Visiting International Optics

After being in the water the past couple of weeks I wanted to get some cheap but good sunglasses which I can use in the water and not worry about. I decided to pass by International Optics in Central Plaza, I don’t think I have been to that mall in at least five years but everything remains the same. Their escalators are backwards, you get used to the right one going up and the left one going down, but its the opposite in this mall. I remember international optics but it seems its gotten a little bigger then before, when I walked in for some reason I just looked lost, decided to turn left but there weren’t any sports sun glasses so I went back in the other direction and found what I was looking for, called Sports Wear Sunglasses for 26 KD. Nice quality sun glasses and they have an image of guy sitting on a Jet Skit wearing them, exactly what I was looking for. Usually the wrap around sun glasses from Oakley don’t fit me, they just wrap wrong around my head but this one for some reason fits and looks pretty decent. I still think that International Optics is the best place to find what your looking for and those who need glasses for a medical reason this place is your best bet.

Bug Eyes Sunglasses

I think now it has been a decade since these big sunglasses came into fashion and they have just change form a bit but still remain big. There is something I don’t like about these sunglasses and I think many people would agree with me, these big sunglasses are deceiving. There is something about these sunglasses that I can’t seem to put my finger on, all that I know is that they manage to give a woman a different look.

There have been many a times where a woman has taken her sunglasses off and you get that reaction where you think she should have kept them on. Its not like you are looking into Medusa’s eyes but you get the picture. They are deceiving and I have never liked that they have gotten into fashion on other hand they look really good on women such as Victoria Beckham, some may she isn’t good looking but I think she has a very nice facial features. All that I am saying is that those sunglasses are very deceiving and gives an alluring look to the person wearing it, and I have always protested to this deception.