Sonos PlayBar – The Next Best Thing From Sonos

PLAYBAR’s nine-speaker design floods any room with HIGH FIDELITY audio for games and movies, huge waves of live concert sound, and wireless streams of all the music on earth. And it all comes from one easy-to-use player that brings HiFi sound to your high-definition TV.

I want this, I don’t know how I’m going to use it yet, but damn I love Sonos and the thought of it integrated into my hometheater seamless is just plain ridiculous. The best thing about Sonos is that they are genuinely sound people, and the audio system is built extremely smoothly and integrated into almost every music service available and I can’t get enough of it, playing throughout the house as I walk about. And this takes it over the top, excellent piece of hardware, if you love music and you don’t have a Sonos you have no idea what your missing out on.

You can play the TV Media sound from the PlayBar or switch to your Sonos System for perfect music playback, you can link it to the Sonos Sub, and then join it together with the 2 Sonos S3 to get 5.1 Surround Music. For $699 its rather cheap for a sound bar, some of them go for an extremely higher price, but I know one thing Sonos always comes through with the sound quality. Well worth it.

Link: Sonos

Review: Sonos Play 3

There is no denying that I am a huge fan of Sonos, there products are in several places in my house, music on the go, different tunes to different rooms. The best part is that it is always working and the sound is beautiful. Recently I have needed to setup another unit, and the one that fit the best was the Sonos Play 3. I read some reviews on the quality of sound and for it’s size its packs a punch, and if you get two of them you can set them up for Stereo output so they are treated as one, not just grouping them together. Setting up a Sonos unit could not be any easier, take it out, plug it in, and then go to the Sonos Controller “Add A Sonos” then you click buttons on the unit and it is added to the system.

The Sonos system is the most flexible music medium out there, you can use any source from your iTunes, an HD filled with music, or an online resource like IHeartRadio, SiriusXM, Pandora, or Spotify. Multiple sources playing in different rooms at the same time all controlled through the software. The software got improved and simpler recently since it is probably the most confusing part but it isn’t too bad. But the software aside I was impressed with this unit.
Stream your entire music library, music services, and radio stationsControl wirelessly, easy to set up music playerStart with one music player, expand everywhereVersatile enough to put anywhere — horizontal or vertical3 driver HiFi speaker system

hey really try to pack good sounding parts into their hardware and the Sonos Play 3 is no different. It is a little bigger then I expected but I like the feel of it, the only major drawback for me was the price, its only $100 less then the Sonos Play 5 which is a powerhouse in comparison but still the sound is very rich for a unit of it’s size. Just don’t expect the bass to be that great at higher volumes, sort of falls short since it doesn’t have a dedicated sub-woofer like the Sonos Play 5.

Link: Sonos
Price: $300

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Sonos Sub

There is no question that I am a big fan of the Sonos Music system, I have had mine since 2004 and it is still working perfectly. And their application just keeps getting better and better, especially their simplification of it did a fantastic job of making straight forward and simple to use. You know the people behind Sonos are audiophiles, they really do care about sound their first unit was an amplifier and they try to integrate with as many music systems as possible and by far it is the best music distribution system I have ever seen by far, and the quality of sound just speaks for itself. The one thing is that the Sonos Speakers aren’t built to handle deep bass, but the Sonos Sub is. This self-powered subwoofer connects effortlessly to your existing Sonos system, adding a healthy dose of low-end aptitude thanks to two force-canceling speakers that are positioned face-to-face to eliminate cabinet buzz and rattle. You can get it in a beautiful glossy black finish next month and a matte black model arriving in October.

Price: $600 – $700
Link: Sonos

Sonos Play:3

I’ve been blasting music through a variety of Sonos products for years now, I have slowly been increasing the collection of Sonos devices throughout the house and especially since they are adding new music service every day it makes for a very good music distribution system. Debuting today is the next step forward for at-home or at-work networked music playing with the release of Sonos Play:3. The device, designed as an all-in-one unit, promises bigger sound quality in a compact package, perfect for any room in need of bumpin’ tunes.

The Play:3 gets its name from its three integrated speakers, three dedicated class-D digital amplifiers and three drivers. With an overall goal to crank up the quality, each unit also has a passive rear-firing bass radiator to keep the sound rich.

The beauty of Sonos is that the hardware all blends perfectly together to be controlled from your iPad, iPhone, Desktop, Sonos Controller, or Android device. They slowly keep improving the selection of hardware that you can use with the Sonos music Distribution system and all you have to do is add it easily and play your music normally. I can’t help saying how much I love their system and all the music that I can play through it. And for $300 this isn’t too bad to join the Sonos music system and then expand later on and you see necessary, the best part about the Sonos guys is that they make sure the sound of their devices is fantastic before putting it in the market.

