Porsche Design Edition 1 Sunglasses

I rarely find sunglasses that fit or the ones that I like, so I stick to the ones I have for years or until they get lost and I have to go for another search all over again. This time around I found these sunglasses as I was browsing through a store with the family, and to my surprise they fit, look good and they are really light. You can even change out the lenses to the reflective kind isntead of the tinted ones. When did Porsche Design go into the realm of sunglasses, I have started to like their expansion into different products.

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Lost and Found Again

Every person has a pair of sunglasses that they can’t do without. I have had my Oakley’s for about three years now, I bought it from the Oakley store in Covent Garden in 2005, it was just when I was roaming about. I don’t like looking for a new pair of glasses since they usually break easily, and these Oakleys have lasted a long time. I lost them for over 10 days now, and then suddenly I found them in a plastic bag next to my computer. I was very happy to find it since I really don’t like looking for a new pair of sun glasses and when its sunny outside it was annoying to drive without a pair of sun glasses.