Superbowl 47 – 49ers Lost


Slept at 11 pm and woke up at 2 am to watch Superbowl 47, the San Francisco 49ers are at the Superbowl and I was extremely excited. The game had a horrible start to it and within the first half they had three touch downs. Kaepernick the QB who took the Niners to the Superbowl, my NFL Gamepass up and running, everything was ready.

Except I was lacking food and the bad start was killing me. The half time show from Beyonce was pretty good, more impressive then I thought it would be. Then at the beginning of the 2nd half things were still rolling for the Ravens, but then the power went out for 30+ minutes and then the 49ers got their mojo back.

It was a hell of a game, and well worth the lack of sleep. Also I ordered chilli cheese fries, buffalo wings, and a double cheese burger from Johnny Rockets at 5 am. And I don’t regret eating that at all. The game was so close I was going nuts, jumping at the screen, it was so damn close, really wanted the 49ers to win, its been so long since we have been to the Superbowl, but it was a good game by the Ravens.

Chris Kattan – Live – SNL

One of the things that I love to do while I travel is going to Comedy Clubs whenever I have the chance. This time around while I was in San Francisco one of the shows was Chris Kattan and I got excited since I remembered him from his days in Saturday Night Live, the guy was hilarious. Plus he was in the Night At The Roxbury with Will Ferrel, one of the ridiculous movies that I still love.

So the idea of seeing Chris Kattan live was exciting and I was very looking forward to it. Of course when you have a big star comedian usually there are one or two other people who are just good comedians but not that known, the main act is usually last but this time around he was first.

I thought I was going to get some funny sketches from SNL and some funny personal experiences and how he delivers it on TV. But I was honestly very disappointed in the guy, he just kept babling on and not really getting any punch lines in. I know there are different styles of comedy & stand-up and I’m honestly very flexible but in his case he just seemed unprepared for it and was winging it on stage. He didn’t even make the effort to remember the guy’s who are performing with him on stage, and it turns out they were 10 times better. The only reason he got a 1 out of 5 is because the other guys did great while he completely bombed the act.


Live 49ers Game

There isn’t a lot of sports that I follow but the one I do follow consistently is American Football. I just love watching NFL games and the one thing I wanted to do on my trip was to go a San Francisco 49ers game as they are my favorite team. It was the first home game and they were already 0-1, and it was against the Superbowl Champions, the New Orleans Saints. There was a huge build up to the game and I for one was going crazy from start to end. It was a special day for 49ers fans as they were retiring Jerry Rice’s number at half time, number 80, and every loved Jerry Rice. So many super stars and couches were there from the past. Steve Young and Ronnie Lott and a whole lot of other people, it was just another level of excitement.

Going to the game early is key so you can enjoy the tailgating, in our case some beef hot links and throwing the ball around. Next day my arm was hurting me so that tells me how fit I am, probably in my worst physical state. After tailgating people started heading in to get their seats and I was excited as hell, and this game was not a disappointed. The 49ers did lose in the last two seconds of the game which drove me insane, I screaming my head off all through out the game and loved every moment of it. Going to a live sports game is completely different then watching it on TV, if I had the chance I would go to every game, I just love it.

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San Francisco From The Top

One of my favorite cities in the world is San Francisco, and it has a lot of meaning to me. I spent a long time living in the Bay Area with a lot of great friends, and it still wasn’t enough. Every time I see pictures I remember some of the crazy stuff we did. Then there were the comedy clubs, and the fantastic steak houses, probably the best in the world. I remember riding in the city, always going to the city on my bike because its easier to find parking. I woud use any excuse to ride to the city, I remember going once on the bike just to go pick up tickets for the D L Hughley from Cobbs Comedy Club, there were limited tickets and I knew they were going to sell out. Lots of intersections with roads with high inclines and declines, I remember one time going pretty fast on the bike that I jumped across the intersection and I was freaked out and loved it. A city so much good food you have so many places to choose from. Click on the link below for larger pictures.

