Shawarma Shuweikh

At last it has opened, Shawarma Shuweikh after such a ridiculously long wait. It was supposed to open a while back but due to politics it took sometime to get all the necessary approvals and it was really worth the wait. We got invited to the soft opening, and a lot of people showed up, even people who lived in Shuweikh were passing by to pick up the sandwiches assuming it was open and selling. The past week was a test run for people and for the staff, and a lot of effort and work went into making the place retro with high quality food. Its located in the second parking lot of the Shuweikh Coop just behind Al Qatami Mosque, you can’t miss it, and if you do then you had better find it.

Just to let people know it is only about 2 meter wide by 3 meters long, just big enough for people to order and leave, there isn’t any seating area. You go in, make your choice and then wait for your order to be called out. Be a bit patient with them since it takes some time to get the Shawarma, and these sandwiches are very rich in taste and worth the wait. The best part is that you have a choice of samoon, lebanese bread, and saj, my preference is to have saj because it doesn’t just fill you with bread and you get to really taste the sandwich. I tried almost all their sandwiches, took a bite from each one and they were all really good. And the best part of the retro look is that it is a very high quality setup.

My Favorite Shawarama By Far:

  • Shawarma 1961

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The Forgotten Spot

Thanks to Poach for letting me know that you can take pics at Villa Moda in Shuweikh, I remember when I tried taking pictures there in 2007 and security would try chasing me off. This time around the place looked sad and deserted. From the heights of being an international phenomenon Villa Moda has dropped so low and so hard, its so saddening.

I stopped to take pics of the Diavel there, I remember taking pics of my Ducati 1098s in 2007 and the security tried stopping saying that pictures weren’t allowed and now its like they didn’t have a clue why I would visit. It is still a visually stunning building, it sad to see it deserted like this. I kept thinking there is so much that can be done with this building. I kept on going on my ride for that day, even though it was a short ride it was a lot of fun.

Then I was riding down the Gulf Road heading back home a thought popped into my head. Villa Moda is design in a way that would be perfect to setup galleries, I wish someone would buy the building and turn it into a great Art center and creative Boutiques. Unique types of Galleries and you can see into them and boutique stores that people would enjoy, that would help the building turn around.

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Dent Xpress Experience

About a month ago now there was hail storm in Kuwait during those five days of rain. I came back from my trip and noticed that my car had a few bumps, at first I thought it was a cat that jumped on the trunk, only to notice that it was all over the car. I mean a lot of dings on the hood, roof, doors, trunk, and side panels. I lost count but they were at least 60 bumps all over the car, I’m sure it got up to 80 but it was useless to count at that point.

At first I took it to the dealership to see what work needed done and how long it would take. I was told it would need about 5 days and certain body panels would need to be painted after the work was done, and it would cost anywhere between 800 to 1200 KWD. I couldn’t blame them on the quote the whole car was banged up and needed to be worked on. My friend told me to take the car to Dent Xpress, they do wonders and my cousin just dropped his car there it was banged up from the hail storm as well.

So I drove over to Nasser Center right next to Suncity in Shuweikh, they said they needed to see the car first. When I took the car they saw it right away and told me to bring the car in on Saturday 8 am, and it would cost 400 KWD. It was Wednesday and they were working on a black Porsche Turbo taking out the dings and it turned out to be my cousin’s car. They said they would need two full days to finish the car which is fine by me.

I took the car Saturday @ 8am to get worked on, they took the car right in and did their inspection, the car was riddled with dents. I left them to start working, and I was expecting a call towards the end of the day on Sunday or Monday morning. I got a call from the guys at Dent Xpress on Sunday at 10:30 am telling me my car was done, that was insanely fast. Faster then I expected really and they said I can pick it up any time today which is great. I went to pick up my car right after work and they had it in another back, excellent service and these guys know what they are doing. It was a lot cheaper then taking it to the dealership and a lot faster.

After all was done I had my car detailed at Al Falah and it looked brand new, without a bump it and looking all shiny. I highly recommend them to anyone who needs work done for their cars, they professional, effecient and clean. You fix your car without having to repaint it which would lower its value. Overall I think they did a fantastic should with the car and I would go back to them instantly if I need any work done.

