Insomnia Mode

This is the first time that I have drank that much coffee in one day let a lone the whole year. I barely drink any coffee at all, not a fan of it, its bitter, and I know a lot of people love it, but I don’t need it the morning but yesterday I need it to keep me going and alive for the day.

I couldn’t get any sleep on Saturday night, even trying to force myself to sleep at 4 am just for a few hours, but I was wide awake, by 6 am I got up showered and headed out. I thought I would finish as much work as possible then go back and crash but then I remember I had a few meetings in the afternoon as well as huge to-do list then dinner with some family, so sleeping went out the door.

So at around 10 am started feeling tired, a coworker ordered some kind of Latte for me which was ok but I didn’t feel a kick. I called for the tea boy, gave him tea preparation instructions and a packet of new kratom I had shipped in and asked him to make a whole dellah (pot) of the stuff and just leave it on my desk. I went through about 14 cups of that thing and I was officially wired, I was at full throttle and getting a million things done and I just kept on going until the evening. Then dinner with friends and family and I still seemed ok, as long as I didn’t sit still or wasn’t doing anything I kept on going but I knew after 6 pm I was running on fumes. Dinner was done around 11pm so went I upstairs I completely passed out which was perfect, total and utter black out, but woke up at 5:30 am which surprised me since I thought I would sleep a lot longer then that.

Sleep Deprivation

Last week I got a little preoccupied at work so I ended up getting home late, and I would stay up watching a few shows or anime. So after a few days of this I only had about 4 to 5 hours of sleep a night, and I thought I would catch up on the weekend. That wasn’t really the case, ended up going to the 12 am showing of Star Trek on Thursday so we didn’t get home until 3 am and didn’t sleep until about 4 am. Then the next I was up early going to breakfast at around 9:00 am, then I was busy for the day but I knew I was running our of battery and needed rest, so I took a deep nap from 3 pm to 8 pm which messed up the next day. I didn’t get any sleep at all at night, I even managed to breakfast at Earlybird with Monichum, went to work and finished a few meetings, then headed over to some family stuff for the rest of the night. So essentially I have been running on little to no sleep and so I have had this constant headache with me that just doesn’t go away and I didn’t want to ruin my sleep so I held out for the night but that really messes up your sleep I didn’t manage to get to the tasks I wanted to get done. Deprivation

Some Rest

You have those days where you reach a physical and mental limit of your capabilities. That day was today for me, I was exhausted, meetings from the morning and I was all over the place and no time to take a breather. I didn’t even have a chance to check my email in the morning so I know its going to be a pile up the next, but I will deal with that later. At one point in the day I knew that I am not able to continue with work due to a headache that just kept building up, it was around 4:30 pm and so I get in my car and head home.

I play with my niece and nephew for a little while since they just got up and were roaming around the house. I started watching some anime and fell asleep on my chair, I thought I would read little instead so I laid down on the bed at around 5:00 pm with a good book. I woke up 3 hours later to my nephew shouting power ranger and the book sitting on my chest open on the last page I was reading, that was a decent 3 hour nap.

Tired & Lazy

Its been long days at work and my brain is exhausted. I feel like I ran a marathon, I can’t seem to keep my eyes open, so I came back home late in the evening and all I want to do is watch anime.

At this moment this is the simple train of thought going through my head:

  • Sleep – Its too early
  • Watch Anime – Will fall asleep
  • Ice Cream – Too far away
  • Go Out – Not happening
  • Be Productive – Not today

I wish I had at least 5 more hours to just do nothing and relax, but at this point I don’t think I can keep my eyes open, its just one of those days.

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Tired and Beat

Work has been full for the past couple of weeks, and taking a two day break was good for my brain but my body does still feel a bit beat up. For some reason throughout the day my right shoulder was a bit sore and my right side just feels like its stiff for some reason. I did feel like I wanted to get a lot done but I decided to finish up one task and go to sleep early. I think I’m just in need of a good night’s sleep and some relaxation, I need to start going to the gym soon. It was even a debate between sleeping and eating, but I was even too tired to eat.

