Tinted Visors on the Arai RX7

There is only one modification that you can make to a brand new helmet and that is changing the visor. I really don’t like clear visors especially when using them at night. I automatically ordered the dark smoke visor for the Arai Corsair RX7 and since I had two I ordered two from online, for some reason this visors are always in high demand. After getting them I installed them right away, and I do that carefully bucause I’m always afraid that I will break the handles off the helmet. After the slight modification I do think they both look a lot cooler.

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Arai RX7 Corsair Hayes Jolly Roger Helmet

After a few months of waiting I have finally gotten my Corel Riley Arai Corsair RX7. There was a long waiting list for this helmet, the moment they made this helmet it was flying off the shelves. I tend to think you can’t have enough helmets, and this helmet is unique with the RX7 type helmet. I do love the smell of a new helmet, now the only thing I can do is to wait for the weather to get mildly better and less humid.

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RX7 Corsair Haga 41 Helmet

I am a huge fan of Noriaga Haga, he is one those riders that keeps it really interesting on the track. Very quiet when you see him, but very intense when he is riding a machine. One of the Arai helmets I have is a Haga edition, and now this one just came out for 2008. I didn’t see it before, and I called to check if they have it in stock and bought it right away, its never wrong to have too many helmets. Its called Haga “Fire & Ice”, it is selling for $700 which is 30% cheaper then buying it from Europe or the Middle East, so you can add some shipping to that, and its still cheaper. I can’t wait to try it on when I’m riding but this heat is just ridiculous.