Review: Sonos Play 3

There is no denying that I am a huge fan of Sonos, there products are in several places in my house, music on the go, different tunes to different rooms. The best part is that it is always working and the sound is beautiful. Recently I have needed to setup another unit, and the one that fit the best was the Sonos Play 3. I read some reviews on the quality of sound and for it’s size its packs a punch, and if you get two of them you can set them up for Stereo output so they are treated as one, not just grouping them together. Setting up a Sonos unit could not be any easier, take it out, plug it in, and then go to the Sonos Controller “Add A Sonos” then you click buttons on the unit and it is added to the system.

The Sonos system is the most flexible music medium out there, you can use any source from your iTunes, an HD filled with music, or an online resource like IHeartRadio, SiriusXM, Pandora, or Spotify. Multiple sources playing in different rooms at the same time all controlled through the software. The software got improved and simpler recently since it is probably the most confusing part but it isn’t too bad. But the software aside I was impressed with this unit.
Stream your entire music library, music services, and radio stationsControl wirelessly, easy to set up music playerStart with one music player, expand everywhereVersatile enough to put anywhere — horizontal or vertical3 driver HiFi speaker system

hey really try to pack good sounding parts into their hardware and the Sonos Play 3 is no different. It is a little bigger then I expected but I like the feel of it, the only major drawback for me was the price, its only $100 less then the Sonos Play 5 which is a powerhouse in comparison but still the sound is very rich for a unit of it’s size. Just don’t expect the bass to be that great at higher volumes, sort of falls short since it doesn’t have a dedicated sub-woofer like the Sonos Play 5.

Link: Sonos
Price: $300

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Jamo A 804

I’m an admirer of quality products and Jamo makes quality speakers, the sound quality of their speakers are amazing, their designs are unique. Now the Jamo A 804 is something different, from the review on Yanko design they have described what I would want from front mounting speakers. You can use these as a set on their own with the subwoofer, of course powered through an A/V receiver. And you can later add it for a 5.1 or 7.1 system. This speaker has great quality sounds from low to high frequency, trebles and base conveyed perfectly, covering from movies to music, high paced action or intense conversations and scenes. This speaker excels at all forms of sound while looking good, and that isn’t the best part. Most of the times when you have a setup such as this you always have to sit in a specific spot to get the best sound, with these speakers you can sit in any location and get the perfect amount of sound with the 2.1 setup.

Link: YankoDesign

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Sonos S5

I have been an advocate of Sonos products for some time now, showing it to friends and how it integrates into your system provides for the perfect music playing system as well as all the other streaming features it has. I haven’t done a review Sonos yet probably because I have been too lazy to get to it and I want to do it justice. But now I’m talking about the perfect all in one Sonos unit which they are now offering, the Sonos S5. One thing that should be known about Sonos is that they are sound guys before anything else, they care about the quality of sound that is why they have always had solid products with perfect sound more then anything else and they have never lowered that standard. Now they have came with the integrated all in one solution which is the Sonos S5, previously their other units had to have separate speakers which works for certain situations.

It can connect to all the streaming options such as Pandora, Rhapsody,, Sirius, and more. Then you can easily integrate into your iTunes music library and you get to see all your playlists, as well as other music databases, you just have to point it and it will play it. If its the only Sonos unit then you have to wire it into your network but if you have other Sonos unit in the house then you can connect through the wireless network as only one needs to be connected physically. You can control the Sonos S5 through a desktop controller on your computer, through the Sonos iTunes App which can be installed in your iPod Touch or iPhone, and through the Sonos SC100 or SC 200 controller. An amazing product that every music lover should have, the best part is getting those music services to hear all those new and different tunes which you might enjoy. Technically this is one very powerful product, it is a five driver speaker system – two tweeters, two 3” mid-range drivers, and one 3.5” woofer. Each driver of the product is individually powered by a dedicated amplifier ready to play music at volumes ready to break windows. All of this priced at $400 which isn’t too bad considered the quality of the product, Sonos products are never cheap.

Link: Sonos

Logic Valve 80 – UnBoxing

After taking a look at my music selection and music options, I thought about changing my audio hardware setup. I usually have music playing in the background in my room. Thankfully you can listen to Satellite radio on the net for a small subscription but its really worth it. I haven’t really used by normal stereo for at least a year or so at this point, after thinking about I’m going to dismantle it and make use of that space. Now that I have the Logic Valve 80 I thought it would be the perfect setup, but there is a little hitch. Its a little bigger then I expected, turned up in a very big box. I thought it would be the size of the Bose Sound Dock, but turns out its much bigger and heavier, and I liked the quality of the build and the weight, I just have to figure out the placement. It is an iPod Dock with a built-in amplifier and hybrid vacuum valve which gives the music a richer sound based on all the reviews.

Now there are a few steps to be tackled before installing the item. I have to figure out a design for the dock, Sonos, and the speakers and get rid of the sound system or just the sound system speakers. Interestingly enough the Valve 80 has two Auxiliary inputs which I could use for the Sonos and the sound system, that would help get rid of the speakers which are taking up a large amount of space. At this point I will go into a complete reorganization of the equipment and items, to rewire everything as neatly as possible, and make more space for the new set of books that I have.

I kept the stock Logic Valve 80 speakers in the box because I’m planning on using the Sonos speakers. I place my Anime Mecha Models on top of the speakers, and the Valve 80 Speakers aren’t flat. I just need some banana plug to sort it out the wiring between the Speakers and the Valve 80. The best part is that all the RCA cables needed to connect to the Valve 80 Auxiliary inputs are included in the box which is a nice touch, also two different types of power cables (2 & 3 Pin Plugs), so they provided all the necessary and optional cables for you.

Then I have to get rid of a few unnecessary things on the shelf. I have about 10 PS3 games sitting on the shelf that I have played and enjoyed, maybe a few I didn’t even open yet. My PS2 burnt out over two and half years ago now, and it isn’t worth fixing, for some reason I still keep those games. As I need the space these days, I’m not sure what to do with the games, I don’t want to throw them away, and I’m not sure if its about the sentimental value but maybe it is. I remember the days when I used to play video games nonstop for hours on end but that isn’t the case anymore. I’m lucky if I get to even finish a game which is rare, or even get a few hours a week if thats even possible. So I need to take care of that to make full use of the shelves, and do a lot of network rewiring behind the shelves.