Minor Wire Organization

The one major mess that I have is the wiring next to my shelf, since the power was out I took the opportunity to plug in this very ingenious surge protector that I found at Ace Hardware.

List of items plugged into it orginally:

  • Stereo (120V)
  • ADSL
  • Switch
  • Sonos (120/240V)
  • Infrant Ready NAS (120/240V)
  • Voip Base (120V)
  • Voip Phone (120V)
  • USB Charger
  • Nokia Charger
  • Sony Ericsson Charger

The chargers aren’t in use all at once and 90% of the time the stereo is off, since my source of music is the Sonos. The previous strip had 5 available plugs, but this beauty had 10 plugs which made things a lot easier to plug and in an organized way. I have a power converter for the machines that need 120V, and some wires that I just can’t get rid of no matter what I do. At least now its a lot more organized, then before, I’m planning on getting two more, the will reduce the number of surge protectors under my desk from 4 to two, as I said before any power fluctuation in the house is due to my usage.

Slight Power Outage

It was just one of those days, called in sick to work was feeling a little bit under the weather. I went back to sleep and woke up around 10:40 am. My work phone wouldn’t stop ringing, but I managed to get things done without having to leave bed which was a good thing, felt nauseated and beat up. So as the day was progressing I was feeling better, but getting annoyed with the work phone calls. A little while later things were calm and I switched off my work phone knowing the major stuff was out of the way.

As I was laying in bed I continued watching some Berserk (anime), and Star Trek Enterprise, it was entertaining and relaxing. I was remote desktoping to different PCs to get things done throughout the house without moving too much, my goal was simple to get as much rest as possible. I took a shower around noon and wore a dishdasha which felt relaxing.

By 1:30 pm I headed towards the basement to check on the WHS server and a few other things. 5 minutes down there and all the power went out, I thought I did something, I checked the circuit breaker and everything was fine. I went upstairs and there was no power there either, my assumption is that whenever something electrical in the house goes out its because my doing, since I’m always plugging something in and switching things on. Turns out that it wasn’t me this time, I checked with our neighbors and a few other people and it turns out that both Mishref and Bayan were out of power, and the traffic signals weren’t working either. I couldn’t find out what was the reason, but I knew it wasn’t going to be too long. My UPSes kept some of my machines running long enough for me to properly shut them down, they did a really good job.

I picked up my book was reading in the living room for two hours, I was very relaxed at around 3:20 pm the power came back on and I restarted all my machines. My network felt fresh and everything was moving very quickly, I love when all the machines have a fresh start. So I started a few network tasks that would take a couple of days but since they were all fresh it was ok. I still don’t know what was the cause of the power outage.