Street Fighter – Gouken – Mixed Media Statue

Now this is just one of the coolest statues that I have seen from Mixed Media Statues, and if you are a fan of Street Fighter then you will know who this is. Gouken the master and mentor of Ryu & Ken and the older brother of Akuma. To me he is just a bad ass in Street Fighter and I always enjoy when they made an animated show, but always wanted more of him in it. It seems I’m not the only fan of Gouken, it seems the team from PopCultureShock love him too that they made this 16.5 inch Polystone model of him, and I love the way he looks, of course I preordered it as I want him part of the collection. I like the quality of work done by PopCultureShock, I have a few of their pieces but no where to display it.

Ken and Ryu’s martial art Master is finally here ! We are proud to present Street Fighter’s sensei supreme as a 1:4 scale polystone mixed media masterpiece. Like his Street Fighter brethren, this statue features amazing hi-fi sculpting, capturing every muscle, vein and fold of clothing as if he stepped right from the game itself. This collectible features a certificate of authenticity.

“Concentrate not on destroying your foe, but on attaining your own victory.” Gouken is the marital arts Master who trained Ryu and Ken, as well as his elder brother and former training partner, Akuma.

Ryu & Sagat

Street Fighter is still one of the coolest video games out there, the latest iteration on PS3 was amazing but I wasn’t good at it all, I need a lot of practice to get all the moves down and the counter moves. That said, I think Ryu is one of the coolest characters and Sagat is one bad ass fighter, he is big, and a damn good fighter. So I didn’t have to think about it when I saw this model, and the pictures don’t do it any justice at all.

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Street Fighter Minimalist Drawings

Some cool minimalist drawings of Street Fighter characters, starting off with Ryu as usual then going through the rest. I have seen better drawings of other concepts from the TV and Movie Minimalist posters but these are pretty cool too. I like that this is from just one line of video games, but with all the different characters of Street Fighter I was expecting more.

Link: Kotaku

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Review: Street Fighter The Legeng of Chun Li

I kept hearing about this movie being a disaster but the rumors were just an understatement. There wasn’t enough build up of character relationships, meaning you really don’t get to know any character because they are trying to introduce so many, and instead of trying to give them a story they should have just let them fight, and the fights weren’t too impressive. Its sad that they did this to a game with such history, the game turned out a whole lot better then the movie. On another note Chris Klien was a disaster, a complete disaster in this movie, I think he should just quit acting.

Link: IMDB

Review: Street Fighter IV The Ties That Bind


This is a 65 minute animation that came with the special edition Street Fighter IV game for those who bought it (And those who didn’t can now find it online). I was very excited to hear about a Street Fighter Animation, I remember the Street Fighter 2V which was fantastic and engaging at the same time, the characters in that animation were fantastic. I had very high expectations for this anime and I was sorely disappointed with this animation, if they just wanted to release an animation with this game then they should have really worked hard on it.


First off they jumped right into the story without any character background assuming you know what the hell is going on. I do have a really good idea but a refresher would be nice, and on another note does Ryu have to be tormented right away. They could have done a better job concentrating on specific characters and developing them over the 65 minute period instead of trying to introduce so many characters. It didn’t connect so well and Ryu has another goal in mind, but the story takes another track which ends up too short and you are left at the end with too many questions, not enough to want more but annoyed you even watched. Also the dubbing of the animation was horrible, so with no feeling in any of the voices.


Link: IMDB

Street Fighter IV Reviewed!

Who isn’t a fan of Street Fighter! I love those games and I only watched the Anime series because of those games. Many games spawned after Street Fighter but none could copy it. This review by wired magazine is getting me excited, simply enough the graphics are amazing the gameplay is fantastic, they have simplified it just like the old days and there are the complex moves so you can annihilate people once you get the combination going you are unstoppable.

It will be on sale in Rihab for around 25 KD to 35 KD, depending on the regular or special edition.

Link: Wired