Summer Shows


A psychic who helps the Santa Barbara police solve murders in the goofiest of ways. This is really a funny comedy and I now have all three seasons and really worth watching, much better then The Mentalist because they keep things fresh. Shawn is the pyschic and Burton is his friend who manages to keep things together.


The United States is run by a ruling family and they are at war with their neighbors, a strange type of government body with an intriging political story. I really recommend this show, it air a couple of months back but I’m happy its airing again as a summer show with some very interesting and complex characters.


For a light hearted comedy about Shawn who’s father sold his soul to the devil by his parents. He stuck being the errand boy of devil and collecting escaped souls for the devil, the goofy bounty hunter with a bunch of friends who know how to screw up but get the job done. All of this and they work at the WorkBench which is a store like HomeDepot.

My Shows

The new season is upon us and all the new shows start this September. I’m enjoyin g these shows and I’m still catching up with Weeds and BattleStar Gallactica which are fantastic shows. I just start BattleStar Galactica last week and it is a fantastic show, I have all of it in 720p so I am enjoying it. This is going to be a great season since hopefully they won’t be any strikes and the shows can pick up their stories again.

What I’m Watching:

Review: Reaper

Lazy kid who doesn’t really excel at anything and works at the local Work Bench, just like a Home Depot/Costco. Turns out his parents sold his soul to the Devil and now he has to work as a Bounty Hunter for the Devil and his friends get dragged into it. A bunch of guys running after escaped souls or monsters to put them back in hell. A show with an interesting storyline, and there is something brewing in the background with a lot of humor added to it. The characters make for a very interesting combination and its a very funny show really worth watching.

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