Link: DentXpress

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The One – Crazy Sale (50% and More)

I came across this sale after a friend told me she found some couches that I was looking for so I decided to go check it out. She told me it was opposite Home Center, on the outside of Tilal Complex, and it turned out to be a store belonging The One and they had a huge sale. I walked into the place and it was couches in front of me, bed frames on my right, couch sets on my left and more items all around.

It seemed like a bit of crazy sale, what you see is on the floor with discounts ranging from 50% to a little more. Some of the women were seriously going crazy, shouting from across the hall for someone to help them get the couch they want or a table they wanted. Luckily I found the couch I was looking for (Pic Number 5), I couldn’t believe because I saw this couch back in the end of July beginning of August and it was 600 KD then when I went to pick it up in the end of September it was sold out. It was my story with the couch I was looking for, only to find it here in front of me.

It took me about 20 minutes to find someone to help me since things were flying off the store floor, I stood gaurd next to the couch since I really wanted it. Luckily somebody came to help me and they had a newer one in storage which I took and delivery will happen next day. I got it for 269 KD instead of the original 599 KD which is a fantastic deal, I love when the one has these crazy deals, I love their furniture but its overpriced at times and I couldn’t find a couch like it all over town. So if you have a chance go to this sale at The One store in Tilal Complex Shuweikh.

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4 Store – Aziz Al Mudhaf Exhibition

Every once in a while there are amazing events such as these in Kuwait, I for one love going to art displays in Kuwait and I usually don’t have a chance. Last night I had the chance to see the work of a local artist Aziz Al Mudhaf at the new 4 Store Gallery in Shuweikh opposite BMW and I was impressed, it looks like something from the Museum of Modern Art in New York. His work seemed very interesting, somethings I really liked and somethings weren’t of my taste but overall I think the whole thing was amazing. When I was inside the 4 Store gallery I felt that I was somewhere in Europe or the US, I saw some people that I haven’t seen in a long time and it was a very fun and nice atmostphere. I’m going to try to go to more events such as this when I have more time.

(All pictures were stolen from Ansam518 lol)

Link: Ansam518

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Cafeteria Shuweikh

Woke up 6:30 am Friday morning hungry, I was surprised I even woke up that early. I kept thinking about food and tried to keep myself busy but at the end I decided that I want to eat out, not the healthiest item but I knew I would burn off whatever I ate. I bbmed Kubayashi since he is always up early in the morning, he replied at around 7 am and was ready to go. We had a choice between Early Bird in Jabriya or Cafeteria Shuweikh, I was more keen on Shuweikh but we thought to check out Early Bird. The location of Early Bird had a ton of construction around it and some people seemed to be waiting, and honestly I don’t want to wait 30 mins to get table to have breakfast, so we turned around and headed to Cafeteria Shuweikh.

The place never changes, except for the main sign out front it even has had the same A/C units for the past decade, you never know which one is really working and which is broken down. You have standard orders, and cafeteria shuweikh isn’t for everyone. I had one cheese and one laham bil ajeen, meat on doe, with one 7 up, the meal is pretty much as bad as it gets in regards to calories and healthiness, but its pretty good. Enjoyed sitting there, and the place always has people at any time of day.

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KTM Showroom in Kuwait

I knew they were opening a new showroom in Shuweikh but wasn’t sure when, they got the shipment of bikes two weeks ago and other items being organized into their showroom. When I drove up even the signage change, now there is a big KTM sign out front. The usual assortment of Austrian orange machines inside the showroom is looking good, I was looking for the RC8 but they told me it was taken out for a test drive. Now for their first machine they took the RC8 and turned into a test bike, they brought the orange one over just like the rest of the machines.

I loved seeing a clean showroom like the new KTM Showroom, for those who want to check it out its behind City Center. They weren’t fully stocked yet for accessories but had a nice assortment, I’m just asking for a Akrapovic Exhaust system for my RC8 for a decent price. The only thing lacking from my RC8 is a little sound everything else is perfect with that lovely V-Twin. They are open from 8:30 am to 1:00pm and 4:00pm to 8:30pm, I was there are about 8:30pm and they stayed open with people passing by checking out some of the bikes.

