This show just keeps getting better and better, Season 4 was a very fun season and they just ordered season 5 for next summer. This season was a complete twist, things got really changed around and you were back with the core characters. The fun part for me was seeing that Fargo was running GD when he was just the assistant. I always love their science talk and how they managed to figure somethings out at the end, you have a good ending for the season and your left know that something bigger is brewing behind the scenes and hopefully it will be in the next season.

BSG @ My Cousins

The last few weeks me and a few of my cousins have a ritual with Battlestar Galactica, we are watching Season 4 all together as much as possible. We gather at this place to watch and Season 4 has become a hectic season for me, for some reason I wanted to find the right time to watch it all and not be bothered by anyone. He has a nice movie room setup with the right combination of equipment, and we are watching Battlestar Galactica on Blu-Ray which looks really good.

What he likes to have ready on the table is an assortment of candies, popcorns, and snacks to be eaten during the whole event. I got there around 3:30 pm and we started watching right away as another cousin joined as later. I had my spot on the couch which was very comfortable as we watch the cylons go to war and everything going wrong on Galactica, this is one crazy season. I’m happy I waited to watch it with the right people who would appreciate BSG and I’m enjoying every moment of it.

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