Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc

Now this new phone has peaked my interest, I have always been a fan of Sony Ericsson but I feel like they haven’t gotten the smartphone formula down yet except when I saw the look of this phone and the specifications. Its a powerful phone inside a very thin sexy looking case and its running Gingerbread (Android 2.3), when they first launched the Xperia they launched it with Android 1.6, and Android 2.01 was out by then and they didn’t upgrade. SE makes great hardware but very slow to upgrade their software, this is where HTC excel, they keep updating your software and the phone just keeps on going.


  • 8.7mm Thick
  • The Arc comes with a 4.2” display
  • GPS
  • 8.3Mpix Camera
  • HDMI Out
  • 1GHz Snapdragon CPU
  • Android 2.3 (Gingerbread)

My phone life cycle started off with Nokia back in the early 90s, then switch to Ericsson (before the merger) in early 2000, then switching to Sony Ericsson, and just recently switched to Android with the Google Nexus first came out. Now this phone is making thinking of switching back to the Sony Ericsson platform but the best part is that its all Android and I won’t really won’t have to do much except sign in with my Google account and everything will sync automatically.

I was thinking of upgrading next year, it was probably going to be one of the HTC phones which are to be announced some time in February but the Xperia Arc is a definite candidate with its specifications and style, I just hope its released very soon.

Link: AkibaharaNews

Sony & Ericsson Split


Now this is a shocker, Sony Ericsson became synonymous with phones, I can only remember back in the late 90s and early 2000 when I had a few Ericsson phones then the joint venture took place and I don’t remember as anything else but Sony Ericsson. Its no secret that I’m a huge fan of Sony Ericsson, because they built quality phones which didn’t have too many software bugs and could survive a major beating. I switch from Nokia a little while back and loved the phone. Now this major surprise is a shock, they will cease operations in four months and all employees will be distributed between Sony and Ericsson. It seems the recession hit them hard as well and they couldn’t get out of it.

Sony Ericsson CEO, Bert Nordberg, says: “We truly did believe in the vision that was Sony Ericsson, we had an ambition to rise to the top, but sadly, our way towards there has been hampered in numerous ways during the past few years, both financially and strategically. We are saddened to announce that our parent companies, Sony and Ericsson have decided to quit the joint venture and put its reinstatement on hold indefinitely.”

Link: SEBlog

Sony Ericsson to Google Nexus Transplant

Google Android

Sounds like its a simple enough but after trying for hours upon hours this is the best process that I have come up with that can apply to other phones.

Sony Ericsson T700 (Any Sony Ericsson) to Google Nexus One

What You Need:

  • Sony Ericsson PC Suite
  • Microsoft Outlook
  • Gmail Account

Google Nexus  One BootScreen

Simple Steps:

  • You Syncronize all your contacts with Outlook through the Sony Ericsson PC Suite, in my case they were 1000+ Contacts with multiple numbers.
  • Then you go to Microsoft Outlook, go to the Contacts Tab
  • Choose “File” then “Import and Export”, then choose “Export to a file”
  • Then you export the all your contacts to Comma Separated Values or CSV (Windows) Format
  • Then you log into your Gmail account and head to contacts
  • On the top right side of your contacts is an “Import” tab, click that link
  • Once you go to the “Import” page, open the file on your computer named Contacts.CSV and upload it
  • It will upload all your contacts to your Gmail Account
  • Then the Google Nexus Phone which is associated with your Gmail account will proceed to sync with all the data and within minutes you will have all your contacts on your Google phone
  • This isn’t 100% perfect you still have to go through your contacts and clean it up slightly, there are a few mix ups but the best part is that you edit it from your Google account which is much faster. You can merge duplicated contacts, add more data and your phone will sync up when ever it has a data or wireless connection which has made things simpler for me. I think I’m at 95% at this point but there is still some clean up to do.

Phone Fritz

Probably the worst timing for a phone to go on the fritz, I was about to start the transfer my basic Sony Ericsson to the Nexus One which was an arduous process in itself since there isn’t a simple process develop by Google yet. Just as I was about to start transferring the contacts through bluetooth to a smart Sony Ericsson it got stuck on searching for Bluetooth devices and didn’t stop, left it for about 5 minutes and it was still on the same screen. Took out the battery and put it back in and the damn thing would just keep restarting with no end in site, I tried connecting to my PC to pull the contacts with no hope, it kept trying to find the drivers but it kept restarting. I haven’t backed up my contacts in a year, I was going nuts and I had to go to a afternoon part of the funeral so I dropped it off at my phone guy since I gave up all hope. I had people calling me and I had no clue who they were, I had full conversations then asked them who they were, I had to keep explaining that I lost my phone, it was the only way.

I dropped it off at 2pm, I was tormented for many hours, I was going nuts. I got a call from my phone guy to pick it up at 8 pm, the screen and keyboard were shot so I was happy that everything was working. First thing I did was back up the phone numbers and performed the transplant to Nexus which is another story.

Phone Replacement

I have had my SE T700 for about a year and a half now, I update the firmware but the phone has pretty much gone into crashing spiral. If I call a number that isn’t stored it rings but the screen hangs, and if I go into sms it takes a minute or two to load up, it has its moods when it wants to work. I have to admit though that it has survived some pretty damaging falls and lasted a while but I need a replacement.

I was thinking for a while not to take a chance get a completely different phone but I’m a bit put off:

Garmin G60 – Linux based Garmin phone with simple functionality and Garmin map functions.

I’m not getting it because of the horrible reviews that it has gotten as it seems to have issues.

HTC Hero – I have always wanted to try an Android phone and the HTC UI is appealing but I’m very hesitant.

