Chris Pfeiffer with a BMW G450X Snowcat

Chris Pfeiffer is a stunter that I have spoken about again and again, he is an amazing rider with amazing skills. Seems like he took those skills to the snow, and he is handling this Snowcat like an off-road machine in the dirt. Looks like a lot of fun, he is controlling that machine like its a walk in the park, even when he falls in the snow it looks like fun. I want to see more of this guy doing those amazing stunts, and I hope BMW keeps pushing the limits and making interesting videos and machines.

Link: Asphalt&Rubber

Scarpar Powerboard Prototype

Who remembers that hover-board from Back to the Future, I don’t think there isn’t any person who didn’t want one. The Scarpar is probably the closest your going to get it. You can use it on sand, snow, and off-road, I have feeling that it would take a person with extreme balancing skills to handle a machine such as this. I do enjoy snow boarding but I am pretty bad at it, so I would have a few falls riding this machine.

Link: Gizmodo


I’m always looking for good photography shots, too see what others have done or the angles they take the shots. I came across these pictures and was amazed at how alive they are. I have to admit that I love Huskies, they are just amazing looking dogs and very friendly with beautiful eyes, I think thats what drew me to the pictures. Click the link for a lot more interesting pictures.

Link: BigPicture