My Vice

Recently I have been coming home watching some tv shows or anime, and every time I sit down I eat some KDD Toot, the Raspberry Toot. I would sit down in front of the screen and eat two, then 15 minutes later I would head down the basement and get two more form the freezer. I would make sure that there would be at least some ice cream in the vicinity while I’m watching these shows, and these ice creams are really light so I can keep eating a lot of them. I think the most I have eaten in one day is ten pieces and at least two pieces, I remember I used to eat a lot as a kid but I know I’m hooked again.

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Stop At Starbucks

Its getting hotter and hotter the past couple of weeks, its still the end of April. I was riding well into the end of May last year without breaking a sweat, but these days its even hot at 6 am. So this Saturday morning I decided to sleep in a bit before heading out for a few tasks.

I went from one part of Kuwait to the other, Shuweikh, Hawally, Miseela, Bida,a and back home. It was task after task, I even kept my car on a few times so that it wouldn’t heat up. I kept getting text messages from people who were out in the ocean, or swimming. I wanted to cool off so I stopped by Starbucks in Bida’a to get something cool to drink. Bida’a area seemed deserted since everyone was in the ocean, I parked right up front to get my drink and head out. I do love the raspberry farrappacino at Starbucks, it tastes damn good and the perfect remedy for the heat, cools you right off. Then to continue with the rest of the tasks of the day.

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