Best VPNs


VPNs or Virtual Private Networks are the best solution to any firewall, they can technically get through any blocking solution out there but there have been a few that manage to make it a little bit more difficult. People use VPNs for different reasons, I for one use it to access the torrents, get to all the sites I want to, and accessing sensitive sites such as banks or other institutions from wireless networks or public areas. I would recommend you click here if you have been getting a proxy/vpn access error to know how you can bypass it.

The Toughest Internet Internet Filters I have Faced:

  • Oman
  • UAE
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Sudan

First Choice: Strong VPN

  • I’m using PPTP service with but they have a large variety of VPN options to choose from
  • Several cities to choose from as core cities
  • Integrates with any operating system, iPad or phone
  • High speed, usually with VPNs they slow down your browsing but with Strong VPN their speeds are consistently high
  • Has gotten through every firewall I have tried
  • Their support is solid and I have never had issues with their service
  • Their prices are very reasonable with all the different options, and if you don’t know what to choose then just ask them

Link: StrongVPN

Second Choice: HMA VPN

  • They have a software based VPN
  • They are currently beta testing PPTP service which I have tried and its pretty good
  • Relatively fast connectivity
  • Sometimes has issues connecting but overall very good
  • With the software based VPN it has had issues with one or two firewalls but with the PPTP service it was pretty good
  • Software based only works with Windows but the PPTP works with Mac, Windows, Linux and other communicaiton devices

Link: HideMyAssVPN

If your looking for a solid service and you know what you want then go with StrongVPN, another option would be HideMyAss Pro VPN. But both will do the job to get you where you want securely.


Just to address the questions, they both work with Hulu and relatively fast, also they work with the Netflix and ABC App on the iPad so your able to watch US shows on your iPad. So both connections facilitate streaming from the US perfectly.

Athens By Night

This is my first time visiting Athens so I take the opportunity to snap pictures even though it is late at night. I got in with a cab driver, asked him where I can take some nice night pictures, and he asked how long do I need, and I said as long as he needs. He took me for a very nice tour around the city, he was a very nice man, he asked where I was from and said that he knew a lot of Saudis and said that Kuwaitis used to come a lot to Greece before the Gulf War but not so much anymore. What surprised me is the friendliness and kindness of the Greeks, a majority of them speak English and those who don’t were very helpful to find someone that does.

It was a nice feeling walking around the city, and driving around at night seeing all these interesting spots. We went to Glefadah which is a nice beach area to snap pictures of the port area at night, then he took me to the parliment building, when I got back to my hotel I can see the acropolis and snapped pictures of it at night. It was 1 am on a Monday night, and I could still here the hotel bar two floors above going, I learned that Greeks do enjoy their nights out, every night.

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