مبارك عليكم الشهر – Ramadan Kareem


The first day is always a tough day, waking up early in the morning and heading into work like normal. It was 54 Degrees today, made it hard to hold onto the steering wheel. This is going to be another tough month, but as usual the streets were empty in the morning but lots of traffic at 4pm. Hopefully everyone has a good Ramadan this year, I’m keeping it simple this year. Going to work and going to the gym, that is the goal for this month, I want to be consistent with it.

Ramadan Winding Down

I think this week is sort of slow motion for people, I think very few people even have gone to work, the roads are empty. The only place that was insanely full was the bank today, so many women taking out Eideyas. The last three weeks have been a whirlwind of work and family obligations, and going to diwaniyas. What made it even more hectic was that we had so little time after evening prayer, there were only a few hours to go to so many diwaniyas so it was sort of like sprinting from one to the other. But I’m cherishing this last week, it has been the only week that I have had the evenings to myself and during that time I’m catching up with a lot of things.

The one thing I am very proud of is that I stuck to the gym work outs during Ramadan, I went every Saturday and Tuesday during Ramadan and I went a few other days to make up for lost days. The one thing I didn’t stick to at all was a healthy diet, I ate what I wanted at futoor and at night, I was hungry and I wanted to satisfy that hunger, and the healthy food wouldn’t have done it for me. Surprisingly during that whole time I didn’t gain any weight, I just checked as of yesterday and I’m at a 102.3 KG which is 0.7 KG less then when I started Ramadan so not bad. My goal was to be below 100 KG by July but I didn’t stick to healthy food, but I will get there soon enough.

Even though this Ramadan was extremely tiring I still love it.

Ramadan Night Ride

It was just one of those moments, I have been wanting to ride for some time now and it just popped up to go on Friday night. Meeting up at midnight for a quick bite before going on our little adventure around town. We knew it was going to be a little risky but still we wanted to ride, and its been getting a little cooler in the evenings but still pretty hot.

We went out in full gear, no question about that, armored up top to bottom. Whenever I’m wearing my motorcycle gear it feels like I’m wearing battle armor, I’m ready for anything, but I know that isn’t the case but I was just excited to get on the bike. The plan was simple to ride just before fajer prayer so we could drink some water before passing out.

Heading down the 6th ring road to the airport then to Sabhan, and on the way we encountered a few nut cases on the way. We were supposed to be three but the other guy bailed out on us and so we were two. It was a bit more crowded then I expected and the roads were a bit dusty, we had a few moments where it felt like I might slip. So we were taking it easier and going a bit slower then we usually do and honestly I didn’t want to push my luck I wanted to enjoy myself so pushing the bike after its been stationary since May but still the Diavel is a beast. At any traffic light my tire would slip a bit because of the dust.

The crowds started thinning out around 2:00 am so there was less cars on the road and we were enjoying ourselves even more. I was getting bit tired so around 2:40 am we called it a night and started heading home. Parked and indoors by 3am, and I realized how much I missed riding, I love that bike.

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مبارك عليكم الشهر – Ramadan Kareem

It is here at last, probably one of the hottest Ramadans we are going to spend in Kuwait, but still there is something that I love about Ramadan. To everyone مبارك عليكم الشهر & Ramadan Kareem, this is going to be an interesting one, even though last year was from August until September, I’m sure what people have planned, it seems a lot of people are spending their Ramadan outside of Kuwait because of the heat. I for one don’t have an issue with anything except the thirst that we will face from this heat. I’m not hungry yet, but food is on my mind and luckily during ramadan there is a lot of food to choose from during futoor.

Eid Mubarak


Eid Mubarak to everyone, it has been a very interesting Ramadan, it honestly has gone by quickly and I did enjoy Ramadan this year but was missing a few family. Its only going to get hotter for the next few years but this one wasn’t that bad. Now to enjoy a nice four day vacation even though some of us have to do some work in the mix. I’m going to try to utilize as much fun and relaxing time as I can.

Solo Pizza Supporting Bayt Abdullah’s Childrens’ Hospice in Ramadan

As part of our corporate social responsibility and in a means to give back to the community and support a good cause, the management and staff at Solo Pizza Napulitana will support Bayt Abdullah’s Childrens’ Hospice in the holy month of Ramadan … Join us and help support this great cause!

For every Pizza item and Nutella Dario Sweet that you’ll enjoy with us, half a Kuwaiti Dinar will be donated towards the cause.

Solo Pizza is supporting Bayt Abdullah by donating a part of their revenue during the month of Ramadan which I think is fantastic of them. They are open between 10pm and 1am every night in Ramadan except Friday. I did enjoy their pizza I just hope they have a few more choices later in the future, I do love the mushroom pizza but it would be great to have a quotro formaggio in the near future, if you haven’t been to them yet then you should go soon.

مبارك عليكم الشهر


And we are back to the best month of the year, Ramadan is one of my favorite times in the year, it also the most exhausting. I love that I get to see so many family and see them daily, its a family gathering almost every day, something to look forward to throughout the day. Lots of social events taking place after futoor for the first two weeks, its going to be a marathon going from dewaneya to dewaneya but thats part of Ramadan. A lot of people watch the shows taking place but I prefer making the most I can out of the day, and the best part is I get to finish so much during the day, lets just hope it cools off.

Eb6ainiya Ramadan Recipe Competition


For all things to do with Eb6ainiya is the place to check out, they take the time to really check out every new food place be it in Kuwait or any other location. And they also like to cook too, and this time they are having a recipe competition for Ramadan, check out the details at the link below to submit your recipe.

eB6ainiya blog is proudly presents: Ramadan’s recipe contest. Do you have a special recipe that is a hit between your friends and family and suitable for Ramadan? We are looking for all types of recipes, from main course to desserts. All you need is a WINNING recipe worth competing in our contest.

Link: eb6ainiya

Ramadan Rounds

I for one enjoy Ramadan, you get to see a lot of family and friends, but in our case we have a lot of dewaneyas to visit. The amount of work really hasn’t changed much and I usually leave work between 4:30 and 5:00 pm and I get up around 8:30 am. Somedays I get back home by 3:30 pm so I get to have a lot of time to relax, play some video games and sometimes go for a walk before futoor.

After futoor gets a bit hectic at times, some times we have futoor at home and other times we visit family for futoor. After isha prayer we meet up with our family, the men’s side, and then we visit dewaneyah to dewaneyah. Its been this schedule since the beginning of Ramadan, we may cover about 8 to 13 dewaneyahs a night. Men’s visits are light and easy, you go in, you say hello to people for Ramadan, trying to go to certain areas where all the dewanyahs are open at the same time such De’eyah, Bnaid Al Gar, Khaldiya, Shuweikh, and other locations. Its a long process and very time consuming but I always think that its once a year and you get to see some people you haven’t seen for a while. I know that this schedule isn’t for everyone but I do get some enjoyment out of it, and for the past week we have gotten a day or two off. It seems I do more work after the sun sets then before, and then I head home around 11:30 pm to watch an hour or two of tv shows and enjoy my subway sandwich before passing out.

مبارك عليكم الشهر

Ramadan is officially upon us, I for one love Ramadan, you get to see a lot of family and a lot of good food. It seems we have a lot of hot Ramadans to look forward to over the next 5 years at least. Whats not surprising is that a lot of people are spending their Ramadans outside of Kuwait since they still have family vacation, a good amount of people are back, you can tell from the traffic but still some people are out of town. I hope everyone enjoys their Ramadan with their family and friends and many more to come.