Feedly – Taking To The Next Level – Bye Google Reader


For those still using Google Reader the cut off date is within a few weeks, Google will be pulling the plug. And Feedly has really stepped up, not just as an RSS Feeder but to do it even better then how Google did it. They are replacing what Google does for RSS Feeds, and they have created an open API so RSS Readers can connect to the Feedly cloud.

The Partners:

  • Reeder
  • Press
  • Nextgen Reader
  • Newsify
  • gReader

Feedly is fast, and thats what I love about it, and they plan to make it even faster based on their recent expansions. They added more servers to make it even smoother, support for Windows 8 and Windows Phone, and other developments. The best part of the development is their ecosystem, there are a lot excellent Apps out there, but right now I’m loving the Feedly app on Android and online. But you can still use the Apps above to work with Feedly, and I think thats fantastic on their part. I have been on the Feedly forums and they have been intensely listening to users and adding features as fast as possible. If anything, Google Reader showed us that sometimes, someone besides Google does it better.

Switching To Feedly From Google Reader


The signs are always there with Google, whenever the links to a product slowly start dropping from the main page you know that they aren’t a fan of it or giving it that much importance. Google Wave went because it didn’t work as a product, Google Buzz ruffled too many feathers even though I liked it, and then Google Reader was suddenly coming to an end. July 1st is the cut off date for Google Reader, I know these days a lot of people aren’t reading blogs as much but we still visit a lot of websites and my online dependency was on Google Reader to keep things organized. The announcement honestly shocked me so looking for an alternative was a scary idea, I got so comfortable with Google Reader I didn’t know if I would find an alternative. After doing a little research I went with Feedly and I’m very happy I did.


I tried Feedly a few years back and Google Reader at the time was more comprehensive and useful as an RSS Reader, but within those years they stopped the development of Google Reader, and Feedly is miles ahead. The integration is seamless, a very smooth and clean interface and I honestly like looking at it. It works on both Android & iOS, and its web based which is very simple, and moving onto there is extremely simple, just sign in.

What I Love About:

  • Its Fast, really loads fast
  • Multiple Layout Options, so you can see it anyway you want
  • You can mark things read in different ways which works great
  • Integrated with Twitter, Tumbler, Pinterest, and most major social networking sites
  • Works on desktop, iOS, & Android

Link: Feedly


Google Reader – Officially Being Killed Off By Google


I know that Google tends to shut down services that aren’t used by people much, but Google Reader! Seriously, I live off of that, and so many apps depend on that, we have until July 1st to use Google Take Out and import our RSS Feeds to other RSS Readers. But at least there are options, cloud based would help if you tend to use your RSS Reader from multiple locations like myself, and Desktop based if only from one or two machines, but then comes the problem of syncing for Desktop Feeders, they are still all linked to Google Reader, so how will they sync between each other. I know the desktop based solutions below sync with Google Reader, I’m not sure how they will sync across from each other.

Your options:

  • Feedly
  • NetVibes
  • NewsBlur
  • Android – GReader – The Best For Android
  • Mac – Reeder – Very Clean
  • Winwdows 8 & Windows 8 Phone – NextGen Reader – The Best for that Platform

No matter what other options there are I can’t believe they are doing this, it’s such a good and simple product, to me I depend on it to get through all my feeds and keep tabs on all the websites I follow and there are a lot and to sync between all my feeds is going to be very annoying.

I remember when they cancelled Google Buzz, fine I can understand that, and that collaboration tool that people didn’t know how to use. But Google Reader! Come on Google, just give us this one and let us keep it. Any thoughts people on this? How dependent are you on Google Reader, I know a lot of people don’t read blogs or certain websites as much as they used to but I didn’t think they stopped using Google Reader! Opinions people!

G Reader – What Has Happened!


Google Reader is my favorite RSS Agregator out there, my source of information, an organization to all the chaos that faces me on the interweb and now they ravaged it, Google what have you done. I feel like it has been stripped of its powers now longer in control of itself, an autonomous portal on the web. They wanted to streamline their products and at the same time killed off one of its best features, sharing with your friends. There are some people that I always share with on GReader that I don’t socialize with them online, always showing interesting topics that I might not have seen. I’m a fan of Google Plus but doesn’t mean everything has to be shared through, make it an option, not mandatory!

What I Dislike Severly About it:

  • No More Friend Shares
  • The Monochrome Colors On The Left, I Want My Colors Back
  • Feels like its flat

Back On The Ground


Being disconnected from internet when you have a lot of activities feels slightly strange. Its not that I was completely disconnected, just that I couldn’t really use the internet available very well since it worked at a snails pace. I tried using the internet at the hotel but it would time out a lot and take a lot of time to load normal items such as my email and very light browsing, I tried downloading an attachment but that took so long I had to cancel it.

I was lucky that I got a Vodafone UK Prepaid chip which works fantastic in Europe with Data, just top it up comfortably and even Data works while roaming in Europe in even remote locations but it wasn’t enough to go through my RSS feeds, but I could go through my emails and get on Twitter & GooglePlus. I am loving the Google Plus application on my Android, really streamlines it and gives you lots of options for uploading when roaming. Even the Vodafone UK Roaming chip is 100 times cheaper then Data Roaming on your Zain Chip and much better service and connectivity, I do wish that Zain Services improve until it reaches the levels of Vodafone, but doesn’t look like it any time soon. And before I had a problem with my RSS Feed being over 1000, but now that has gone way past 1000, I think its close to 12000 articles and it would take me at least 3 months to bring it down, and my problem is that I HATE using the “Mark All As Read” button.

Google Shrinkage – Semi-Fix


There is a hero among us, the world is coming back to normal with full posts on Google Reader. On my last Google Shrinkage Post I was getting annoyed that most of my usual feeds were shrunk down to small summaries and a small pictures. Then from one of the of readers left a comment which solved most of the problems, these were for sites run by Gawker media and they have an alternate feed to see the full posts in your RSS Feeds and everything is back to normal.


Hey man, as soon as they started doing this some of the blogs posted “VIP” feed URLs. Just remove the current feed and add these feed URLs for each one and you can see the whole thing:



Basically any of the gawker feeds if you put the site then /vip.xml you’ll get the full feed.

Hope it helps!

This Worked For:

  • Gizmodo
  • io9
  • Kotaku
  • LifeHacker

Thanks Yousef

RSS Pile Up

If I don’t read my feeds at least every two days then this is what happens. With 1000+ posts to go through, about 600 are some that I skim through for motorcycle and gaming news, but then there are the ones that I really do read through them. It takes time but its pretty entertaining to say the least, who doesn’t enjoy going through their RSS feeds.