Bouncing Around


The last couple of days I have been going from meeting to meeting at a ridiculous rate not even being able to enjoy the beautiful weather while I was in London. British Airways are on strike so I took Royal Jordanian, and I had a meeting in Amman on the way back. I have to say that I was very impressed with Royal Jordanian, the service was fantastic and the planes are brand new, pricing is decent, but the airport is a old.

Getting into London Thursday I met up with some friends but I was still busy with work and my phone wouldn’t stop ringing. I wanted to see a movie at night but I was too damn exhausted that I passed out as soon as I got to the hotel. The next day I had meetings in the early morning onwards but I managed to get some time later in the day to go see one movie, but the weather was amazing in London and everyone was outside walking around. I didn’t realize how much I have missed London it’s been a while since I’ve walked around, then I realized how long its been since I took a long vacation. The stay in London was too short and too busy with work but I managed to get a lot done, then headed to Amman for one meeting then back to Kuwait.

Royal Jordanian – Amman for a Day

I had a one day trip to Jordan took the night flight, I had a choice of Jazeera, Wataniay or Royal Jordanian. I don’t like Jazeera, and Wataniya timing didn’t work for the meetings I had so I decided to take Royal Jordanian, their General Sales Agent in Kuwait is Al Sawan Co so I decided to book through them. Everything went smoothly, I got my tickets from the company and took off to Jordan. Spent the night at the Four Seasons, got really late check out from the same travel Agency, instead of a 12 pm check out they got me a 4 pm check out which was fantastic. And the hotel was very nice and clean, the staff was friendly. We even went to this restaurant called Reem Al Bawady and had mensef which is a dish which includes meat, rice, and yoghurt and its so good it puts you to sleep. It was a short trip and we flew back the same night as the meetings for work the next morning, landed in Kuwait around 1 am.

Overall, I really liked Royal Jordanian:

  • The RJ staff are very friendly on the ground as well as the one on the plane
  • They let you keep your brief case or hand bag next to you without having to shove it under the seat in front of you
  • They know that an iPod or laptop won’t disrupt airplane electronics so they didn’t bother me during take off or landing, I kept watching my show forgetting that we were landing, she asked me just to put it away afraid that it will become a flying projectile upon landing which is a reasonable request but I kept playing Madden on my iPod
  • The food was pretty good, not wow but not bad at all
  • The price was reasonable, just a little cheaper then Wataniya since we booked it short notice 234 KD vs 217 for business class seats on those days