Subway Chicken – Don’t Know…


Subway is usually my choice for a quick sandwich which isn’t too heavy and keeps me somewhat satisfied. Recently I have had a few of the Chicken & Turkey sandwiches which tasted slightly strange, it tasted like fish. Then again it tasted “fishy” again, and I put the sandwich down and didn’t continue it. It was a disappointment in my case, there was no food poisoning or matter like this but the taste really threw me off. I haven’t had Subway in 5 days which is unheard of for me since I usually have a 6-inch sub almost every day at the office but at this stage that will be coming to a stop since I could really smell fish on the chicken.

Jones The Grocer – Dubai


A lot of restaurants open in Dubai and usually in or around some sort of mall and over the recent years that is Dubai Mall since everyone flocks over there to that mall. Rarely do you explore other locations, but thanks to MFW he took to me a new location a little while back, and thats Jones The Grocer, a singular building next to Jumeirah’s residential area just off of Sheikh Zayed Road. Literally nothing around it but a small shopping complex with a few businesses and a gas station.


You walk in and it is genuinely a unique restaurant/cafe/store, they have a very nice food selection in their menu. Loved their salads and sandwiches, I have been there close to a dozen times over the past 6 months, I make it a point to go there and try something new when I go.


It’s not your typical place, different types of seating in different sides of the building, with the cafe display cases in the middle, and the outer areas of the restaurant has cooking and food related items for sale from high end coffee machines to cook books and Turkish delights. Literally something for everyone in that place, and if you are cheese connoisseur you will enjoy the selection they have. Try the greek salad with steak and the chicken sandwich, they are very good dishes, and even the meat dishes are good there.


If you have been there then you are missing out since it out there not next to anything you feel like you are in a unique hip place. Feels like a place that should be in New York or San Francisco, it has this unique vibe to it and the best thing is that the food tastes just as good as the place looks.

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Potbelly in Kuwait

The first time I had Potbelly’s sandwich was in Chicago about four years ago now, and it was a pretty damn good sandwich, something about it was different. My favorite was always Quiznos and Subway was crap in the US, it was always my last choice. In Kuwait Subway has some decent sandwiches but sometimes they screwed up, the other day I was in Kuwait Airport about to get on my flight but was hungry as hell, so I decided to try out Potbelly in Kuwait and I was happy I did.

I had the Turkey something sandwich, loved the sauce, and how it was cooked, crunchy and light. Ok, now I remember it was called “The Clubby”, I honestly liked that it wasn’t too heavy, but I just had to try their chili cheese fries, if my memory serves me correctly it was damn good, and luckily it was as good as I remember it.

I checked it turns out to be only open in the Avenues and honestly I hate going to the Avenues because of traffic, I just hope they have delivery because I will be ordering from them a lot now. They need to open other branches in other locations, preferably ones that are closer to me.

Shawarma Shuweikh

At last it has opened, Shawarma Shuweikh after such a ridiculously long wait. It was supposed to open a while back but due to politics it took sometime to get all the necessary approvals and it was really worth the wait. We got invited to the soft opening, and a lot of people showed up, even people who lived in Shuweikh were passing by to pick up the sandwiches assuming it was open and selling. The past week was a test run for people and for the staff, and a lot of effort and work went into making the place retro with high quality food. Its located in the second parking lot of the Shuweikh Coop just behind Al Qatami Mosque, you can’t miss it, and if you do then you had better find it.

Just to let people know it is only about 2 meter wide by 3 meters long, just big enough for people to order and leave, there isn’t any seating area. You go in, make your choice and then wait for your order to be called out. Be a bit patient with them since it takes some time to get the Shawarma, and these sandwiches are very rich in taste and worth the wait. The best part is that you have a choice of samoon, lebanese bread, and saj, my preference is to have saj because it doesn’t just fill you with bread and you get to really taste the sandwich. I tried almost all their sandwiches, took a bite from each one and they were all really good. And the best part of the retro look is that it is a very high quality setup.

My Favorite Shawarama By Far:

  • Shawarma 1961

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KababJi Revisited

Recently I had a chance to try Kabab Ji again, its been a long time since I had their sandwiches and I’m glad I did. I heard a while back that the management changed and they are getting high quality meat and things are more organized so I thought to try it out again. My usual option is Villa Fayrooz but honestly over the past year they have screwed up order and the food has dropped drastically in quality. Mais Alghanim is good but the delivery at times takes too long so the food is cold so I thought to try out Kababji again.

We had about six kabaab sandwiches and each two were a different kind, I can’t remember the names except for one which is antabli. I was surprised, the quality of the sandwiches were great and humus was pretty good too. Out of the six I finish four and was stuffed, didn’t give my friend a chance to have three, I was too hungry and too quick for him. After that I think I have ordered Kababji at least four times this month and each time it has been good. I hope that Kababji manages to maintain the level of quality they have brought it back to, back in the day I used to eat their sandwich three times a week but I don’t mind having it once every two weeks or every week, the sandwiches just a have a little too much bread for my liking but other then that the sandwiches are great.

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Raid 0 & 1 Explained With Sandwiches

D-Link takes a very creative way to Explain the different kinds of Raid to people. For techies Raid has been a part of their lives for decades but with more homes using home storage solutions from so many different companies they would be confused as to what is all the different types of configurations for their hard drives. But as for Raid 1 & 0 this is the best explanation yet and you will probably be hungry after the video.

Review: Shawarmaty in Jabriya

Finding a really good Shawarma place is surprisingly difficult, when you find a place they don’t always get it right and sometimes they only have one sandwich which is good and the other isn’t. With Shawarmaty they have both beef and chicken shawarma which are AMAZING, didn’t take long to find the place since I got both directions and an address, the only problem is that its in Jabriya and there is a lot of traffic.

I ordered three chicken and three beef shawarmas in a saj warpping, they offer the sandwich in saj and bread wrapping, I prefer the saj since its lighter and crispier. The sandwiches were done in about 20 minutes and they are pretty big, about 30 cm long so I cut them in half to get them down to a more manageable size.

As soon as I got home I unpacked the sandwiches and proceeded to, I thought I would have about three or four total of the 12 pieces that were there. By the time I was done I almost had 10 pieces of shawarma, and they were so damn tasty. So many sandwiches and an amazing sauce. The saj was perfect with them, and they honestly felt light, I just kept on eating, even thinking about it right now I’m craving them. It was the best feeling to sit on the couch full and remaining stationary watching TV shows for an hour after I was done. The best way is to call ahead and order so when you get there your order is ready.

Phone: 25331512

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Supply Short @ Subway Kuwait


Subway sandwiches are one of my favorite because they taste fresh and don’t feel heavy after a 6inch sub. I was planning on having a 12 inch sub and I was very hungry, one time last week I called in and they said they didn’t have Turkey Breast for the sandiwch. I asked if they have alternatives and they said they have smoked Turkey which is fine by me, but it took about 5 mins on the phone to get them to understand what I mean by substitute. But last night was the worst, how can a company run out of Turkey when they make sandwiches, they told me that they are out of all kinds of Turkey except for one location in Burj Al Bahar in Hawally and they don’t delivery from there. The supply ran out, which is extremely unexpected, and I was hungry and didn’t have any other option. I really didn’t feel like eating something heavy, and at that point I was starving. How can a company operate like this? They don’t know what their needs are enough to judge the supply of fresh meat they should keep? There are so many subways in Kuwait I don’t know where they are but how could all of them run out of Turkey.