Review: iPod Touch Xtand

I always update my iPod Touch with updated playlists or new songs, I keep pulling it out of the car or to update the songs. The hardest thing is finding the good songs in that huge list, and so playlists are the way to go and perfect when driving. I keep one iPod Classic 160 GB in the Landcruiser with all the videos to enjoy on the screen. I was looking for a good stand, and this was the one I chose, the Xstand for the iPod Touch.


  • Fits the iPod Touch pefrfectly but not with a cover.
  • They give you the rubber ends of the iPhone so you can replace and use it for the iPhone.
  • Very sleek, made out of aluminum, and rubber pads at the bottom.
  • An easy way to wire and charge the iPod.
  • You can rotate the mount to be vertical or horizontal.
  • Its a bit pricey but worth it for a clean sleek stand.

Link: Amazon

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Gorillapod SLR

I have been looking for a suitable small and camera tripod that can be carried in  back pack without giving you too much pain after some time. After some search and recommendations I managed to find a Gorillapod on one of my quick trips. They had a normal one but after some searching we found the SLR version of the Gorillapod, which I think every photographer should have. It does look a bit strange but its extremely functional, can be used in different situations to get the perfect shot. It can be used both with an SLR and a normal camera because of the small adapter they have with it.

Price: 22 KD

Link: Amazon

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