WD & Seagate Hard Drive Warranties Out The Door

Now this was shocking news for Seagate and Western Digital, they have taken a step I wasn’t expecting.

The floods that have taken place in Taiwan has caused a shortage of hard drives across the world, and customers have taken a hit with the price increase, a big one. Now the consumers are taking another hit, and this one is more permanent, these two hard drive manufacturers are cutting back on hard rive warranties, in some instances from five to one. If you buy your hard drive prior to Jan 2 2012 it will retain what ever warranty it has but after that then the hard drive will lose its warranty.

One of the things that I loved about Western Digital is that you could always warranty your hard drive without any issues but this is one bad decision and I really don’t like it. They said they are doing this in order to save money or redirect it to product development, I think its BS.

The Graveyard

I have been through a lot of external hard drives, mostly because people ask me to fix them or recover data when they are broken. Or when they are asking for media, tv shows, anime, or movies. I have had some experience with some of these drives and after all the failures I have suffered with externals, I have come to the conclusion about a few drives. Never buy generic drives such as simpltech because you don’t know what your getting on the inside, and I have never had a healthy Maxtor External drive, for some reason they always act up and a majority of Western Digital externals have had issues. Its either the ones that come to Kuwait have issues, they a little too many bumps on the way, or its just been bad luck. Overall I know which external is my favorite and those are the Seagate external drives. Those are just excellent drives and out at least 10 only one was has failed, compared to the others its extremely better. And these drives in the pile up around going out to pasture, I have dissected a few to see what makes them tick and what make them fail and its always fun taking things apart when you don’t have to put them back together.

The Pileup

  • Simpltech x2 – 160 GB- Lasted One Day
  • Maxtor – 160 GB – Lasted a month
  • WD – 320 GB – Last one week
  • Seagate – 160 GB – Lasted Four Years

Barracude Problems… Seagate to be exact


I am running two servers, a few NAS devices, and a few computer. Each running at 3 hard drives up to 18 hard drives. Between all these machine I have installed a lot of hard drives, and some are running 24/7 months on end and only a restart to refresh the machines but other then that they rarely receive a break from their duties.

My ranking for drives from experience are in this order:

  • Western Digital
  • Maxtor (Bought out by Seagate)
  • Seagate

I have been reluctant to upgrade some of the drives to 1.5TB from Seagate due to technical issues that have been faced by these drives. They have even been bricked from recent firmware upgrades, I tried one 1.5TB drive and it kept locking up in the Windows Home Server, I unloaded it and tried it on another machine and I still faced problems with it, I returned to Hawalli for a refund and took the WD 1TB Green Drive, which works perfectly. I have had a few failures on the machines and the majority have been the Seagate Barracuda 7200.11 drives, luckily I keep the receipts and take them back to the Hawalli store and ask for an exchange for another brand. So after the last couple of years I am sticking to Western Digital drives when ever possible. Its not that drives don’t fail, they will eventually fail but the rate at which they fail is important. It seems Seagate’s track record isn’t looking too good for sometime now.

Seagate FreeAgent Go 250 GB

After my recent experience with External Hard Drives, which I discuss below, I was happy to get the Seagate FreeAgen Go. It has a very good track record, and I was previously happy with my Seagate drive. I sometimes need to transport large files with me when traveling and taking around media files. After my extensive experience I just decided to buy it online instead of my bad luck with stores in Kuwait.

Recent Drives:
I have been through a few external portable drives and a lot have been disasters. I originally had the Seagate from 2004 and it lasted with me for about 4 years before starting to act up. So I bought a SimpleTech hard drive which is abundant in Kuwait, after a week it started acting up and it would hang during transfers so I returned it. I knew from a lot of people that the Western Digital External HDs were having problems and I even recovered data from two crashed WD Portable HDs. I bought one anyways to see my luck, and it wouldn’t transfer anything that was bigger then 1GB, so that was useless and I returned it. And the last one I tried was the Maxtor Portable HD which only hung for a few seconds during transfer which wasn’t too bad compared to my earlier track record. Even though Seagate and Maxtor are one company they are running completely seperatly.

Link: Amazon
Price: $112

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