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Aprillia, Vespa, Motto Guzzi, and Piaggio Motorcycles All in One Spot

Feels like Italy has just moved into Shuweikh, I have known for a while that Aprillia and Vespa were in Kuwait but I didn’t know that most of Italy is housed in one location. Just behind City Center is the motorcycle shop for Aprillia, Vespa, Motto Guzzi, and Piaggio with a large selection of motorcycles. There is probably a motorcycle or scooter for every person, every color or king from retro to modern to aggressive to comfortable to sport in the showroom.

I’m a huge fan of Piaggio Motorcycles and its my first time seeing such a large selection of them. Whats popular in Kuwait is the Vespa scooters, I have seen some women driving them, and I have heard some guys driving it all the way to the border. Never underestimate those machines, some of those scooters can hit up to 180 kph which is ridiculously fast for a scooter, I never imagined that they did. Then there is the Piaggio three wheeler, and there is a black one which looks like a combat machine with all the bells and whistles to be driven by Robin, because Batman has the cooler bike.

Now for the Aprillia, the main reason that I went to the showroom, it has been too long since Aprillia has come up with the revised version of the RSV, since 2004. This machine looks better in person then any picture can depict and its reasonable priced. MSRP in Kuwait is 4990 KD for the Aprillia RSV which is pretty low for an Italian Motorcycle, and its sounds oh so good. Thanks to Ahmed for starting one up for me, I was impressed and it sounds so good for a stock machine, the Italians know how to make their machines look good and go fast. If you have any inclinations for two wheeled machines then I recommend that you head there directly, and if you like to see all the color combinations then head over there.

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Cab Ride?

Only in Kuwait does someone buy a London Black Cab, get it in Beige and drive it around Kuwait. I honestly wouldn’t mind driving this car around with the guys in the back, its hilarious that someone has this as a personal car, I wouldn’t think there was one in Kuwait, I remember one of the older models but not this one. It costs £22’000 to £26’000 from the UK and I’m assuming you get 17% off for taxes if you are shipping outside the country but with shipping and customs tax in Kuwait I would assume you would get it for about 9’000 to 12’000 KD.

I still think its really cool car and probably fun to drive, I wouldn’t mind taking it for a spin. This is probably one of the few times that I have been to Tilal at night Kuwait, usually I don’t go except if I have a reason but it was packed, ridiculously packed, cars were on top of each other and so many people, but the places weren’t packed except for that one cafe in the corner. People were even standing on the corner waiting for a table to be free, I never knew it was that popular but Tilal Complex is a very nice mall, I enjoy all the design and furniture stores with a few odd ones thrown in.

Abyatt vs. Ace Hardware vs. Platform

Recently in Kuwait there have been many hardware stores opening, which I think is a great thing. We have lots of choice for all our hardware needs as well as a different selection. Abyatt and Platform coincidentally opened right across from each other, Ace Hardware is still a bit on their own. I’m not sure if there are any more major Hardware stores of this type that are going to open, but I am really happy with the selection available. We went in one day to all three Hardware Stores to see what the difference was in service, materials and other details.


  • Water Pumps and Piping
  • Gardening
  • Bathroom Items (Large Selection)
  • Bathtubs and Showers
  • Doors
  • Large Selection of Paints and Painting Equipment
  • Some Electrical
  • Price is reasonable for some items but high in others
  • Great organization
  • Lots of raw materials for building
  • Helpful staff
  • There is a rewards program and if you buy from them you do save in bulk.


  • Huge selection of tools (Car, Home, Electrical, and more)
  • Very high quality tools
  • Electrical selection is very large such as outdoor connections, cabling, and more
  • Some selection of raw materials for homes
  • Very organized
  • Extremely helpful and knowledgeable staff
  • Prices are very reasonable
  • Open 7 am to 9 pm Everyday (Fantastic)

Ace Hardware

  • Vehicle tools
  • Vehicle liquids
  • Camping equipment
  • Some garage equipment
  • Large selection of odd items such as grills, and other things
  • Reasonably priced
  • Decent Staff
  • Huge electrical selection Electrical items for every kind of converter and wiring

All of them have their positive parts, and Platform and Abyatt are similar but they also differ with their items. Ace Hardware will take a hit from them, but it still has its niche market. If you are the Do-It-Yourself (DIY) type of guy then you will love Abyatt and Platform. I’m very happy that they are both around, and their location is very accessible in Shuweikh.