The UnBoxing

Came back today to find two boxes in my room, I knew I was getting something from my Aramex box. The best part are that these items slowly trickle in and its fun opening them up even though it isn’t a complete surprise. This time it turns out one of these boxes was delivered to the wrong person even though my name was written clearly on it.

  • Sigma EX 10-20mm Wide Angle Lens
  • Grendaizer Statue
  • Spiderman Symbiote Bust

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Bidding Addiction

As of recently I have been scowering Ebay for items that I’m looking to buy. I was looking for the Sigma 8mm Fisheye Lens  and suddenly I stumbled upon a used lens for sale. I have bought and sold a few lenses over the past couple of years and usually the only reason people would sell a lens is that they are looking for something else for thier pictures, and I always look into the seller ratings to determine the condition of the time and this it seems to be in excellent condition. And I saved about $250 for the Sigma 8mm lens instead of paying $679, which is the cheapest list price for new. Its always nice to get a good deal on an item off ebay.

Canon EF 100mm f/2.8 Macro USM Lens

I tend to use my camera a lot, I have gotten used to using my DSLR even if it isn’t the most compact. I have had my eye on the 100mm Macro Lens since last year and after find the price dropped I decided to purchase it. It turned out to be exactly what I was looking for, very crisp clear pictures, brings out the details of the object, I just have to find the right situation to use this lens. The build is what you can expect from a Canon Lens and focuses relatively quickly, and I have included some shots using this camera for a large or small object. I’m still far from the full potential of this lens, but I am enjoying the beautiful pictures that you can get from using it. I would recommend this as a fourth of fifth lens if you like taking Macro pictures.

Link: Amazon


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