Water Jet Fun

This is one of the funnest videos yet from DevinSuperTramp, and these guys in the Water Jets move like dolphins, smooth in and out of the water and I have seen a few of these in Bnaider and Kubbar. Takes extreme control to even get up let alone do all these sorts of tricks. I know I’m loving winter, but this video made me miss summer, can’t wait to get out on the water.

Ships In The Stormy Sea

I have a deep respect for the ocean and never take things likely, I always know that things could take a turn for the worse and u never know whats below. And this video only demonstrates that even the biggest and most well prepared ships have difficulty in the vast ocean. It is intimidating and mesmerizing at the same time, the waves are tossing around the battleship like its a toy.

A Drop In The Water

I love getting into the water, I love swimming, and just floating in the water. This past week the weather has just been unpredictable as to what exactly is going to happen but we headed to the shalaih and decided we are swimming this Friday.

It was a little bit of wind but not nearly enough to discourage us and we have gotten in the water in worse conditions. After about an hour of laying about watching tv we got into the water, and we were literally the only people in the water. No one else can be seen except for half a dozen jetskies in a 10 kilometer stretch. The water was a bit cold but not enough so that no one gets into the water, but it seems the weather is changing and the water is a bit cooler. Overall I think its been a fantastic summer and I’m hoping for more time in the water and less sandstorms in the near future but riding season is around the corner at this point.

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One Day of Dust

After a week long of waiting for the weather to clear up and get into the water, Friday was still a little dusty and a lot of waves. Our rule was simple we would jump in the water even though it was dusty, but it had to be calm waters but it was anything but that. I woke up at 10:00 am, walked outside to see how bad it was and walked back in, one of our friends cooked a couple of eggs mixed in with some good items and it was a good breakfast. We had so many things planned, some water sports, a new wakeboard and kneeboard but we didn’t have a chance to really enjoy it.

We decided to stay in and just watch tv shows, at around 3:30 pm the weather got a lot better but at that point I didn’t feel like jumping into the water. It just didn’t feel like enough time in the water to get out and shower, I was just too lazy to move at that point but some of the guys decided to go sailing which turned out to be an adventure putting that sailboat together. What an interesting weekend, and I had to leave Friday evening because I had a lot of things to take care of, so I wake up the next morning and the weather is perfect and I really wanted to be in the water but there was just too much to do.

The Water Banana

A water banana was one of the first water sporting like event that I remember riding when I was kid and its just as fun if not funner now. Over the weekend we got on a banana, about four of us, pulled by a boat and I could tell this was one of the Chinese versions that are being sold in Kuwait and sometimes buying cheap has its costs. While being pulled by the boat at a constant speed both the front and rear handles ripped so I flew into the guy behind and the guy on the back flew off after one odd bump, luckily we were all wearing life jackets and that helps a hell of a lot. Also because of the slightly wrong buoyancy design of this banana it just doesn’t float right on the water, the driver of the boat is going straight pretty much most of the time and somehow we get tossed into the air. I remember the original ones were a lot thicker and lasted a lot longer, this time around this one didn’t last long so we took it back to the shalaih after we were done, and we did have fun on it but I doubt we are gonna ride it again. The original good version range from 300 to 400 KD and were manufactured by real water sporting goods companies but these Chinese versions cost between 150 to 180 KD and they really don’t last long.

The Outing

What a weekend, we had a week of pure dusty to a decent Thursday and Friday, I couldn’t wait to get into the water and we did at last. It was a perfect day, some waves but nothing we couldn’t deal with. The best part is that there wasn’t too many people in the water so this time around there wasn’t too many jetskis or boats in the water that we have to get around and it wasn’t as hot as last week.

As soon as we got to the haalah, or little island just at the tip of Al Zoor, some of the guys jumped out to relax at the beach and some wanted to go swimming. One of our friends passed out and he is a heavy sleeper, so most of the other guys decided to bury him. The swim was perfect for most of the day, and we did have a lot of fun this weekend, bumming was at the top of the list.

Out to Sea

Its been a while since I went to the shalaihaat and jumped in the water, started off early Friday morning and visited some family. Picked up a friend to go pick up another friend’s jet skit, he didn’t have a car to tow his jet ski. When we got there turned out the trailers’ tire was completely flat, and the little nozel was ripped off so we couldn’t even pump it back up.

