Water Shortage!


Due to the severe dust storms lately many areas like Qadsiya, Rumaitheya, Dasma, and a few other locations ran out of water. The water tanker trucks were all in line getting filled up. I remember a water tanker cost anywhere between 4 to 6 KD but this past week they were ranging from 10 KD to 20 KD which has never happened before. We had the summer of no electricity but it seems that we might have a summer of no water. The government hasn’t taken enough action to plan ahead for water and electrical requirements, and then there is the case of people wasting immense amount of water. I pass by so many houses where they just leave the hose running to clear the driveway and that drives me nuts. If they get the high pressure cleaner they can clean a car in about 1/5 the amount of water needed and much more effeciently. But after one severe dust storm people had no water the next morning in many areas which is very disturbing. I wonder which you can live without more electricity or water? I kept thinking about this but I for one have to shower in the morning, and living without electricity is fine for a little while. The one major solution to this is to charge people for their use and not subsidize 95% of the cost as they are doing with electricity. In both cases they should really make an effort to correctly charge for water and electricity and then people will control their usage when they feel the burn in their pocket.

Crispy Cold


London is cold as usual, it ranges between 4 to 11 degrees depending the time of day and some times it rains. I love walking around in this weather. I think I’m averaging between 9 to 11 Kms a day of walking, some days I walk for hours and some days I walk because I can’t find a taxi to go home. A lot of people are going Christmas shopping crazy so you can’t find empty cabs, and I think its a little too early for Christmas shopping but its just amazing to walk. I carry my umbrella with me just in case it starts pouring but its still fun to walk around. After plugging in the local microsim into my iPad I carry it with me while walking around and I usually use my Android phone to look up directions, info, or movie times but when ever I make a stop I have my iPad just in case.

Fresh Rain


It has been a long time since we have had rain in Kuwait, and that fun hail storm the other day. There is something that I like about the rain, it feels like the air was cleaner. I do enjoy driving in the rain, so Friday morning I woke up to go riding and found it raining outside, that didn’t really stop us. We still went to breakfast, and I do love driving in the rain. The best part was the empty streets that early in the morning, I was enjoying the drive and the music as I was driving to the Avenues, every once in awhile the tail of my car would slip out on a turn and it is fun to control that. Even breathing that fresh air felt nice outside, and it wasn’t too cold, just cool enough.