Audi R8 V10 – Sliding Thru

Now you know what can be done with wide open spaces, what an amazing job drifting. I am big fan of the Audi R8, and since introducing the V10 version they have really made the perfect machine. Previously it has amazing handling but just a bit underpowered with the V8, but with the V10 its a perfect combination. This video speaks wonders for the machine, they are trying to make a short video which I think is an Audi Ad using an Air Strip and a blue Audi R8 V10. He puts it through the perfect drift, and then slide after slide, I wish we had roads like that to put our cars through its paces.

Link: Autoblog

Formula D 2009

I don’t think there is a car enthusiast out there who hasn’t tried to drift their car at one point in time. I know I have and its an amazing feeling to find that perfect balance between power, traction, and speed. Timing is everything, just look at how Rhys Millen handles his 500 bhp Hyundai Genesis Coupe with finesse on that track. So many skilled drivers in the Formula Drift Race going at it as hard as possible, I’m just amazed at their skills so many different types of cars and each person tweaking it to the last minute.