Link: PictoryMag

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The New Dork – Entrepreneur State of Mind

Loved this video, very descriptive of geeks and geek smart. I really think this guy did a fantastic job with the lyrics, I loved it all, I think Jay-Z and Alicia Keys would love this remix. Thanks to Ananyah for posting this up. For those who don’t know Ananyah is back up and running now, she is back to blogging.

Stolen from Ananyah

Accidentally On Purpose

I’m a fan of Jenna Elfman from a while back, I watched Dharma and Greg for over four years and watched the seasons that passed me. So when I first start this show I was really hoping for it to be funny, turned out to be funnier then I expected. The show is hilarious and I think its at the top of the list of comedies currently on the TV. She is just as quirky on this show as she was on Dharma and Greg, but this time around its even funnier and looking forward to more of this show.

Sony Closing San Francisco Metreon Playstation Store

I remember when I first moved to the Bay Area I loved visiting the Metreon. Its a building with everything Sony, a fully technological building. I remember seeing the robotic dog AIBO for the first time there in 2000 and there were lots of them. Now they are closing down the Playstation store, a store which is everything Playstation and you could literally try every game. It is right across from the Sony Store which I hope they don’t close either.

Link: Gizmodo

Review: Emirates San Francisco Flight

After flying sixteen hours to and from the United States on a new Emirates route. I think that everyone should be flying on this plane since it was such a good experience. I broke it down to give people an idea. The plane was a brand new Boeing 777, they are flying the Airbus 380 to London and New York, I was hoping to get it to San Francisco but not this time around.

I was looking at three options to fly to San Francisco, and the shorter the stop in between the better. I was looking at British Airways, Lufthansa and Emirates Airlines. I expected Emirates to be the most expensive but I was wrong. For a business class seat Emirates was 22% cheaper then British Airways, but 9% more expensive then Lufthansa. British Airways also had the longest layover and Emirates had the shortest layover. Emirates also had the newest planes. Overall the price was very good for the quality and service I was getting.

The seats are quite wide, wider then British Airways sleeper seats and Lufthansa. You also get a huge screen in front of you, I haven’t seen a bigger screen on any airlines yet. When the seat is completely flat it is angled down slightly but you won’t suffer any back pain, or at least I didn’t. I tend to sleep on my side and some times on BA flights I would wake up feeling a little sore after a long flight. On the Emirates flight both going and coming I was very comfortable.

The food selection was decent, I always get hungry on the plane and hope for good food. Emirates Airlines had decent food, it was pretty good but I expected it to be better.

I think Emirates have perfected the best Flight Entertainment System available. They have the ICE system which has a lot of movies for you to choose from and to watch at anytime, and the best part is that you can watch it while you are parked in the terminal, so you can start the movie or show before take off. Sometimes waiting on the plane you get bored to death but not on a long haul Emirates flight. I started the movie the moment I sat down.

The ground staff at the new Terminal 3 in Dubai were decently helpful. The ground staff at SFO airport were very helpful, and this is the first time I see an airline who has staff up to the gate to help you when you arrive and when you depart, they were excellent. I was impressed by them and they wanted to make sure my things arrive in Kuwait and out very quickly. On the plane the staff was very nice, and while everyone was passed they kept asking if I wanted anything, and I just asked for a hot chocolate once and so they kept bringing me some, and I have to say that it was pretty good.


Just For a Bit

I’m talking off on a airplane, that song seems to be stuck in my head. I’m heading to San Francisco for a few weeks to hang out with my friends. A few people who now live in Chicago, NY, and San Diego will be in California for the next three weeks. So it will be nice to catch up with everyone and take some time off. Its raining right now but I hope the weather will get a little bit better, even though it will be very cold. For some reason I’m really looking for playing American Football in the rain, and for some bbqs. I have got a few things to take care of while I’m there, and hopefully I won’t gain too much weight, I tend to love those steak houses. First thing I need to do is update my iPod music list, and get a cut & shave.