Starbucks Marketing

I think we would all agree that there is Starbucks in every corner in Kuwait, to say that Kuwait’s market is saturated is an understatement. But I will admit that I do like Starbucks, depending on my mood I like to have either a Mocha Frappachino or Raspberry Frappachino. A lot of people go in and out of Starbucks at different times, I tend to go every blue moon during the day, I never visit during the night. Well it seems that Al Shaya’a are paying very close attention to their sales, sales at night seems to be dropping based on the marketing scheme they currently have. On my last receipt I got stamp stating I will receive a 25% discount from my next purchase after 7:00pm, and I think that is genius on their end. It seems they are paying very close attention to their trends and how things move with them. One thing I still don’t understand is why they don’t allow tips, sometimes I do want to tip them, but there is no tip jar and they don’t accept it as if they are afraid of the tip or who might see.

Starbucks – Out Of Stock


It seems everyone is getting affected by the lack of all forms of milk from KDD these days but Starbucks takes it one step further. During this amazing rain I felt like getting a drink while finishing up some work this Saturday morning. To my surprise the place was packed in Bida’a, waited in line while on the phone. Got to the counter, asked for a Mocha Frapaccino, she gave me a mix of other ingredients with chocolate, and something else thrown in and it tastes the same. I said fine, instead let me have Raspberry Frapaccino, then she said they are out of stock of that as well but they have the Mango version. What I don’t understand is that they are constantly out of stock of the Raspberry Frapaccino, I would think they would see the demand and slightly stock up on it, but this is the case in a lot of the locations.

Well, I walked out and since I was close to Dahia Abdulla Al Salem I went to the Juice Place there and got me an Embra6oor (Emperor) which hit the spot while driving in the morning.

Starbucks Tips


I think a few of us have been to Starbucks a few times in Kuwait since there is one on every corner. Almost every experience at a Starbucks has been pleasant, at most they are a bit too persistent with the new items but other then that the service is usually good. And a few times the staff attitude is excellent and I do enjoy talking to them. Even when going to the Starbucks in US its always a pretty nice experience because the people there do a good job of being nice to the customer and are usually genuinely nice. Whenever you have a good experience I want to leave them a good tip, and thats the case in the states but in Kuwait its another story. People in Kuwait don’t understand the concept of tipping, its understandable that tipping should be measured by the percentage of the final value, something fair. This concept doesn’t seem to be known to people in Kuwait, or they just don’t tip but thats another matter. In Starbucks there is a fear of tips, really the staff is afraid of tips. In the UK and the US there is a tip box next to the register when you pay and its split amongst the staff, in Kuwait there is no such box. If you want to tip them they step away from the table as if they would get fired for accepting the tip. Is this so they won’t make people feel obliged to tipping them? I don’t understand whats the point of having this corporate policy. I think their salaries are ranging from 200 to 250 KD, I’m not sure if their stay is provided by Al Shaya’a, I hope it is. Going back to the subject, I just think that having a tip should be allowed and it shouldn’t be denied at all.

Only One Starbucks

It has been an interesting day, a bit on the sad side, so I thought a change of venue would do. Called up Monichum to see if he was up for a ride right around sunset, he was up for it. So we got ready, and 20 minutes later we were at the Miseela gas station filling up our tanks, mine was almost empty. We knew that everything was shutdown for the day, and Monichum told me the 2nd ring road and the sea side are packed every inch with cars so we should avoid that area. We decided to head down Bida’a for bit, and when passing by the palms it looked dead up front then heading down the street the it looked like traffic was at a complete standstill, we decided that we would head back at any sign of traffic. We took the U-turn and came back, even at Arjan/Chic everything was shutdown.

He said he heard that the Starbucks at the airport was open, since we just wanted something cold to drink we might as well try. We kept getting texts from people to avoid certain areas from traffic, but the 6th ring road was fun as usual and the airport road was lots of fun. We got to the airport parked our bikes in an open area. I think they should start fining people for parking in handicap without a plaque, just like the states a $250 fine would keep you out of that spot for sure. We even told two people not to park their cars there, it pisses me off.

So we went inside the airport and it was packed, it even smelled bad at the entrance. Once you get in you can breath, and to our surprise the Starbucks was open. As we were walking to it we kept saying hello to people we knew, and they were just going there instead of staying home. We left after finishing the cold drinks, the funny part is I think we spent more time saying hello to people then sitting there. We wanted to be riding but we needed a cold drink and a quick stop, and as it turned out the Starbucks at the airport was the only one.

Hot Days

I think the hot days are just getting started, I honestly don’t mind the heat. It was very sunny and nice the past couple of days, and its nice being outside. What I mind is the dust, what the sky turns orange and you have layer of dust on your car, I would rather stay in doors. Saturday was nice though, I had a few things to do so I went out and in between I picked up a nice cold raspberry frappacinno just before going to get a cut and shave.

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Stop At Starbucks

Its getting hotter and hotter the past couple of weeks, its still the end of April. I was riding well into the end of May last year without breaking a sweat, but these days its even hot at 6 am. So this Saturday morning I decided to sleep in a bit before heading out for a few tasks.

I went from one part of Kuwait to the other, Shuweikh, Hawally, Miseela, Bida,a and back home. It was task after task, I even kept my car on a few times so that it wouldn’t heat up. I kept getting text messages from people who were out in the ocean, or swimming. I wanted to cool off so I stopped by Starbucks in Bida’a to get something cool to drink. Bida’a area seemed deserted since everyone was in the ocean, I parked right up front to get my drink and head out. I do love the raspberry farrappacino at Starbucks, it tastes damn good and the perfect remedy for the heat, cools you right off. Then to continue with the rest of the tasks of the day.

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