Tempest Freerunning Academy

Parkor and Freerunning is one of the coolest physical sports that I have seen, they are like modern day ninjas with what they do. Now Tempest is a new Academy in a LA and their training wharehouse looks like one giant video game, this is one of the coolest videos I have seen in a while, it feels like a Nintendo video and especially at the end when all the foam pieces is flying around.

Formula D 2009

I don’t think there is a car enthusiast out there who hasn’t tried to drift their car at one point in time. I know I have and its an amazing feeling to find that perfect balance between power, traction, and speed. Timing is everything, just look at how Rhys Millen handles his 500 bhp Hyundai Genesis Coupe with finesse on that track. So many skilled drivers in the Formula Drift Race going at it as hard as possible, I’m just amazed at their skills so many different types of cars and each person tweaking it to the last minute.

Buzz Ball

Who wouldn’t like to have their own personal roller coaster, the only things you need is a strong stomach and a wide open space.

A pair of electric motors is used to power the BuzzBall, so you don’t need a steep hill to enjoy it, just a large open space. Each motor is controlled by a separate throttle which will either cause the chair to spin inside the ball or work together to push the ball forward. However, once the BuzzBall is in motion and the pilot decides to turn, their seat inside the ball will rotate against the direction of travel resulting in spins, somersaults, corkscrews, barrel rolls and other nausea inducing motions. And just remember, if you do happen to vomit inside the BuzzBall, it’s coming along on the ride with you.

Link: OhGizmo