Valvrave the Liberator

Thanks to the development of the Dyson Sphere, The majority of the human populace lives in space. The Dorssia Military Federation, and the Atlantic Rim United States exist as major Military countries, while JOIR is a neutral principality, the story follows Haruto Tokishima as a normal boy going thru high school in T.C (True Calendar) year 71. This all changes when Haruto meets the humanoid weapon Valvrave.

Finding out that your population is under attack with no hope of getting away, and the Valvrave are their only hope. I really like the precedence of the story and how it develops. There are more players who show up as the story progresses but season two is a hell of continuation with a crazy ending. It’s not as good as Lelouche The Rebellion but still pretty good and fun to watch, got to enjoy how the Valvraves develop in the story and their pilots.

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The Real Husbands Of Hollywood – Must Watch


The Real Husbands Of Hollywood, a show that makes fun of reality shows in Hollywood, they just take it to another level. Made by Kevin Hart, the genius comedian, and this show is hilarious. Kevin Hart, Duane Martin, J.B. Smoove, Boris Kodjoe, Nick Cannon, and Robin Thicke all play themselves, the stars of their fields in Hollywood. These guys are a funny, seriously hilarious, the antics they pull, and they are in competition with each other, and most of them are comedians going at each other, they literally leave nothing untouched, every topic between them is open game which makes the show even funnier. And I have become a huge fan of Robin Thicke after this show, other then being a talented musician, turns out he is funny too, especially with this combination of guys. If you haven’t seen it then you are missing out, download the show and watch it if you want a laugh. This first season had 10 episodes, I just hope it was renewed by BET since this was a huge hit.


Star Wars The Clone Wars

After about three weeks of watching Star Wars The Clone Wars at every possible moment, I have managed to finish season 1 and 2. Now Season 3 is airing on Cartoon Network and I can’t wait to watch it again. If you are a minor fan of Star Wars then this TV show is for you.

My favorite characters on this show being Obi-Wan Kenobi, Captain Rex, Anikan Skywalker, and Skywalker’s Padi Wan. They have really gotten the story across very well, and you feel there is an expansion on the Star Wars Universe. I’m not sure where the story is going but I do love how you know that the Sith Lord is Senator Palpatine but you don’t know when they will find it out. Season 3 is just starting and I really don’t want this show to end!

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Hawaii Five-0 – Fantastic!

One of those crazy anticipated shows of the season and it turns out to be even better then expected. There have been a lot of remakes over the last few years of old shows, and there has been some good buzz for Hawaii Five-0 but there were still some skeptical people. Once I heard the theme song I knew that I would love this show, I remember watching the original on AMC in the states and its a lot better. The remake does justice to the show, the remixed original theme song is very fun, the storyline is good, and they have some very good characters with some old school lines thrown into the mix that you will remember like “Book ’em Dano”. This show is a must see for this season, and the best part its in Hawaii.

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Show Cancellations from ABC


  • Hank
  • Eastwick
  • DollHouse

ABC has taken some of the shows to the chopping block, Eastwick was cancelled even though it was lightly entertaining, DollHouse was good last season so I wasn’t sure what happened now, and Hank I haven’t watched yet but I will later since I have it all stored up. Luckily they kept The Middle, Modern Family, and Cougar Town for the whole coming season.