a four door Honda or Toyota, and it looked like a hard hit since the front left tire of the VW was crushed all the way into the engine. I pulled over on top the left side walk and got out, saw a woman in the VW on the phone, asked her if she was ok when I knocked on her window, she was crying and on the phone with someone from her family it seems and waved me off, the other Indian driver was standing outside his car which was spun around and on top of the side walk on the right side.

I called 112 and within two rings a woman answered, I told her I’m calling from an accident scene and she asked if I was in it, I told her I was just a passer by. She asked for the location and my name, I gave her the details, she said to hold and she will call Police Central Station and transfer me to the Ambulance Office. I spoke to the Ambulance Dispatcher who took the details and direction, the woman seemed ok but I told them she didn’t get out of her car and was crying, but nothing seemed wrong. So they were now on their way, and then he shut the phone which then transferred me back to the 112 operator and she told me the traffic police are on the way and will be calling you. I shut the phone and within a minute a police officer called asking for the exact location, and I told him where it was, he asked a couple of questions and said thank you. I shut the phone then another call came from another police officer who gave me his name and rank and said that he was coming from another direction and I gave him the location. After 5 minutes I could see police lights, and so I got in my car and was about to leave since there wasn’t anything else for me to do, and then I got a call from a 1800 number and it was the 112 dispatcher checking on the progress and the police. Told her I spoke to both of them and they are on the way and the ambulance as well, thanked her very much for everything she did and left.

I was honestly very very proud of how efficient they were, and how much they followed up. This is a drastic change from what the 777 reaction and procedure was, this felt professional and concerned and helpful. My hat goes off to the people who put this new system together and those are keeping this operation going.

Corner Slip

This guy is enjoying his ride around the hills, looking at those curves I would be doing the same thing, but the what was waiting for him at the end was a surprise. That Kawasaki was craving for more curves and the guy was enjoying it, but he had a little crash just in front of the CHP (California Highway Police). From his surprise he grabbed a handful of brake and low sided that machine right in front of him. You can tell he wasn’t expecting that around the corner, they always tuck around the corners to catch people.

Kuwait Female Police Officers

Kuwaiti female police officers during the graduation ceremony of the 36th batch of police officers at the Saad Al-Abdullah Al-Sabah Security Sciences Academy today 24 March 2010 . Only women who have a university degree can graduate with a diploma in police officer studies and will acquire the position of Lieutenant

This is honestly something to be very proud of, at last Kuwait is moving forward in this field. I’m sure there are a lot of females who are motivated to join the army and police, and I think they can only make things better in this aspect. Some of those women look like they are ready to shoot and ask questions later, and some look bigger then the men. Some of the females have higher ranks because they graduated from University and then went into military education which automatically gives them a higher rank then a lot of the men.

Thanks Bader
Link: Flickr

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Wheel Clamp


This is just ridiculous, I got a clamp on my tire when I stepped out of the car for exactly 3 mins, I walked in to get measurements for a dishdasha and walked back and saw the cop running away. He was literally running away to his car, even when I called out to him he looked back and jumped in the Ford Excursion and took off. I was in the city by a street called Salhiya Street which is close to where the old Samsung store is now called Centro, there is also a Casio store there, just opposite the tall communications tower (Burj Al Tahreer). When I was looking for parking I circled the area twice looking for parking with nothing available, so instead of blocking traffic I decided to park on the sidewalk thinking that I wouldn’t be too long and I was out quick to see that scene.

I could understand the fine, and I will pay it as I was parked illegally but so was 30 cars behind me which turned the road into a one lane road instead of two and lanes and some parking. Now why do they have to inconvenience people to get the clamp off, and the correct process to get it done is very annoying. You have to wait for Ministery of Interior office to go pay the bill their which is only open in the morning, then you have to wait for the guy to unlock the clamp which can take anywhere between 2 hours to the next day which you will not know. I called a few people and got someone to help me out and told me to sit tight, I had the car on and I was listening to music and bbming people. I was honestly not in a bad mood but it was a waste of time. He called back and said a police car will be back in 10 mins, he even knew the details of my car from what they were told. Now I have been through the legal process of the clamp, and it isn’t a deterrent from parking illegally. In the states I made the the mistake of parking in a handicap spot when I first move there and cop came over and gave me a $360 ticket and I never parked in a handicap spot ever again, I even when to the judge to make the payment over installments which they were more then happy to do. In this case it was a 5KD fine and the police car came after 65 minutes while I had the car on and sitting inside having a conversation with a friend on the phone. And I continued on my way and thanked him for opening even though it was the guy who ran off earlier. I was fine but it looked like he was walking the walk of shame for some reason, maybe because he was called back to unlock it. I’m lucky who called a friend but what about people who can resolve this quickly, give a simple quicker process but for a higher fee and people will pay. I don’t blame the police but the law that does not make any sense instead of motivating people to go about it the right way and the other matter is the nonexistence of parking in the city but thats another issue.