Link: Sonos

Sonos iPad App

Sonos is the best premiere music system that you could ever want, integrates with almost everything, Rasphsody, Sirius XM Radiio, Rhapsody, Pandora, and all other music services. That doesn’t include it’s great music integration with iTunes, all your playlists, with album meta data and album covers. Now Sonos have released their new iPad Application which is amazing on the iPad, full integration, control of every aspect of this system. I have one in my room and on in the diwaneya, I like listening to music whenever I’m working on something. The Sonos Application is fantastic on the iPad, its very smooth interface and excellent integration. Sonos is a bit slow with advancement at times but when they release a new product or software it’s always a solid and excellent product. If you don’t have the Sonos system you really don’t know what you are missing out and the iPad application is an amazing addition to this music system.

Review: Sonos CR200

I am a happy user of the Sonos Multiroom music system, and the best part is the consistent quality of music. I bought it when I had the larger CR100 remote which had a click wheel and wasn’t touch screen but extremely durable. Now with the CR200 Sonos has really made advancements in the remote technology and user interface is so much better then before and smoother to work with.

The best part of the new user interface is the new search functionality which makes it very easy to go through large collections of music. You can type in what your looking for and it does a smart filter of possible matches as you are typing. Sirius and other music services are fantastic to work with on this unit, better then even the desktop software. Its smooth and seamless and I get to access all my Sirius music without a hitch and changing between them is easy enough.

I have the Sonos application running on my iPod touch but the difference is that the Sonos CR200 runs on the Sonos mesh rather then the wifi, so if wifi doesn’t reach its working on the mesh network of the music units. The feel and quality of the unit is unsurpassed, very good feel with a solid build and high quality screen. This unit is worth every penny for something of this quality and experience.

Link: Amazon
Price: $349

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Sonos – ZP90

Having this music system integrated with my iTunes library and internet radio services has been great. I have had the Sonos system since 2005 and decided to expand it to another location which is the media room, and so I purchased the ZP90. A solid piece of audio hardware plugged right into my Onkyo A/V to route the sound through the Home Theater Speakers. Plugging it in and setting it up took less then 10 minutes and music was blasting through smoothly, I plugged it into the A/V using RCA cables but I’m planning on upgrading it to an optical connection when I get the cable. Overall an excellent piece of hardware for any music fan.


  • Simple Setup, Hit Mute & Plus Volume to add it to your Zone
  • Compact & Small
  • Quality Build Product, It feels solid.
  • Full Integrated Music System – Internet Based Music (Rhapsody,, Sirius, and more), Music File Server, and seamlessly connects to iTunes
  • Connects direct to speakers or to A/V to use large speaker system
  • Sonos iPod Application can control the system, or through the computer, or through the CR100 or CR200 remote


  • Price – But you pay for the quality of the product.

Link: Amazon
Price: $349
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Sonos S5

I have been an advocate of Sonos products for some time now, showing it to friends and how it integrates into your system provides for the perfect music playing system as well as all the other streaming features it has. I haven’t done a review Sonos yet probably because I have been too lazy to get to it and I want to do it justice. But now I’m talking about the perfect all in one Sonos unit which they are now offering, the Sonos S5. One thing that should be known about Sonos is that they are sound guys before anything else, they care about the quality of sound that is why they have always had solid products with perfect sound more then anything else and they have never lowered that standard. Now they have came with the integrated all in one solution which is the Sonos S5, previously their other units had to have separate speakers which works for certain situations.

It can connect to all the streaming options such as Pandora, Rhapsody,, Sirius, and more. Then you can easily integrate into your iTunes music library and you get to see all your playlists, as well as other music databases, you just have to point it and it will play it. If its the only Sonos unit then you have to wire it into your network but if you have other Sonos unit in the house then you can connect through the wireless network as only one needs to be connected physically. You can control the Sonos S5 through a desktop controller on your computer, through the Sonos iTunes App which can be installed in your iPod Touch or iPhone, and through the Sonos SC100 or SC 200 controller. An amazing product that every music lover should have, the best part is getting those music services to hear all those new and different tunes which you might enjoy. Technically this is one very powerful product, it is a five driver speaker system – two tweeters, two 3” mid-range drivers, and one 3.5” woofer. Each driver of the product is individually powered by a dedicated amplifier ready to play music at volumes ready to break windows. All of this priced at $400 which isn’t too bad considered the quality of the product, Sonos products are never cheap.

Link: Sonos

Minor Wire Organization

The one major mess that I have is the wiring next to my shelf, since the power was out I took the opportunity to plug in this very ingenious surge protector that I found at Ace Hardware.

List of items plugged into it orginally:

  • Stereo (120V)
  • ADSL
  • Switch
  • Sonos (120/240V)
  • Infrant Ready NAS (120/240V)
  • Voip Base (120V)
  • Voip Phone (120V)
  • USB Charger
  • Nokia Charger
  • Sony Ericsson Charger

The chargers aren’t in use all at once and 90% of the time the stereo is off, since my source of music is the Sonos. The previous strip had 5 available plugs, but this beauty had 10 plugs which made things a lot easier to plug and in an organized way. I have a power converter for the machines that need 120V, and some wires that I just can’t get rid of no matter what I do. At least now its a lot more organized, then before, I’m planning on getting two more, the will reduce the number of surge protectors under my desk from 4 to two, as I said before any power fluctuation in the house is due to my usage.