Again With The Nap

It was just one of those days, came back from work had a few things I wanted to do. I even wanted to go riding later on at night thinking its cool enough and I’m not too tired, I was wrong. After lunch I was finishing up a few tasks, reading, watching some anime. At around 6: 30 pm I fell asleep, when I was about to fall asleep I thought I would wake up in an hour or two max. I woke up around 10 pm to food on the table for dinner, and all I could think of was going to bed and passing out. Food would have been a very bad idea if I ate anything at that point, I went to bed and I woke up around 6:35 am. A total of 12 odd hours of sleep which I haven’t had a long time, I’m annoyed since I wanted to do a lot of things after work but I didn’t have a chance, but it does feel damn good to get that type of rest every once in a while.

Slight Power Outage

It was just one of those days, called in sick to work was feeling a little bit under the weather. I went back to sleep and woke up around 10:40 am. My work phone wouldn’t stop ringing, but I managed to get things done without having to leave bed which was a good thing, felt nauseated and beat up. So as the day was progressing I was feeling better, but getting annoyed with the work phone calls. A little while later things were calm and I switched off my work phone knowing the major stuff was out of the way.

As I was laying in bed I continued watching some Berserk (anime), and Star Trek Enterprise, it was entertaining and relaxing. I was remote desktoping to different PCs to get things done throughout the house without moving too much, my goal was simple to get as much rest as possible. I took a shower around noon and wore a dishdasha which felt relaxing.

By 1:30 pm I headed towards the basement to check on the WHS server and a few other things. 5 minutes down there and all the power went out, I thought I did something, I checked the circuit breaker and everything was fine. I went upstairs and there was no power there either, my assumption is that whenever something electrical in the house goes out its because my doing, since I’m always plugging something in and switching things on. Turns out that it wasn’t me this time, I checked with our neighbors and a few other people and it turns out that both Mishref and Bayan were out of power, and the traffic signals weren’t working either. I couldn’t find out what was the reason, but I knew it wasn’t going to be too long. My UPSes kept some of my machines running long enough for me to properly shut them down, they did a really good job.

I picked up my book was reading in the living room for two hours, I was very relaxed at around 3:20 pm the power came back on and I restarted all my machines. My network felt fresh and everything was moving very quickly, I love when all the machines have a fresh start. So I started a few network tasks that would take a couple of days but since they were all fresh it was ok. I still don’t know what was the cause of the power outage.

KFC Urge

Most of the day I was in a bit of a daze, so as soon as I got home I took a nap. That nap turned into a 3.5 hour nap, from 7 pm to about 10:30 pm. I woke up hungry and still dazed, I did feel better since I got some sleep but I still had a few things that I wanted to do. I then sensed I was hungry, and I had the sudden urge for KFC. I got in my car after about half hour of laying around, drove to the KFC close by and got myself a Chicken Fillet sandwich, it hit the spot.

Hibernation Time

You know when you have those headaches that just won’t go away is a way for your body to tell you that something is wrong. I have been having major headaches for the past two days, that were keeping me from functioning normally. I know that this is a result from my lack of sleep, and I have tried taking a few Tylenol extras but that did nothing for me.

Tuesday night I slept from 6pm to about 8:45pm and I only woke up at different periods to my niece grabbing by big toe and walking away, or walking up to me and grabbing my nose. She is about a year a bit now, and she adorable, so every time she did that I couldn’t help but smile and go back to sleep. I was exhausted but I loved that she enjoys walking into my room, she likes messing around with things.

Then Wednesday night was something else, I wanted to go to cousin’s Dewaneya but I was completely exhausted with a major headache. I thought I would take an hour nap and go from there, I slept at 7:15pm and woke up at 11:03pm. I don’t seem to be able to take short naps, I just sleep like there is no tomorrow.