The Expendables – Trailer

Explosions! Old Buff Sweaty Men! Fighting! Fire! Death! Shooting! Destruction! Yelling! Action! Betrayal! One Girl! Bad Guys! Good Guys! Hats! Sunglasses! South America! Weapons! Mission! Mercenaries! Stallone! Schwartzenegger! Statham! Willis! Li! Lundren! Couture! Crews! Austin! Rourke! The Expendables!

Now this is going to be an entertaining movie, I love that Stallone took the lead on this to put this crew of kick ass action actors into one explosive movie. An old school action packed movie which will deliver the goods, just watch the trailer and enjoy. Can’t wait for August 13th to come along!

Review: Rambo

Now that was an action packed movie, a bit senseless but really full of explosions. Stallone looked a bit old in this movie, there is something that just didn’t fit about the movie, but it was enjoyable. The only way you can describe this movie from beginning to end is that its a blender of body parts, an arm flying here, and a leg flying there, and it never stops. If your a Rambo fan then its worth watching, but I expected it to be a little better.