We took to the road and were averaging between 130 – 140 kph, it was pretty hot and I was looking forward to jumping in the water. A few people were already there and a few were coming after us. Took us about 40 minutes to get there and we were enjoying the music all the way there. We even took a detour to take a dirt road, its been a while since I have had the Landcruiser drifting in a dirt trail in 2nd gear. Got the shalaih, threw our things inside and headed to Khairan coop to get some supplies. We got enough to last a week, so we chilled in the shalaih until everybody got there before jumping in.

One jetski was taken into the water and its the kind you have to stand up to get it going. I haven’t been on one in at least four years, and I remember then that I was damaged since I fell the wrong way while trying to turn. This time I thought I would try again and hope to succeed. I tried my luck and after about 5 minutes I was exhausted couldn’t even stand up in the damn thing without falling over.

Some of the other guys took that machine and did a better job, I decided to give it another try in a little while. It was nice to relax in the water, got some swimming in, I’m the type of person that doesn’t like not knowing whats under him, I always look under me when I’m over those dark patches of water. For some reason in Bnaider ever jet boat or boat of equivalent size was filled with girls going back and forth, they looked like high school girls. And on the beach their were girls on quads and buggies going all over the place, for the first time we felt like the old guys just relaxing in the water.

After that time I gave it another try and I succeeded in staying upright and making a few turns, but as soon as I thought I got the hang of it I pushed my luck. I tried making one of those cool turns, but instead I hit the wave at a wrong angle ended up hitting the damn jetski with my body and flying in the other direction, lets say I had to swim a little bit to get back to the jet ski. It was a hell of a lot of fun, but as the sun was setting everyone was heading out and so we took up the jet.

Washed the jet ski, went in to take a shower and nearly burnt myself from the hot water. Then we chilled and watched TV for a little while. A few of us passed out, then we watched a few movies, I didn’t stay the night since I had things to do in the morning. I know that I want to enjoy the ocean this time around, I also need to get back in shape since I gained too damn much, so much the life jacket wouldn’t fit me among other things.

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Al Zoor Trip

It has been a long time since I have been Al Zoor to visit some of the guys. I have been getting caught up with a lot of things in the city, but this time it was a special occasion. A lot of people were invited and I haven’t gone in a little while.

It was around sunset on Friday when I wanted to set out to the beach house, but the ridiculous storm came in and shook things up. After checking that everything was ok, I left home around an hour later but the roads were an obstacle course filled with trees, some signs, and some other debris. In the Landcruiser I was driving around them heading towards the gas station, it was open with some tenants working, I didn’t know what they did during the storm. Filled up with gas and headed towards Al Zoor, you could see where that Hurricane hit and where it didn’t cross.

I was taking my time driving to Al Zoor, there was no real schedule other then the dinner would be later in the evening. The best part about driving a long distance is the open windows, music blaring, the cool breeze and enjoy the driving. Cops were parked on the side by Julai’a and Malik Fahad Highway, before that there was a camera car parked on the side of the road. It seems they wanted to ticket as many cars possible, I just had it cruising at 120 kph for once so no ticket for me.

A few cars were parked outside by the time I got there. Walked in and dropped my bags in my room, I haven’t been in there for ages. The room seemed brand new and unused compared to other rooms, my room mate is my cousin and it seems he hasn’t been out too much either.

Walked out and headed towards the sitting room to chill with the guys, then we transfered outside. The weather was amazing and the storm didn’t come close to the beach houses, but you could see the storm in the distance. I was getting hungry by the minute and the shawarma was the main thing I was looking forward to. It was a special day so lots of people were invited to the gathering other then the usual people.

Five shawarmas later I was sitting on the couch about to pass out since I was up early in the morning. The funny part was that some people were getting very annoyed with me being the paparazzi that I am at these events, I tend to take pictures to remember the moment. Slowly passing out on the couch while some people were talking to me, I couldn’t keep my eyes open even for a moment. I headed to my room and watched an episode of Chuck before completely passing out, the best part was that my room was 17C, it was cold and easy to fall asleep around 12:30 am.

Around 2:30 pm I could here somebody say something about lunch. I woke up comfortably feeling that I caught up with all the sleep I was lacking from the past couple of weeks. I took a shower packed, my bags, and had a really good meal. I had a lot of errands to take care of so I had to leave a little early, I headed it out by 3:45 pm and the best part was driving with a full stomach. When I’m full I tend to drive really slow, I was cruising at 120 Kph and everyone was flying past me so I moved to the right lane with music at full blast and the windows open. It was a fantastic time, I need to go there more often, maybe next time I take my bike.

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