I’m avoiding all Windows phones at all costs, I took that road a long while back and I refuse to do that because of the hell that I went through with their crappy products and even their new Windows Mobile OS is crap. So after all that I’m left to go back to Sony Ericsson phones even though I think they are great phones and do the job as phones.

(iPhone is not an option, I would break it in one day)

Sony Ericsson W995

Sony Ericsson are coming out with some powerful phones over the next couple of months and I’m surprised this wasn’t completely leaked out earlier. A very thin but powerful phone packed with all the features you can imagine. I’m going to assume a phone like this is going to have a high price attached to it.

  • 2.6 inch TFT Display (262,144 colors, 240×320 display)
  • 113 grams
  • 97 mm x 49 mm x 15 mm
  • Quad Band (GSM/GPRS/EDGE) (2G/3G Networks)
  • 370/360 Battery Hours of Dtandby
  • 9/4 hours of talk time
  • Black/Silver/Red Colors Available
  • 8-Megapixel Camera
  • Wifi
  • GPS
  • HPM-88 Noise Canceling Headphones

Link: SE Blog

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Network Busy …. PERIOD!

I went to Dubai for exactly 24 hrs, went to a few meetings on Thursday morning and afternoon. Had a very late lunch, then a late dinner. It was a very short trip and came back the next night on Friday.

Throughout my whole stay I wasn’t able to call anyone on their mobile from Dubai. I thought something was wrong with my line, I remembering paying a hefty bill. I could call Kuwait landlines, any Emirati number, everything except Kuwaiti mobile numbers. I could text people but I couldn’t call them, I kept getting network busy for the full 24 hours. It was extremely annoying, I couldn’t figure out what was the problem. Anyone trying to call me or any of the people with me in Dubai got a network busy tone as well. I met a lot of Kuwaiti people who were in Dubai, and it seems they were suffering the same problem. The problem could be from Zain or Etisalat but there was no other indication of problems. Still it was extremely annoying and nothing that could be done for the whole time there, I hope this gets resolved.

Phone Rescue

I am always paranoid about the data on my phone, losing my phone numbers, pictures, ring tones, and messages. I try to back up my phone often, but the last months of 2008 I didn’t back up my phone and I added a lot of phone numbers and took off to the states. Around the 2 week of January I was riding my motorcycle to Palo Alto (Stanford) to get a bite to eat and then head back from there. When I was riding back to San Jose it started to rain, I stopped at the gas station next to the house to fill up gas, and as I was riding out I left my jacket zipper open which had my phone, so when I rode up hill I felt something fall out of my pocket. I stopped right away and saw my phone sliding a bit down the hill, I got off and tried to get to it before it slipped into a puddle, but I was too late.

I picked up the phone right away, wiped it off and saw the screen flickering to its death. I pulled out the battery right away, then I used a fan to try to dry it off a bit. I was hoping for the best, but I’m in the states with no spare phone, and I pretty much lost all my numbers. I’m lucky I have most of the important numbers memorized but I lost a lot of new numbers. I went picked up a crappy Sony Ericsson from Tmobile to last me the last two weeks. I wanted to break the phone in half after the first day, from such a good phone to a crappy one. I tried powering it up after three days of drying and heat, it came on, the phone shook, the keyboard lit up, but the screen would no power up. I was very annoyed at this, so I took out the battery and left it at that.

When I got back to Kuwait I took the phone to Phone Center in Sharq, 24040890, and told them the situation. They didn’t think it was salvageable. I gave them my spare phone in Kuwait, and I was hoping they can do something about it. They called me and told me that the phone is completely damaged and not worth fixing, but they managed to recover all the phone numbers off of it and transfer it to my spare phone. I have to say that the good news really made my day, and now I’m backing up the phone numbers and I have to make sure that I don’t overwrite any of the new ones.

Headset Roundup

I have had a chance for a while now to try out different headsets over the years, and I thought I would just post up my basic thoughts on these headsets, not a real thorough review but at least to stay away from a few headsets out there.

Jabra JX10


Small and useless, sound quality just horrible

Jabra BT135


Very bad quality sound and has trouble connecting sometimes

Jabra BT 250


One of my favorite headsets, fantastic sound quality, long battery life, and comfortable fit

Jabra BT 2020


A good bluetooth headset, good fit, comfortable, but a bit slow to react to phone calls

Sony Ericsson HBH-DS970


Great quality headset, good sound, long battery life, and caller ID

Sony Ericsson HBH-GV435a


Excellent headset, good battery life, clear sound, and very comfortable

Sony Ericsson HBH-IV840


Good sound quality, but doesn’t hold onto the ear when walking around, short battery life.

Nokia BH-602


The quality was low, short battery life, and interference in bluetooth connection.

Sony Ericsson C905

I’m always on the lookout for a good usable phone, and over the past few years I have switched from being a Nokia User to a Sony Ericsson user. And let those Apple Phone users get lost with their iPhones, I will be enjoying this phone. Sony Ericsson went all out with this phone, and I really do like how it is the finish of this phone. Every once in a while they come out with a very nice set of phones, and this one is leading the pack, its supposed to be priced around the same as the K850 when it first came out. I’m not usually into sliding phones, but this one seems to fit the bill.


  • Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g
  • 8 MP, 3264×2448 pixels, autofocus, image stabilizer, video, xenon flash; secondary videocall camera
  • Built-in GPS receiver
  • A-GPS function
  • Camera images geo-tagging
  • Java MIDP 2.0
  • FM radio with RDS
  • MP3/AAC/MPEG4 player
  • TrackID music recognition
  • Picture editor/blogging
  • TV out
  • Organiser
  • Built-in handsfree
  • Voice memo/dial

Link: GSMArena

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