Review: Kekkaishi

Plot Summary: Sumimura Yoshimori, a 14-year-old junior high school boy, is a descendant of Kekkaishi, or an exterminator of monsters He is vying for the heir to the family with Yumikura Tokine. Tokine is older than him, and she is his childhood friend as well as his rival Kekkaishi. To save people from the crises, and to make himself stronger, Yoshimori fights against monsters tonight, too.

This anime took me a little while, I expected to be a little boring from the start of it. I tend to want to finish anime even though it wasn’t the most interesting, but this turned out to be a great anime. Yoshimori is the legitimate successor of the Kekkaishi but he has no idea what that really means. They are protecting a land called Karasumori which has powers unknown to both the Kekkaishi and the Ayakashi (Demons), the Kekkaishi just want to stop the Ayakashi. The first couple of episodes are a bit boring, but as time progresses it really picks up and I flew through the last 25 episodes.

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Review: Ptolemy’s Gate – Jonathan Stroud

A wild imagination is needed for this book, it draws all the images of history together tying it together to Nathanial’s present predicament. The third book of Bartimaeus Trilogy, it is amazing climax to the end of the trilogy. Each book of this trilogy has amazing characters, a colorful and historical storyline, pulling together so many interesting magical characters throughout history and giving you a different view of them and their characters. The last of the trilogy keeps the adventure and mystery going while answering so many questions that have developed since starting this trilogy years ago. It took me a long time to finish this trilogy, I think its because I didn’t want to finish it since I enjoyed it so much. I wouldn’t want to ruin the book or the trilogy for anyone, but if you like fantasy then you will love this book, the ending left me wanting more but still satisfied. Its difficult to find books as good as these.  

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