Gundam RX-78 in Shizouka – Time Lapse

This is the coolest thing that Japan has ever done, they still have the full scale 1/1 Gundam in Japan and now they have moved it to Shizouka. Shizouka is the manufacturing headquarters of Bandai models that make the Gundam models for distrubution all over the wold. Its supposed to open in July and stay until Jan 2011, I love that they keep moving it from city to city since last year and notice how many people want to see it. Some time it isn’t just about the numbers, sometimes its about the passion for it, and the Japanese have a passion for big robots and especially the history of Gundam, I still hope they have it around long enough for me to be able to visit Japan and see it.


Nocturnal Gundam in Tokyo

Now they have taken it to another level, the RX-78 looks fantastic. I have never wanted to see an attraction so badly such as this. The colors of this light makes it look like its about to move. I also appreciate good photography shots, and these are amazing shots taken of the Gundam, it looks like it has been called into action and about to take off. are we at an age when robots like these will come into use?

Link: PinkTentacle

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