Base Jumping Off the Most Insane Pool in the World

Singapore is known for a lot of things, one of them is their strict rules, organization, innovative business, cleanliness, and delicious food. What I wasn’t expecting was someone to jump off the Marina Bay Sands Hotel, I don’t know how much paperwork they went through to get this done and it is extremely intimidating to jump off a building. One time in my life I would like to try Base Jumping one time in my life but for now this video is fun to watch.

Qantas & The A380

There is a lot going on about the safety of the A380 and the reason for the failure of the engine on the Qantas A380 is still unknown but whats shocking is that the blades went through the wings and so the passengers and crew were lucky. Some airlines aren’t grounding their planes like Emirates and Singapore, but Qantas grounded their planes until this investigation is completed. They have a problem with the Rolls Royce Trent 900 engine, they still don’t know the main reason for the failure, the second is that parts fly out the back end and punctured the wings. Usually the front end of the engine can contain the blades if something goes wrong, but it seems part flew out the back end which didn’t contain the parts and damaged the wings, in principle if an engine is damaged its supposed to be designed in a way to contain the damage and not damage the rest of the plane.

When purchasing the A380s from Airbus you get two choices of engines, either a Rolls Royce Trent 900 or a GE and Pratt & Whitney GP7200. There are three airplane engine manufacturers in the world; GE, Pratt & Whitney, and Rolls Royce. Pratt & Whitney and GE decided on a joint venture to develop the engine for the Airbus 380. So in this case the GP7200 has no issues and all the A380s ordered by Emirates have the GE and Pratt & Whitney GP7200 so there is no reason to ground those planes. So the A380s from Emirates are safe to fly but I heard business class service in the planes isn’t too good and its understaffed, too many passengers and too few crew.

Link: Gizmodo

The Fish House in Singapore

A work of art made by Guz Architects in Singapore, an amazing water front property that incorporates the environment into the design of the house. An amazing landscape for a solar powered house, it has a very fresh and open feel to it. From every room you have an amazing view of the sea, every room looks spacious but I think they need just a little bit more funiture.

I like how they have made a cozy media room in the basement surrounded by the pool in a U-shaped form, but I wonder about the acoustics of the room that has three walls of glass. And I like how they have a lot of fun outdoor areas, the covered area on the ground floor, and the fun spot on the roof.

Link: FreshHomes

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Marina Bay Sands Hotel – Singapore

The hotel features 2,560 rooms that would cost you $520 a night. Designed by Moshe Safdie, the structure is said to be based on the design resembling a deck of cards. The hotel décor includes an indoor canal that has Sampan boats to ride in, a casino, an outdoor plaza, a convention centre, a theatre, a crystal pavilion and a lotus flower shaped museum. The resort will open employment to over 10,000 locals, enough to generate $72m each year.

During my visit to Singapore I passed by the Marina Bay project and at the time they just opened the Marina Bay Sands Hotel. It looks amazing, three curved buildings and it looks like a big boat is set on top of it which is the infinity pool above. It now surpasses the hotel in Abu Dhabi, UAE, as being the most expensive hotel in the world. Its a very nice hotel and very much worth visiting but its a little off on its own, about 20 minutes from the downtown area, but the view is fantastic. The rooms have a modern feel to them and I’m assuming the service is going to be good since they have been working on this project for a while.

Link: LuxuryLaunches

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Breakfast @ The St.Regis

Breakfast of kings! I’m not usually one to have breakfast, but their breakfast and room service was something else. Even the breakfast at the buffet was fantastic and tasted amazing. I’m usually the type of person who looks forward to lunch but this breakfast couldn’t be resisted. Perfect scrambled eggs with the chicken sausages, then the amazing tasty fruit. I’m not much of a coffee drinker but those who drank it said it was very refreshing. The buffet is very good as well with a variety of foods to choose from, and I had a really good omelette with bell peppers and cheese. I always judge the hotel by room service, and in this case the St.Regis set a new standard.

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In Singapore

There is always a lot to do in Singapore during a visit, I didn’t have enough time to go to all the places I wanted to this time around but we still managed to squeeze a lot into our schedule in 2.5 days. The perfect amount of time is 4 to 5 days and you get to see a lot in the city. The best part is the public transportation, I honestly enjoyed getting into their cabs, the older the better, the older ones are really clean and spacious, there are a lot of new ones and many of them are Mercedes C/E class but the old cabs are worth enjoying. Walking around is just so refreshing, and I love all the udner ground walkways, you literally find so much around these underground malls, to say that Singapore is space efficient is an understatement. This is just a short list of places to go to and where to stay in Singapore, and there is always a new development, and I love that the it is so clean.


