Games Of 2012

The list is long, and it could be longer, these are the games that look so good and I have no time to play them. These are just the ones on XBox 360 & PS3 not including whats coming out on PC. Right now at the top of my list is Diablo III and the expansion for StarCraft but other normal games are below and they look pretty good.

  • Devil May Cry
  • Prey 2
  • Mass Effect 3
  • Overstrike
  • Halo 4
  • Starhawk
  • Borderlands 2
  • Grand Theft Auto 5

2010 Games in Human History


Human history based on the top games of 2010, it really shows where we are planning on going. From “a long time ago” to the distant, unknown future of 2552. Below you’ll find a timeline of some of last year’s biggest games, showing where in humanity’s grand story they fit in. When looking at this list I’m really disappointed in myself, I haven’t finished one game of the games that I have purchased for 2010 which is a disaster, and I only picked up a few games. 2011 will be the year I finish the games I bought in 2010, I will play until my hands go numb!

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Transformers: War For Cybertron – Multiplayer Trailer

Now this looks really interesting, it seems they are taking the game more seriously now not just as part of the movie. This is the first time we see some game play and how multiplayer can work with it. Its really cool with a world full of unique robots either Decepticons or Autobots fighting on the same team against the other. The types of characters are being defined, it looks like you have some level of customization but the game play looks fun.

New Fist Of The North Star – Game


Now this is something to look forward to, the creaters of Samurai Warroirs, and Koei the developers of Dynasty Warriors are bring one of the bloodiest and most entertaining animes to a console near you. The description below is just enough to bring back memories of this shocking anime, with guts bursting everywhere, blood smears at every corner in this apocalyptic world. Even though this is an early announcement I do hope to get my hands on it and play out the characters they have lined up, the special moves are going to be cool and gory.


According to official word, gamers will “unleash a myriad of devastating fighting techniques and finishing moves powerful enough to bring down whole buildings,” cause enemies to “violently explode on screen” and trigger “the instantaneous breakdown of internal organs.”


Link: Kotaku

PS3 Slim – Some Game Time

Unboxing the PS3 was a simple process, but wiring it up and powering it up was going to be a headache so I decided to do that at a later point. So I went to Ace Hardware to pick up a voltage regulator to handle 2x110V connections and 2x220V connections smoothly since I also had the XBox 360 running on 110V. I wired up the PS3 Slim to the Home Theater A/V (Onkyo 875) using the HDMI cable of the Onkyo DVD player since it didn’t come with one as a temporary solution, then I connected to the network and switched on the power regulator to switch on the PS3. While I was there I sorted out the network cable connections and power cable connections, my cable management skills are close to zero, I like seeing clean jobs but I just can’t seem to do clean wiring myself but overall it wasn’t too bad.

Switched it on and I started roaming about the Operating System not sure where to go, but just poking around. I wanted to create user profile and thought to make PSN user profile so I can use it for online game but it seems that I had to update to the 3.0 software which took me over 10 minutes to find where to update it. Sony’s way of doing things seems interesting and I remember it from the PSP but this time around its alot more options and menus. After updating the system, creating my user profile, I opened up Kill Zone 2 and decided to play the famous FPS game of the PS3. I was having fun, and I have to say the graphics are amazing, loaded up the game and went to shooting and I am enjoying it but its far from Halo.

I bought a couple of other games for the PS3 and XBox 360 while I was there:

  • Kill Zone 2 – PS3
  • Batman – Arkham Asylum – PS3
  • Need for Speed – Under Cover – PS3
  • Section 8 – XBox 360
  • Red Faction – Guerrilla – XBox 360

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PS3 Slim – Has Arrived

The order was placed the day of the announcement of the PS3 slim with one day delivery from Amazon, luckily it was delivered a few days earlier then the suggested September 1st release date, so I received on September 1st. The packaging was very compact and simple, I didn’t expect it to be this small in comparison the normal PS3. Now I have the PS3 even though all my games are in XBox I do have a few games in mind that I want to play with PS3, so I will pick and choose from that selection when I have a chance to head over to rehab, I will buy two games which are easy to play and not too involving so I won’t get too caught up with it.

Now I just have to get a suitable HDMI cable and plug it in to try it out, I haven’t really had the chance yet to play around with it but I’m hoping for sometime over the week to check it out, and I will update it to the latest software edition to get used to that from the start.

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PS3 Slim in September

Sony comes out of the closet and anounces the release of the Sony PS3 Slim, coming out in the september. For $300 you get the 120GB slim with all the bangs and whistles of the normal PS3 but about a 1/3 smaller. After all this time without a PS3, I have decided to go ahead and purchase this one when it comes out, after all that Sony has worked out this is one cool looking machine and now I can get to enjoy the games that Sony has available.

Link: Engadget

Street Fighter IV Reviewed!

Who isn’t a fan of Street Fighter! I love those games and I only watched the Anime series because of those games. Many games spawned after Street Fighter but none could copy it. This review by wired magazine is getting me excited, simply enough the graphics are amazing the gameplay is fantastic, they have simplified it just like the old days and there are the complex moves so you can annihilate people once you get the combination going you are unstoppable.

It will be on sale in Rihab for around 25 KD to 35 KD, depending on the regular or special edition.

Link: Wired

PS3 ≠ Blu-Ray Player

These are a few reasons why you shouldn’t use your PS3 as a Blu-Ray player.

  • Doesn’t work with Universal Remotes
  • Louder than Standalone Blu-Ray Players
  • Interface is not user friendly
  • Doesn’t work with multichannel analog outputs of any old AV receiver
  • Consumes a lot of power
  • Doesn’t integrate with new AV recievers to say that it is producing DTS-HD and Dolby TrueHD sound.

I have tried the PS3 as a Blu-Ray player and I have found it to be a bit stiff, and its annoying using the controller to control the whole thing, it doesn’t have IR so you can’t control it with another controller. The interface has a lot of features but it does take you some time to figure out the menu system.

Link: Crave