Quick Cut!

Its been a little while since I have been preoccupied, didn’t have a chance to get a shave and cut for a little while. It was getting really irritating, I would feel an urge to scratch every few minutes. So I went to the barber really looking forward to the shave, I just waited a little bit to get to my turn.

Done with my head in about 5 minutes, and my beard shave took about 20 minutes. It was the best feeling in the world having that irritating feeling shaved off cleanly. It was nice and smooth, and I was out the door heading home with a smile on my face.

The Barber

I didn’t have a chance for a while to get a shave or a cut. I was looking for the right time to go, so I headed in on Satruday and the place was packed. I knew there was going to be a wait so I took a magazine with me. Time flew since I was reading a motorcycle magazine while taking a few phone calls.

As soon as I got on the chair I wanted to get rid of the wookie like beard that I had. Its not that bad, but it gets really itchy throughout the day and night. He inserted a new blade, put the warm towel and then the cream, the best feeling in the world is when he took that all off. It felt fantastic, I no longer had the itchy feeling it was really relaxing and so I took a nap like usual. There is something about the barbershop that is sacred to men, when I woke up I had that very clean feeling, no more scratching.
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Barber Break

Its been a bit of a rollercoaster at work for the past couple of weeks, not having enough time to get some rest. I left work around 5:00 pm and I had a meeting at 7:00 pm which I delayed to 7:45 pm since I wanted to get some rest. Right after lunch I went straight to the barber, and as soon as I was on the seat I was slowly nodding off.

I woke up relaxed with a shaved head and the blade on my right cheek. It is one the best feelings in the world to have that clean cut feel, no longer will you feel the itch. Sometimes I think about shaving everything off because it would feel so damn nice, but then I decided to keep my goatee. It was a fantastic feeling after such a long day, I even managed to get a 15 minute nap before heading out to the meeting. The nothing beats a relaxing time at the barber.