  • Long Beach Seafood @ Dempsey Road
  • Ooch @ Dempsey Road
  • Min Chang – Chinese Food @ Goodwood Park
  • Tatsu Sushi – Amazing Japanese & Tapenyaki @ Chijmes

Where To Stay:

  • St. Regis – Right In the Main Shopping Area
  • Ritz Carlton – A Bit far but very nice hotel
  • Marina Bay Sands- Amazing hotel in the new Marina Bay Project but also a bit far

Have To See It Once

  • Night Safari – Lots of Animals to See, and fun show
  • Jurong Bird Park – Every kind of bird you can imagine
  • Orchard Road – All the shopping Area
  • Takashimaya – Like Harrods but a Japanese Chain
  • Cineliesure – All the movies in one building, lots of screens and great popcorn

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Singapore and Back


Singapore has to be one of my favorite cities, my first visit was last year and this time we went for work and I enjoyed every moment there. We took Emirates airlines since it fits our schedule, and I slept on both flights to Singapore and from Singapore, the flights to Kuwait is a short 50 minutes duration so not enough time to sleep. And on the route to Singapore they use the new Boeing 777s which have very comfortable chairs, I basically slept for 7 hours straight, from the plane taking off until it landed which is perfect in both cases and kept me going the first day there and when I got back to Kuwait. We were only there for about 2 and half days, some work got finished and we still had a lot of fun, Singapore is one of my favorite cities to visit. A very diverse culture made up of Indians, Chinese and Malaysians, the main language of the country being English and everyone is extremely nice. I think they have the best public transportation I have seen period, and when you get in a taxi cab they always have a story to tell and some of them are insane which makes the ride that much more fun.

Huper Optik – Vehicle Protection

After a recent paint job at the dealership my car needed protection on the front of the beemer. A large part of the car was repainted and looking very nice, I loved the clean look and I repainted the rims to gun metal grey. A week after the polish I decided to take my car to Huper Optik to get my car protection done, they said it would take about 4-5 hours to get my car done. They asked if I want halfway up the hood or the whole hood covered, and I just wanted halfway up.

They were working on a few other cars while I was there and said I can pick up my car by 6 pm. I dropped my car at 12 pm and they were working on a few other cars, I told them I wasn’t in any hurry to take the car and didn’t mind picking it up later. I wanted to pay my bill now so I can just pick up my car later, it was 185 KD which was discounted from the original 220 KD, side view mirrorss, A pillars, and about 15 cm on the roof of the car. I loved the work once they were done, the curves fit perfectly, no bubbles, no stretching in some areas, perfectly rounded around all the corners as well as around the lights it curved like the body of the car, and the best part is that you can’t see it when your looking at the car. They called me up at 5 pm telling me the car is done and ready to be picked up, I have to not wash it for two days to let the protection take hold before cleaning it again. They did an amazing job and faster then I expected, picked up the car and took off home to take a good look during daytime the next day just to double check.

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Long Beach Restaurant in Singapore

This was probably the most interesting restaurant that I have been to in Singapore. Everyone told me to check out the seafood while in Singapore and this was the most recommend restaurant from the hotel concierge. There was so much to choose from, you get your food fresh from the tanks.

We were recommended to get the Alaskan King Crab since they had a deal for it. We had it cut for Chili Crab and Black Pepper Crab, and we had some light appetizers. They had an amazing lobster for the appetizers and it really hit the spot, and within minutes we had our orders on the table. When I first saw the Alaskan King Crab it was still moving and it was huge, I mean it looked like it could eat a small dog, so there was a lot of meat to be cooked.

The black pepper crab tasted better then the chili crab, but both were amazing. After that amazing meal we had this interesting dessert which has this smoke coming out from under the cup. I remember sleeping a good nights sleep after that meal.

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Kuwait Embassy @ The Ritz Carlton

I have never seen this before, but I was curious to why there was a flag of Kuwait at the entrance of the Ritz Carlton in Singapore. I was told that the Kuwait Embassy has occupied half of the 31st floor for the past 14 months now. I was shocked, they have half a floor with only four Kuwaiti employees and three Singaporian secretaries and two drivers. And they have special parking in front of them which is reserved for the staff of the Embassy.

From my understanding they have bought a building and are slowly renovating, but also from a Kuwaiti living in Singapore that they are so comfortable that they aren’t in any hurry to finish the supposedly new embassy, they are enjoying the services of the Ritz Carlton. I always speak to the door men since they know almost everything about the hotel, and I was asking about the embassy. They were telling me that they are very nice, and the staff at the hotel likes Kuwaitis. I asked him what time do they come in, he told me they have relaxed hours, Monday to Thursday from 9-10 am to 3-4 pm with a two hour lunch in between, and on Friday they come in for one hour then leave for Friday prayer and don’t come back, then they have Saturday and Sunday off. For a country that is suffering from a financial crisis the staff seems to be enjoying all the eminities of the Ritz Carlton.